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Chargebee is a membership charging and instalment programming framework ideal for SaaS and membership-based organisations. It is a finished cloud-based charging framework that is creative and easy to utilise. Chargebee helps organisations that offer membership administrations robotise their charging techniques by empowering you to change evaluating give coupons and direct missions, all without the help of a designer. Chargebee careers is the ideal location assuming you’re keen on learning and developing. One of many organisations that recognise and praise individuals and their work. This spot will embrace the professional way you look for. Education is enormous, and development is steady. Tackle testing issues with excellent individuals. Ordinary This drive centres around investigating dispersed work areas to guarantee we’re having a good time while at it.

Chargebee Recruitment

Chargebee may be the open door you’re searching for

  • If you’re keen on how membership organisations can get more proficient.
  • Assuming the eagerness to give and get input, completely comprehend that difficult points of view are the primary way that you can develop.
  • Assuming that you can carry compassion to critical thinking.

Chargebee Recruitment

Educational Qualification

  • Engineering/Bachelor of Technology graduates who graduated in circuit branches can apply for the entry post.
  • Postgraduates in M.E,, Masters in computers can likewise apply.
  • The candidates should have extraordinary correspondence, solid correspondence limits, and a solid comprehension of particular perspectives.
  •  English importance in both composed and verbal limits.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Candidate ought to have a grade level of 60% in tenth, twelfth, or affirmation.
  • The graduation marks of candidates should be 60%.
  • An amount of 6CGPA or more in B.E/B.Tech/ MCA 
  • One year gap is permitted between the education.

Records to be conveyed for the meeting

  • Marksheets of SSLC and Higher Secondary courses are mandatory for the screening.
  • Graduation and Post-graduation marks are required.
  • Distinctive confirmation is required.
  • Distinguishing proof photographs.
  • A coordinated resume.

To Search and follow Chargebee jobs

  • The candidates can look and can visit Chargebee’ genuine career site for jobs alert ready and follow Chargebee position opening.
  • Can go through the marked fields to be filled in.
  • Go through the depiction of the job profile.
  • Pursue a position profession that suits your capability guidelines.
  • Register for the job that you have considered to be capable.
  • Liberally fill in all of the details ensuing to joining up.
  • The interviewers will reach out to you, assuming your profile is seen as well-suited by them for the position applied and will illuminate through mail or message.

The portrayal of details like ability, experience, etc., can be found on Chargebee’s career for freshers page.


Software Development Engineer 

  • The software development engineer will work in the IT jobs domain of the company and assume a functioning part in building the computerisation system that different analysers will depend on every day.
  • Likewise, work in item code to correct incorporation tests.
  • As an individual from our QE bunch, which brings new encounters, you will undoubtedly assist with moulding our delivered items.
  • To be alright with a level of vagueness and ready to work independently.
  • Likewise, you ought to be invigorated by innovation, enthusiastic about learning, and should see each client collaboration as an opportunity to make a lovely client experience.
  • Everybody in our group should be inventive and work in an exceptionally cooperative climate that is more startup than colossal organisation.

Senior Salesforce Engineer

  • The Senior Salesforce Engineer is involved in Building adaptable, solid and superior execution applications on the Salesforce cloud.
  • Compose meaningful, testable code with unit tests.
  • Recording different choices are taken and conveying them.
  • Building, planning and consuming APIs.
  • Assist colleagues with code surveys, unblocking others in the group
  • Work together with different partners across the association – item, plan, QA and so on – and take total possession for delivering new highlights.
  • Work on Customer complex issues and carry it to a conclusion.
  • Ready to recognise an answer and a hack and make the right compromises with the assistance of others in the group.

Senior Software Engineer

  • The Senior Software Engineer is to Convey on top of things highlights.
  • Relate to clients and offer incredible specialised help.
  • Conceptualise the eventual fate of charging, make it work for clients and take care of their genuine issues.
  • Interface and work with different groups and partners to fulfil time constraints to rejuvenate your component.
  • Ideate with your friends. Being steady in their work and giving productive input on their answers.
  • Cooperate with clients, attempting to get to the core of what’s working.
  • Fixate on composing remote and excellent code.
  • Embrace new advancements, propose suggestions and impact the heading of item improvement.

Operation Specialist

  • Operation Specialist involves in Layout cycle to locally available and offboard item possessed devices.
  • Turn into an administrator for significant instruments like Jira, Productboard.
  • Coordinate with various offices and partners to plan and track the spending plan of the multitude of devices.
  • Layout a review and administration cycle to intermittently assess and deal with every one of the instruments.
  • Layout and interaction for new device solicitations and endorsements, financial plan close down, and execution.

Product Marketing Manager

  • The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for Guarantee steady informing across sites, Insurance, and other promoting drives.
  • Examination and fabricate offer for new full-pipe arrangements focusing on explicit market fragments
  • Noteworthy contender and statistical surveying impacting lead-age missions or deals enablement guarantee
  • Persistently screen and update existing offers

Program Manager

  • Program Manager involves in Direct and overseeing Bootcamp for assistants and fresher new joinees
  • Oversee parallel recruit, project worker and merchant onboarding
  • Oversee employing interaction and enlistment needs of the Product group.
  • Oversee prizes and acknowledgement programs
  • Intently work with directors and ensure execution assessment is finished on schedule.
  • Layout and oversee learning programs for the representatives
  • Meet routinely with your HR colleague and ensure item and HR group is adjusted

Chargebee jobs Recruitment process

In any case, how about we witness the rounds at the Chargebee openings.

Before going to the interview, there are two kinds of tests the applicants should look at during the recruitment process.

  • An aptitude test is around that is directed on the web.
  • The open English or the English sentence structure round.
  • The Technical round
  • The HR round

Aptitude round

  • The aptitude round, which is the first round for the freshers jobs, includes questions like the quantitative questions, verbal capacity test, coding test and sensible thinking round.

Technical Round 1

  • This specific technical round includes open English and English language.
  • The round involves communicating in English, representing a moment, Basics of syntax and sound appreciation.

Technical Round 2

  • Whenever you have cleared both the rounds, you will be implied regarding the choice and the further adjustments in the specialised technical round.
  • In the particular round, the examiner needs to check for the specialised technical capacities and data on the candidate that the applicants have understood during their graduations.
  • The questions will be established on the students’ capacities that they have mentioned in their resumes.
  • A part of specialised technical round questions is about network, DBMS, working structures and keen thinking limits.

 HR Round 

This round prevalently deals with the direct and character of the candidate. The HR questions the candidate concerning the characteristics, inadequacies, family, expects higher examinations, development, areas of superior interest, a couple of requests from the resume likewise will be asked.

Essential Skills Required  for Chargebee Careers

  • Capacity to tackle issues.
  • Think imaginatively.
  • To work in a gathering.
  • To assess the intense problems.
  • To have solid standards of work.
  • Great open language and abilities.
  • To be an incredible initiator and have authority characteristics.

Points to be recollected before showing up for an interview

  • To prepare for the comprehensive interview.
  • Constantly have all of the reports ready before joining the communication.
  • Search for a method for enhancing all of the specific thoughts and the programming subjects.
  • Choose to manage the outrageous periods of the screening
  • Continuously be sure and intense in responding to the questions posed during the specialised and HR rounds.
  • Keep even calm and patient.

Benefits for Freshers in Chargebee Careers

  • 100 per cent Remote
  • Uncapped Leave Policy
  • WFH Setup
  • An additional asset to launch your extravagant workspace.
  • Champion Big Problems
  • Work on an answer handling billions of dollars consistently.
  • Own Your Destiny
  • ESOPs for each worker from Day One
  • First Friday Off

Values of Chargebee


We possibly quit developing when we quit learning. We assume the ideal way proportionally yet have a great time is by encouraging a student like interest in everything around us.


We probably won’t have to mitigate each aggravation today. Yet, we identify. With clients, accomplices, peers, and the anonymous numerous we administer. Also, that compassion powers us to act.

Predisposition For Action

We have faith in considerations. However, we trust more in activities. We accept activities, talk clearly, do beats, and contemplate doing without fail.

Client Centricity

Genuine development boils down to how well we empower our clients to succeed.

Item and administrations of Chargebee

Robotized add-ons

Consequently, incorporate add-ons with a particular arrangement when there’s an arrangement enactment or change. Offer the ideal upsell at the ideal time with suggested and required add-ons.

Portioned Email Warnings

Utilising Chargebee’s Email Notifications, messages can be set off for membership, repeating instalments and receipt, client maintenance and self-administration related occasions to explicit portions of clients.

Limits and Coupons

Make and track one-time, limitless, or time-characterized coupons effectively and drive more income. Pick either rate and level charge limits. Create mass coupon codes to run missions.

Oversee Contract Terms

Arrange custom evaluating with a more drawn out agreement period, characterise lock-in periods with flexible terms for reestablishments/cancellations, and incorporate an end expense in the membership that auto-charges the client.

Adjustable Billing Cycles

Alter repeating charging cycles any way you need to. Try not to confine yourself to a conventional month to month and yearly cycles.

Allocated Payments

Change charge adds up to accommodate mid-cycle updates. Reflect changes in MRR immediately with precise continuous measurements.

Merged Invoicing

Merge charges in a solitary receipt to ship off a client with various memberships. Or then again, when the instalment for all memberships inside an association needs to go out to the individual responsible for instalments.

Dynamic Pricing

Explore different avenues regarding numerous sticker costs to distinguish your worth perfect balance. You can now test every currency frequency mix under an arrangement with various estimating models and occasion-based charges.

Self Serve Entryway

Chargebee’s Self-Serve Customer Portal permits your clients to deal with their membership, view past solicitations, update charging or instalment data and considerably more without anyone else.

Versatile Checkout Solutions

Begin tolerating versatile instalments for your membership business with Chargebee’s portable membership charging and the board application. Make in-application checkout and membership encounter on iOS and Android applications.

The Work Environment at Chargebee Careers for Freshers

A culture that energises trial and error, learning, development and adaptability, Chargebee careers is unquestionably a great spot to work. The affirmation by Great Place to Work features Chargebee’s working environment culture to establish a good workplace where colleagues feel upheld, content and happy. Appreciate working with Chargebee, excellent environment, extraordinary work and family balance, Ethical and Honest association, learning climate, took pleasure in free food and Company excursions.

The association’s essential objective makes you feel happy that you are fundamental for an association with its social explanation, past money and clients. You can be love being confirmed for a various, reliably progressing, and dynamic gathering that causes work charming.

Pay Bundle for Freshers in Chargebee Jobs

The fresher positions pay in Chargebee progresses is around three lakhs for every annum. The workers with experience under one year to 2 years are paid comparative pay.


  • Capacity to take care of issues.
  • Think innovatively.
  • To work in a gathering.
  • To assess intense issues.
  • To have solid standards of work.
  • Great open language and abilities.
  • To be an incredible initiator and have authority characteristics.
  • The candidates can look and can visit the Chargebee career site for occupations ready and follow the Chargebee position opening.
  • Can go through the marked fields to be filled in.
  • Go through the job profile.
  • Pursue a position career that suits your capability principles.
  • Register for the job that you have considered to be capable.
  • Liberally fill in all of the details resulting in joining up.

Chargebee employing process has many advances. In particular, candidates need to clear a made test, for instance, Aptitude Test, which suggests an online-based test. After that, individuals need to clear Technical Interview. It relies on information in specialised technical subjects, those 2 test who excels will go for the following Interview.

In Chargebee, you can land positions in different spaces like Engineering recorded, client assistance field, and HR documented, etc. The freshers can continuously look at the site of Chargebee for different positions alert posted by the organisation.

Chargebee will be of administration to the public authority by contract allowing for government jobs in the nation and worldwide. Practically many individuals join Chargebee as freshers, experienced individuals elevated to senior levels inside the organisation will become chiefs, ranking executives inside.

Chargebee’s future employee interview adjusts medium. So you must be ready in each technical perspective and general critical thinking strategies. Be that as it may, the construction is exceptionally predictable, and it will be straightforward to get set at Chargebee.

  • Get ready for the questions connected with the character.
  • Continuously give your authentic details.
  • Continuously utilise the plural structure rather than solitary
  • Constantly recollect why you have decided to begin a career at Chargebee.
  •  Never feel panic to pose questions or inquiries.
  • Continuously have the right stuff of composing.
  • Protection, Health and Wellness.
  • Clinical consideration and Insurance.
  • Family and Parenting.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave.
  • Outing and Time Off. Incapacitated Leave.
  • Benefits and Benefits. Specialist Discount.
  • Engineering/Bachelor of Technology graduates who graduated in circuit branches can apply for the introductory post.
  • Postgraduates in ME, Mtech, Masters in PCs can likewise apply.
  • The applicants ought to have extraordinary correspondence, solid correspondence limits, and a solid comprehension of particular perspectives.
  •  English importance in both composed and verbal limits.

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