Top Courses to Get High-Paying IT Jobs in India

The Indian IT services sector is in the early stages of a multi-year technological upcycle, with investment in digital transformation being condensed into a 3-5 year timeframe from what was previously expected for the next decade. As IT has become one of the growing sectors, it has spearheaded the demand for a qualified techno-savvy workforce and opened up various job opportunities in multiple industries like AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, RPA, Automation, etc. “Top courses to get high-paying IT jobs” will help you choose the right career path and highest paying jobs in India and the most demanding jobs in India.

Over the last two years, the IT sector has evolved exponentially, but a common question emerges: will this growth continue? Technology-based IT companies have redoubled their efforts to enhance transparency, agility, cooperation, sustainability, and digital innovation to support the next innovation stage.

Moreover, Indian IT industry expected to touch $300-350 billion in five years and the proliferating growth of this IT industry has become the engine of acceleration of economic growth, and it also has a pivotal role in improving all sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, IT is a knowledge-based industry that helps enhance access to information, provides access to government services, improves delivery of health services, and promotes transparency.

The Indian IT software and service market structure has developed into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Indian economy, with a growth rate of more than 50% in exports and 40% in the IT industry within the past five years.

What are the best paying IT jobs in the market?

The highest paying jobs in India that we yet to discuss are the most demanding jobs in India.The top industries are Cybersecurity, data science, digital marketing, Networking and other IT-based industries are increasing exponentially, and it is the most sought-after career for freshers. Moreover, it is a lucrative career path and provides the best salaries today. Pay scale for these roles depends not only on the educational background and experience but how one is equipped with the technology-related skills in each field.

The study on the highest paid salary in India has been the subject of a report we have mentioned together in this blog. Additionally, it provides a look inside the thoughts of young professionals in their early careers, including what they believe about potential career paths, salary forecasts for the upcoming years, and much more.

Despite the current market trends, we have identified the jobs in demand. Look over the detailed list below to learn about the trends, necessary skills, and compensation insights. To help prospective professionals set their goals and perhaps even push them closer to their objectives, we have created a list of the highest-paying jobs in India.

Therefore, It is safe to claim that the following professions have recently become the highest-paying careers in India. The Pay scale, however, may change depending on the regions and level of professional expertise.The company-based, location -based and experience-based pay scale data that we have given in this blog are completely researched information from the ambitionBox, statista, glassdoor, etc. The data we have given in each of the high paying technologies will give you all insight for choosing your dream career path.

Data Science

Among various demanding industries in the IT sector, data science is the most sought-after career for freshers who intend to begin their career as data scientists. According to the job portals, data science is expected to create more than 1 million job openings in the next five years, but It is significant to note that the job vacancies differ depending on the location and experience. So, to begin your career as a data scientist, you can join a Data Science Course in Chennai, which will help you have a profound understanding of the Data Science life cycle, understanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and many other core concepts in data science.

Moreover, many IT companies, like Amazon, Accenture, and Google, hire skilled candidates. The data science field is one of the highest-paying jobs in India, and the compensation may differ based on their skill sets, experience and location.

Data Scientist Salaries by Company 

Data scientists are among the most sought-after and highest-paid jobs in the tech industry, with an average salary as listed below. The biggest factor impacting data scientist salaries is company size. However, salaries can vary greatly depending on the size and location of the company, as well as the experience of the individual data scientist. With the range of salaries provided, the average salary is expected for freshers and for candidates entering their mid-career.

Data Scientist Salary in India:

A data scientist is a professional responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large data sets. They use their findings to help organizations make better business decisions. The following table shows the average salary for a data scientist in India based on their experience.

Top paying cities for a data scientists:

India is one of the top countries in the world for data scientists.The top paying cities for data scientists in India are shown below. Data scientists in India can expect to earn a higher salary than their counterparts in other countries.

Why Data Science Is in Demand?

Data scientists are responsible for gathering, evaluating, and interpreting large amounts of data into valuable insights. Due to this, many companies are hiring data scientists to aid them in making more data-driven business decisions. As it is scooping out a career for many professionals, it is necessary to upskill yourself with the latest technology related to data science.

Science, Maths, Statistics, Computer Science, and Chemometrics are some of the most significant modern technical domains from which the term “data scientist” is formed.

Basic responsibilities include:

  • Gathering and analyzing data.
  • Using various types of analytics and reporting tools to detect patterns.
  • Trends and relationships in data sets.

The primary responsibility of the data scientist is to mine big data for insights that are used to forecast customer behaviour and find new income opportunities; data scientists often work in teams in the corporate world. In many businesses, data scientists are also in charge of establishing standards for data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation.

The need for data science skills has increased significantly over time as businesses work to extract valuable information from big data, the massive amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data that a big corporation or the internet of things produce and acquire.

7 Essential Skills to Become A Data Scientist

As we discussed above, data science is one of the most demanding jobs in India. Acquiring essential skills is crucial when you choose this professional path.

So, to master the data scientist skills, the Data Science Courses in Bangalore helps the learners to have an in-depth understanding of these skills and also imparts the learners with the core concepts of data science. Now, we shall look at the most crucial skills that data scientists need:

Skill 1: As a data scientist, you must acquire database knowledge. Database knowledge help in storing and analyzing data using tools such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • My SQL
  • Amazon RDS
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Razor SQL and many more

Skill 2: As a second step, you must learn mathematical analysis, probability, and statistics. Statistics skills help in gathering, examining, analyzing and demonstrating empirical data. Probability is a way to gauge how likely something is to happen.

  • The subject of mathematics is known as mathematical analysis, which is concerned with constraints and ideas related to t measurement, integrals, differentiation, assimilation, and analytic functions.

Skill 3: The essential skills required to become a data scientist are programming language skills. So, master any programming language like Python, Statistical Analysis Software or R. These skills help when you perform data analytics.

  • R Language-Regression, association and clustering are the Machine Learning techniques for Data Analytics supported by R and also utilised for statistical computing and graphics.
  • Python is an open-source programming language. The data scientist uses python libraries like SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Keras, Scikit-learn and many more.
  • Statistical Analysis Software can mine, modify, handle and regain data from a variety of sources as well as execute statistical estimation on the data.

Skill 4: Must have Data Wrangling skills, which help the data scientist in collecting, cleansing, and modifying data. R, Python, Flume, and Scoop are well-liked data wrangling tools.

Skill 5: Learn the fundamentals of machine learning. This skill allows systems to improve themselves automatically through experience-based learning without explicit instructions.

  • A few algorithms used to achieve machine learning include regressions, Naive Bayes, SVM, K Means Clustering, KNN, and Decision Tree.

Skill 6: Utilising Big Data tools like Tableau Public, OpenRefine, KNIME, RapidMiner, Google Fusion Tables, NodeXL, and Wolfram Alpha, you can handle massive and complicated data sets that conventional data processing applications cannot manage.

Skill 7: Data visualisation is merging several data sets and creating a visual representation of the results using diagrams, charts, and graphs.

To become a data scientist, you must master the data science concepts mentioned above. So, taking the first step for your career will help sustain in the competitive world.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionises how humans see the world in technical fields and various sectors. The first step to a successful job in the future is learning about AI, how it functions, and what advantages it can have for your company and industry.

In the recent past, artificial intelligence has opened various opportunities for skilled individuals. Moreover, many freshers intend to take AI courses due to the increasing demand for AI in the digital world. It is one of the best-paying jobs in India and has a broader scope in the present and future. So, if you a recent graduate or working professional interested in beginning your career in AI, you can join Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai, which will help you have an better understanding of TensorFlow, Neural Networks, NLP, Data Science with Python for AI, Machine learning for AI, etc.

Why does AI provide wider career prospects? Because artificial intelligence is used in every industry. With every advancement, artificial intelligence’s impact becomes more prominent. Almost every sector of the economy, including

  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Automobile,
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence and military
  • Entertainment and media
  • Education, etc.

Artificial intelligence is comprised of various sub-domains, the four main concepts of AI:

  •  Machine learning
  •  Natural language processing
  • Data Analytics
  • Image analytics

Additionally, artificial intelligence supports business objectives by utilising comprehensive automation techniques. Therefore, you would have understood why AI has steady growth in career prospects. According to the job portals, AI professionals have different career opportunities, which means you can take on different roles and responsibilities.

Companies hiring AI engineers:

AI is one of the most popular and upcoming fields in India. Many top companies are now hiring AI engineers to work on various projects. Its salary range is expected to range from entry-level positions to those in mid-career. Depending on your experience, you might get a different pay scale. Here is a list of some of the top companies hiring AI engineers in India:

Seven typical AI Roles:

  • AI Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Deep Learning Engineers
  • Robotics Scientists
  • NLP Engineer
  •  Big Data Engineer

AI Engineer salary in India:

India is one of the top countries in the world for data scientists.The top paying cities for data scientists in India are shown below. Data scientists in India can expect to earn a higher salary than their counterparts in other countries.With the increasing demand for AI engineers, the salaries are also expected to grow.

Location-based AI engineer salary:

As India’s economy continues to grow, so does the demand for AI engineers. While there are many cities across India that are home to thriving AI communities, there are a few that stand out as being especially advantageous for those looking to enter the field. In the following image, we’ll introduce you to the top-paying cities for AI engineer salaries in India. So if you’re looking to make a move to one of these cities, you can expect to earn a top salary.

Why it is the top skill to learn:

AI is one of the top IT jobs in demand for the future. There are myriad reasons to upskill in this field which help develop your technical skills, aid in comprehending the world of AI and how it is applied in the business world or why it became part of your career.

The uniqueness of AI is that it does not speak out directly about skills infused within: from Python programming to machine learning to robotics and data science, AI is part of their business development in every field.

So, acquiring knowledge of AI will help you apply it directly in a real-world scenario, which will help enhance your employability. Artificial Intelligence Course in Bangalore will help you understand the application of AI and aid in mastering the four main concepts of AI. It demonstrates that you see the value of AI for your sector and makes you a unique candidate for developing, managing and planning AI solutions in your role and business or sector.

Industries impacted by the AI revolution:

Reason why Artificial Intelligence(AI) is changing business:

AI Application in Enhancing Design 

Intelligent AI has disrupted a sophisticated ecosystem that expedites new design processes and improves team collaboration. Future automotive designs are expected to be created using AI algorithms that explain the problem and product concepts to generate many potential designs.

AI Application in Manufacturing 

 Businesses deploy robotics powered by AI and human labour to complete production and supply chain operations. AI-powered robotics has produced outcomes that help in handling materials, test results, and final product packaging in manufacturing.

Robots are tasked with using their deep learning programmes to select which parts to pick up and how to pick them, which speeds up the assembly of cars with artificial intelligence.

AI in Car Dealership 

Car retailers also utilizes AI to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their client service. The use of all cutting-edge data tools has an impact on how buyers research cars and choose which cars to buy.

Additionally, it enables dealers to evaluate and comprehend their clients more thoroughly and tailor their offerings accordingly.

AI Application in Automotive Insurance

Adopting and integrating AI, the automotive sector is progressively transitioning to a tech-driven culture. Applications of AI in the financial industry are significantly advancing the procedures for making claims in the event of accidents or tragic circumstances. They are also included in cyber theft. The risk of cyberattacks and threats increases with the level of connectivity among the car, driver, and passengers.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is utilised in various sectors like Healthcare for predictive analysis, machine learning to diagnose disease, Healthcare apps for medical assistants, AI in drug discovery, automation tasks, image analysis, and various purposes.

Skills Required to Become an AI Engineer

  • Programming Skills – Python, R, Java, and C++
  • Algorithms and Frameworks-TensorFlow, Theano, TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, Keras, MXNET
  • Natural Language Processing Tools– spaCy, Gensim, IBM Watson, NLTK, etc.
  • Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics
  • Spark and Big Data Technologies and its tools– Spark, HBase, Kafka, HDFS, Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, etc.

Now that you would have understood the highest paying jobs in India and why it is top skills to learn. 

Software testing:

Software tester is one of the best-paying jobs in India. Among different domains in the IT world, the testing field has never dwindled because many software products are progressively exciting the market and thus resulting in competition among companies to stand out. Due to this, many top companies are looking for candidates who are well-versed in software testing, which helps them meet client and organisation demands. According to the survey, the Software Testing Market will be valued at USD 40 billion in 2021. And it is anticipated to record a CAGR of more than 6% between 2023 and 2030.

If you are interested in beginning your career in software testing, you can enroll in the Software Testing Course in Chennai, which will help you have a profound understanding of Software Lifecycle Models, Software Testing Techniques, Test Environment Setup, Waterfall model, V model, etc.

The top companies hire software testers:

For entry-level to mid-career professionals, the anticipated salary range is provided. The salary scale may change depending on experience.

Why a Career in Software Testing is a Great Choice

Now, everything has become digitised, and the usage of mobile phones, smartphones, and laptops has become part of our life. If you’ve ever used software, especially apps, and been frustrated by its range of problems, you can probably guess how important a software tester’s job is.

To identify the error, engineers can look up the results of a software testing job in a database. The work can occasionally seem repetitive, but the monotony is reduced since you’ll constantly concentrate on new aspects of the application.

Additionally, you gain early access to cutting-edge technology and contribute to the effort of making a programme as error-free as feasible. Because software developing is a profession that will always grow, software testers also enjoy one of the most stable careers in the IT industry.

Software testing-best paying jobs in India:

Top paying industry for software tester in India:

  • IT Services & Consulting – From ₹2.5 – ₹4.4 Lakhs per year
  • Software Product – From ₹2- ₹4.4 Lakhs per year
  • Financial Services – From ₹2.4 – ₹3.9 Lakhs per year

Location-based salary for software tester:

As the demand for software testers increases, skilled software testers’ needs increase simultaneously. However, a software tester requires various technical skills. The most prominent skill that software testers must know is testing tools.

Now, we will discuss why software testing plays a pivotal role in the software testing field. The software testing tools include:

Types of software testing tools:

Test management tool

It is a tool that monitors testing activities and provides quick data analysis. The test management tool’s advantage is tracking and handling both automation and manual test cases. Moreover, it helps in planning and managing manual testing.

Bug tracking tool

The bug tracking tool aids in tracking the bugs and ensure that bugs are fixed quickly to provide a quality product. We can use this tool to assist us in identifying flaws during testing so that the data on the production server is error-free. These solutions enable end users to report bugs and other application problems directly.

Automation testing tool

This tool is used to increase the product’s accuracy and productivity. By creating specific test scripts in any programming language, we may speed up and reduce the cost of the application.

Performance testing tool

Performance testing tools, also called load testing tools, help monitor the application’s flexibility, scalability and load.

Cross-browser testing tool

We use this tool to evaluate a web application on several web browser platforms. It is essential while we are building a project.

Integration testing tool

This testing tool helps the tester to evaluate the module interface and identifies the most significant flaws.

Unit testing tool

The tester utilises this testing tool to improve code quality and reduce the cost of the software.

Mobile/android testing tool

This kind of tool is used to test any mobile application.

GUI testing tool

The application’s user interface is tested using a graphical user interface testing tool because a proper GUI is always useful to catch the user’s attention.

Security testing tool

To make sure the software is secure and look for security leaks, a security testing tool is utilised.

Software testing life cycle:

Types of Software Testing:

Skills required to become a software tester:

To become a software tester, you must have a profound understanding of various testing, development, and management processes. The Software Testing Course in Bangalore helps the learners to impart the necessary skills and helps in understanding how to evaluate and verify software products.

  • As a software tester, you must have automation Testing tools like Selenium, Apache Jmeter, RFT, Appium, Perfecto, Katalon Studio, etc.
  • Must be Proficient in Programming Languages like Java, Python, CSS, HTML, etc.
  • Must know about Test Management Tools like Quality centre, RTH, Testpad, Test Monitor, PractiTest, etc.
  • SDLC( software development life cycle) is the essential skill that software testers must know because it helps to plan testing cycles. The development methodologies are:
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Waterfall
  • Agile methodology is the knowledge required for project management. Software testers should be well-versed in agile testing tools like:
    • Selenium web driver
    • JIRATestRail
    • Worksoft
    • PractiTest
    • JunoOne
    • Appium
    • Testiny
    • SoapUI

These are the top skills to learn, which will help you build your career in software testing and one of the highest paying jobs in India.

Next, we shall move on to understanding the most demanding jobs in India in future.


The automation field is one of the best high-paying jobs in India for freshers. Selenium is the best of all the available automation tools among various automation testing tools. Future Career Scope of Selenium Testing is increasing exponentially because developers and testers globally utilise it for web development processes.

Due to this rising scope of selenium automation testers, popular job portals like Naukri have more than 14000+ jobs for selenium automation testers unfilled. And the vacancies are expected to increase based on location, skills, and experience.

Moreover, many IT companies hire selenium automation testers. Look at the diagram and understand the highest-paying companies in India.

Highest Paying Companies In India:

For entry-level to mid-career professionals, the anticipated salary range is provided. The salary scale may change depending on experience.

Selenium automation tester salary in India

Location-based salary for fresher:

Why Selenium for Automation Testing?

Selenium automation tools are primarily utilised for web development, supporting different browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc. Moreover, it is integrated with various programming languages like Python, Java, C#, etc., for creating selenium test scripts. So, testing, which is done with Selenium, is named Selenium Testing.

Selenium Software is a group of tools rather than a single programme that each serves a specific purpose in an organisation’s Selenium QA testing needs. These are the list of tools.

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Advantages of Using Selenium for Automated Testing Language and Framework Support

If you intend to begin your career in automation testing, we prefer to choose only the tool that supports all programming languages and feature-rich tools. In such cases, many developers and testers have chosen only Selenium as part of their development because it supports Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl for software test automation.

Multi-Browser Support

You will undoubtedly require an automation tool that can be integrated with various browsers if you perform as a tester.The Selenium community has been creating and adjusting “one Selenium script for all browsers”. Internet browsers include:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera and Edge browsers

Support Across Various Operating Systems

Testers may use a different operating system depending on their preferred automation tool. Selenium supports several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, and more, so you won’t need to worry if you choose it.

Moreover, the advantages of selenium testing are myriad. Now we shall look at the skills required to become a selenium automation tester:

4 Must-Have Skills 

Almost every company hires candidates with the skills and certifications that show interest in their career path. Selenium Training In Chennai focuses on building their career in the automation industry with skills required to face real-life challenges in the workplace.

  • programming languages skills
  • Mastering automation testing tools
  • Becoming an expert in manual testing.
  • Familiarity with Agile & DevOps methodologies

So, these are the top skills to learn and the best future scope course. 

Many students are interested in pursuing such a demanding course, and many companies hire a candidate who has done a selenium certification course. Selenium Training in Bangalore has trained thousands of students and impart the essential skills and knowledge that help them implement in the real-world workplace.

Next, we shall discuss Why Python is the Most Versatile Language and Python job opportunities for freshers and jobs after learning Python.


Among various programming languages, Python is one of the demanding courses among the freshers because it offers wider career opportunities in multiple fields. Because Python is utilized for various development, the career scope proliferates double the previous year. There are more than one lakh job vacancies on the job portals like Naukri.

Approximately there are more than 1 million developers globally. Due to its flexibility, Python is used for game development, web development, web testing, big data, AI and data science, smart devices and many others.

Moreover, many top companies are hiring candidates with python skills.

Python Developer Salaries by Company:

The given estimated salary range is for freshers to mid-level career. Based on the experience the pay scale may differ.

Python developer salary in India:

Top paying cities for python developers:

Top Python developer Skills you need to know.

Python has grown to be one of the most sought-after and frequently utilized programming languages due to its popularity and flexibility. As a result of the exhilaration among developers, many are pondering what skills a Python developer must have.

Expertise in Core Python

It serves as the first step in becoming a Python developer. To do so, you should be well-versed in the following fundamental aspects of Python:

  • Data Structures
  • OOPs concepts
  • Variables and data types
  • File handling concepts
  • Exception Handling
  • Generators
  • Iterators

Good understanding of Web Frameworks

A skilled Python web developer must have skill in either web frameworks, Django or Flask. Django is a high-level Python web framework that helps create a practical design, while Flask is another popular Python micro web framework. You should have a solid understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Python frameworks:

Python provides an ocean of opportunities in multiple fields. Among various reasons for learning Python, one prominent reason is that it is used in data science for multiple purposes.

  • For Data visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Wrangling and cleaning
  • For classification, regression, and clustering, python libraries are used (Scikit-Learn, NumPy, MatPlotlib, etc.)

These are the skills that will help you land your dream IT jobs. Moreover, millions of students and professionals are taking python courses to learn and enhance their skills. If you are among them, you take a Python Training in Chennai, providing an ocean of job opportunities in different industries.

Python Job Profiles

  • Python developers
  • Software engineers
  • Research Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Developers

Acquiring these skills provides various job opportunities to work in different fields, which are top IT jobs in demand for the future.

Industries that hire the candidate with python skills:

  • Web development
  • Insurance
  • Retail Banking
  • Finance
  • Business Services
  • Hardware
  • Healthcare
  • Consulting Services
  • Software

The above-mentioned industries have wider career opportunities for skilled candidates. Many of us would have dreamed of getting into the IT- sector as a python developer or any other job we wish to obtain. Every sector hires a candidate who has additional certification with practical experience. If any are intrigued about joining a course, you can join the Python Training in Bangalore, which has trained thousands of students and helped them get into their dream job.


Among various highest-paying jobs in India, Java creates numerous job opportunities for freshers and professionals. We constantly hear that the future of employment will be in programming. More people are interested in this profession because of the rapidly expanding new technology sector. The likelihood of taking part in intriguing and cutting-edge projects, as well as employment chances, surely impacts this situation.

The primary qualification required for a career as a programmer may be proficiency in a programming language. Although various demanding programming languages exist in the market, Java is among the most popular for developers and programmers. Moreover, Java is expected to create more than 1 million job opportunities for freshers and professionals who intend to begin their careers as Web Programmers, Web developers, Software Developers, Application Developers, EJB Programmers and many others.

Many top companies hire skilled candidates with the java certification course because it indicates your interest in your career path. So, freshers show their interest in learning additional courses, and opportunities are wide open for such enthusiastic people.The Java Training in Chennaifocuses on upskilling the learners with the essential concepts to help them execute real-world applications.

Java Developer Salaries by Company:

The predicted salary range is for roles at the beginning to middle of a career. The pay scale may change based on experience.

Java Developer Salary in India:

Top paying cities for java developers:

Why is Java utilized for mobile, software, and web development?

The four different editions of Java:

  • Java Card-  used to develop programs for devices like SIM cards and ATM cards
  • Java Standard Edition (Java SE)- used to develop a program for desktops and servers.
  • Java Micro Edition (Java ME)- For developing programs for mobile devices like iOS and Android phones
  • Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is used to create large-scale applications.

Top skills required to become a java developer:

Skills play a pivotal role while you apply for the job. If you are intended to become a programmer or developer, skill speaks loud about you. So, to improve such a skill, the Java Training In Bangalore has a meticulously designed course syllabus for the Bangalore- based students. Those interested can take this course and equip the knowledge listed below.

  • You will become proficient in java and its core concepts.
  • Understand the Object-Oriented Programming concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge of Model-View-Controller and Java Database Connectivity
  • Proficient in java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Grails, Play, JavaServer Faces, Google Web Toolkit, Quarkus, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • Understanding of building tools like Gradle, Maven, Ant, etc.
  • Web Technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery
  • Markup Languages such as Extensible Markup Language, JavaScript Object Notation, etc.

Now that you understand how to become a java developer and the benefits of Learning Java to set up your career.

Next, we shall discuss other most demanding jobs in India and future scope courses that help grow their career path.

Amazon web Service ( AWS)

Why is cloud computing the top skill to learn? Every small to large company switches to a cloud storage platform. Among various cloud computing platforms, AWS is the top job in India and one of the best-paying jobs in India. AWS has created more than 1.2 million jobs for freshers and professionals globally. Moreover, as part of your degree, every high-paying company looks for a skilled candidate with certification completions. So, those who intend to create their career in AWS can join the AWS Training In Chennai to have a better understanding of AWS architecture, AWS Global Infrastructure, AWS Command Line Interface, AWS Networking, Auto-scaling, etc.

Amazon Web Services Salaries in India

The minimum salary at AWS merely depends on the role you are applying for.

  • For Digital Associate, the minimum salary is from ₹1.5 – ₹2.6 Lakhs per year.
  • For Cloud Support Associate, the minimum salary is ₹5 – ₹8 Lakhs per year.

Why is cloud computing a demanding career path?

The tech sector has seen a breakthrough with cloud computing.

Due to this cutting-edge technology, people can access or work on the cloud platform for a corporation from any country. It is the great impact of cloud computing on the tech industry. Based on the need and demand, companies prefer to choose the computing cloud platform which would be flexible for them.

According to the survey, many of the top companies like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, and BBC utilizes AWS because of its flexibility.

What is the unique feature of AWS over other cloud computing?

AWS provides customers with various cloud computing services and delivers IT-based resources online with the best pay-as-you-go pricing. The unique feature-rich of AWS are:

  • Developer Tools
  • End User Computing
  • Front-End Web & Mobile
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Management & Governance
  • Media Services
  • Migration & Transfer
  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Robotics

Who is using cloud computing?

Every business type, size, and industry utilizes the cloud for many use cases, including backup files, disaster recovery, mail, virtualization software, software testing and development, big data analytics, and web apps.

For example:

  • Financial services utilize the AWS cloud because it helps prudential detection and prevention.
  • Game developers utilize AWS cloud computing to make it accessible for millions of global players.
  • Healthcare utilizes AWS for personalized treatment of the patient.

Benefits of cloud computing

  • Agility
  • Elasticity
  • Cost savings
  • Deploy globally in minutes

Types of cloud computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a computing infrastructure handled over the internet. The benefit of using IaaS is that it enables users to bypass the cost and intricacy of buying and managing physical servers.

Characteristics of IaaS

  • Based on the service, resources are provided as a service.
  • It provides scalable services
  • Feasible and dynamic
  • Graphical user interface and application Programming Interface-based access
  • Able to automate the task

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Can be accessible anywhere at any time
  • It is built on virtual-based technology
  • It can be integrated with the database and web-based services
  • AWS can support multiple programming languages
  • Provides “Auto-scale”.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Controlled from a single location
  • Hosted on a remote server
  • Available over the internet
  • Updates are automatically implemented.
  • The services operate on a pay-per-use basis.

Therefore, AWS provides various benefits for the customer who utilizes it. Moreover, after completing the Aws Training In Bangalore, you will have a wider career opportunity to become Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Systems Administrator, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Data Architect, Cloud Consultant and many others.

Now that you have finally understood, AWS is one of the top Highest Paying Jobs in India to start a career. So, take the essential tips that we have mentioned above.

Next, we shall discuss the next top skills to learn and the highest paying jobs in India.


Since the radical growth in software development, the transformation of digital adoption has changed business models. Since its inception, the DevOps technique has seen significant development. It is still growing, adopting new technologies and tools per the constantly shifting market demands. Businesses prefer DevOps to be successful in today’s fiercely competitive business ecosystem.

DevOps thus aids businesses that are focused on innovation and operate in settings that are getting more complicated.

Hiring DevOps engineers has become a significant business objective for enterprises of all sizes and in various industries.

According to the statistical data, the growing market for DevOps in today’s time; the DevOps market will be worth USD 14.9 million in upcoming years.

How “DevOps Engineer” became the most in-demand job title

Many companies are hiring and expecting candidates with DevOps skills who can implement the DevOps practises that businesses need. So, to become a competitive candidate, you can take a Devops Training In Chennai, which helps equip the learners with both theoretical and practical knowledge of devops.

Devops Engineer Salaries by Company:

A DevOps engineer is responsible for the integration of code changes and the management of code releases. They work with developers and operations teams to automate processes and implement DevOps practices. You can see in the following images how salaries for devOps engineers are likely to differ between companies in the following image.

Devops Engineer Salary in India:

DevOps engineers are professionals who specialize in the field of software development and are responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s software development infrastructure. The average salary of a DevOps engineer in India is as shown below, which is based on the salary distribution by experience. According to experience, skillset, and location, the salary range for a DevOps engineer in India varies.

Top paying cities for devops engineers:

Devops is a rapidly growing field, and there is high demand for qualified engineers. Cities with a high concentration of tech companies are typically the most competitive when it comes to salary. The following images show which cities are the top paying for devops engineers according to the pay scale.

What exactly is a DevOps Engineer?

The DevOps engineer title has significantly increased in popularity in recent years, propelled by demand and talent supply alike. Moreover, it is considered one of the highest paying jobs in India, with wider careers depending on the Industry. Top DevOps Job Roles are:

  • Release Manager
  • Devops Lead
  • Devops Automation Expert
  • DevOps Testing Professional
  • Software Developer
  • System Engineer
  • Security Professional

These are the most demanding jobs in India. Depending on the companies’ size, the roles and responsibilities of the companies vary, and it is also a must to notice that depending on the role you obtain, responsibilities may differ.

 In addition, DevOps roles are evolving due to new technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning, which create a need for new skill sets.

What is DevOps?

The top five DevOps functional skills are held by engineers with experience in IT management, architecture, security, application development and design, and infrastructure. Additionally, new names like DevSecOps, GitOps, AIOps, FinOps, NoOps, or ModelOps are beginning to appear in IT terminology, underscoring the necessity for new skill sets and the role of the DevOps engineer’s inevitable evolution.

Who is a Devops engineer?

A DevOps engineer is a professional who specializes in the development and implementation of strategies that help an organization to better manage its software development process. In most cases, a DevOps engineer works closely with software developers and other IT professionals to streamline software development and delivery.

DevOps engineers typically have a strong background in software development and are well-versed in a variety of programming languages.

Career roadmap:

A career roadmap is a guide that helps individuals learn about the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a particular field. This roadmap can be used by DevOps engineers to determine what they need to do to advance their career and stay ahead of the curve.

The DevOps engineer’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Programming Language and Linux Fundamentals– Programming languages like Python, Ruby and javascript
  • Source Code Management- Git, CVS, Mercurial, etc.
  • Application Building: Maven is the best automation tool for building applications.
  • Automation with continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment Tool- Jenkins, TeamCity, Drone, etc.
  • Application Testing: Selenium is one of the best testing tools for applications.
  • Application Deployment: Docker and Ansible would be the best for application implementation.
  • Monitor application: Nagios help in identifying issues and implementing quickly.

These are the essential skills that DevOps engineers must know. Devops Training In Bangalore helps them impart these skills and knowledge, which would help them implement real-world applications.

Full Stack

As the name implies, full-stack developers must have skills that help develop both the front and back end of web development. According to a statistical report, full-stack developers are expected to create more than 2 million job opportunities within six years. Due to this, it is one of the top IT jobs in demand for the future and also one of the best paying jobs in India.

Why is full stack development a demanding career? 

Full-stack developers are one of the software development industry’s most responsible and in-demand sectors. The reason is that every small to large sector requires a skilled candidate who can build a dynamic website or application viable for the end user.

Full Stack Developer Salaries by Company

If you’re considering a career as a Full Stack Developer, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. The below image will introduce you to a list of Full Stack Developer salaries by company.The salaries for Full Stack Developers vary widely by company and in larger companies tend to pay more than smaller companies.Full Stack Developers with more experience also tend to earn higher salaries.

For entry-level to mid-career professionals, the anticipated salary range is provided. The salary scale may change depending on experience.

Full Stack Developer Salary in India

A Full Stack Developer is a professional who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. They are responsible for managing the web development process and must be proficient in multiple programming languages. Below is an illustration showing the range of salaries that Full Stack Developers in India earn based on their experience and skill set.

Top paying cities for the full-stack developer:

As a full-stack developer, you have the skillset to work on both the front-end and back-end of web applications. Your skills are in high demand, and as a result, you can command a high salary. But where should you look for work? This below list of the top paying cities for full-stack developers will help you make the best decision for your career.

What is a Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers must have an in-depth understanding of front-end and backend development and be familiar with all the tools and technologies used to build various applications or websites. As demand and employment opportunities increase, full stack development has become one of the top skills to learn and future scope courses. The Full Stack Developer Course In Chennai imparts the learners to understand Front-end or Client Side programming, Back-end or Server Side programming, Ajax implementation and other concepts like Managing Databases, Debugging, Testing applications, etc.

In addition, full-stack developers typically manage the user interface, the user experience, and the design patterns for a client experience.

Skills required to become a full-stack developer:

Front-end Languages and Frameworks

  • HTML and CSS are essential skills to manage the text and images on the screen’s appearance.
  • HTML helps in managing headings, contents, pop-ups, tags, and document structure.
  • Cascading Style Sheets help manage styles like font, size, spacing, and how to make a webpage more attractive for the visitor.

Back-end Technologies and Frameworks

  • Understanding of JavaScript and its open source server environments like NodeJS and ExpressJS, which help you in creating JavaScript applications
  • Java must have programming language skills. The Most Popular Java Backend Frameworks like Spring Framework, Struts, and Hibernate.
  • Python is another programming language that must have full-stack developer skills. The Best Python Frameworks For Web Development are Django, Web2Py, Giotto, Pylons Framework, Pyramid, TurboGears, etc.
  • Many people consider the C# programming language the best architecture for backend programming in Windows environments.
  • The other languages are Ruby, Perl, and PHP.

These are the common skills required for every company. So, those who apply for this job must understand how to develop these skills. The Full Stack Developer Courses In Bangalore has meticulously designed the course for learners interested in pursuing their careers in full-stack development.


Why UX and UI Designers are in High Demand

Companies are increasingly turning to UX/UI designers to assist them in producing user-friendly products as applications and mobile devices gain popularity.

According to recent statistical research, the need for these professionals is predicted to increase by 22% over the following ten years. It is mainly because UX/UI design has become crucial in today’s digital world.

Many top companies hire UI and UX designers with practical and theoretical knowledge. So, to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge, you can enrol in UI UX Designer Course in Chennai, which helps the learners to have a profound understanding of:

  • Prototyping & Wireframe
  • Layers, Text, Colours & Images, Shapes & Filters, etc.
  • Typography, Images & Icons, Photoshop/Illustrator/ UI UX Tool, User Testing and many other core concepts.

UI/UX Designer Salaries by Company:

To provide job seekers with a better understanding of what salary to expect in the field of UI/UX design, the image below provides a comprehensive list of average salaries by company to help them better prepare for the interview process. We have also provided a range of estimated salaries for freshers to mid-level professionals in the given field. There may be a difference in the pay scale depending on the level of experience the employee has.

UI and UX salary in India:

The salary for a UI or UX designer in India can vary greatly depending on their experience and location. This is just an average though, and some designers may earn much more or much less depending on their skills and experience.

Top paying cities for UI and UX designers:

The list of top paying cities for UI/UX designers in India has been shown below. The list is based on the average salary of designers in various cities across India.The salaries for these positions vary depending on the city, but the average salary for a UI/UX designer in India with the right skills and experience, you can easily earn more. So, if you’re looking to make a career in UI or UX design, then these are the cities you should be targeting.

Industries using UX/UI development solutions

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are growing in demand because UI and UX designers have wider career opportunities for working in various industries such as:

  •  Big data
  •  Government sites
  •  The Internet of Things
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Sales and marketing department
  • Travel industry
  •  E-learning, etc

Due to this, it has become one of the highest paying jobs in India and the top jobs in India. The crucial role of UI and UX designers is how people engage with technology, and designers are responsible for coming up with visually spectacular concepts and simple operations.

Essential Skills required for UI/UX Design Expert:

What Skills Do You Need to Become a UI/UX Designer? Numerous skills are required, but we shall discuss the most common skills that will help you get into UI and UX.

So, to ace UI/UX Design in 4 months and acquire these skills, you can join a UI UX Course Bangalore, which will help you understand the core elements of design.

Power BI

Among various Business intelligence tools, power BI is a widely used BI tool which helps in creating dynamic dashboards and analysis reports using data from numerous sources.

With Power BI, customers can quickly generate their reports and dashboards using a cloud-based service for interactive visualizations. Due to this, the demand for Power BI increases exponentially, and top companies hiring candidates with Power BI skills. So, to become a skilled candidate, the Power BI Training in Chennai will help you gain an in-depth understanding of Power BI concepts because it is one of the highest paying jobs in India and the most demanding jobs in India. According to the job portals, power BI has created more than 1 lakh jobs and based on the job positions and location; the requirement may change.

Power BI Developer Salaries by Company:

The predicted salary range is for roles at the beginning to middle of a career. The pay scale may change based on experience.

Power BI Developer Salary in India

India is a land of opportunity for Power BI developers. The country has a rapidly growing economy and is home to many multinational companies. As a result, there is a demand for skilled Power BI developers. The below images show the salaries for Power BI developers in India which are competitive and vary depending on experience and skillset.

Top paying cities for power BI developers:

In recent years, the demand for power BI developers has increased exponentially. As more and more companies adopt this cutting-edge technology, they are willing to pay top salaries for developers who are experts in this field. Here is a list of the top cities in India that are paying the highest salaries to power BI developers.

Job roles after completing Power BI training in Chennai

  • Data analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Financial analyst

What is Power BI?

Business intelligence is a technology-driven approach to data analysis and information delivery that enables corporate leaders, business managers, and other users to make intelligent business decisions.

Types of Power BI tools

Power BI Desktop

The Power BI desktop is the main tool for authoring and publishing Power BI data.

Power BI service

Powe Bl data models, reports, and dashboards are hosted online by a software as a service (SaaS) platform.

Power BI Data Gateway

The Power BI Data Gateway links the Power BI Service and on-premise data sources like DirectQuery.

Power BI Report Server

The IT team installed and administered it, and updates are made every four months. Users can edit reports made by the development team, and Power BL reports.

Power BI Mobile Apps

Android, iOS, and Windows all support the Power BI mobile app. Using Microsoft Intune, it is controlled.

Therefore, you can understand why power BI is one of the best-paying jobs in India. To make your career a most demanding career, you can take up a Power BI Training in Bangalore, which will help you understand the use cases of BI, Power BI Components, Power BI pricing structure, Building blocks of Power BI, Architecture of Power BI, etc.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is something you have encountered if you own a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

It might be an email in your inbox, a Google search result, a Facebook advertisement, a text message delivered to your phone, an Instagram post by an influencer, a Facebook ad, or another type of online advertisement.

Digital marketing uses all available digital platforms for advertising the products and services businesses want you to purchase. Additionally, the demand for qualified individuals is expanding quickly in this Industry.

The Growing Digital Marketing Job Market

Many leading companies are moving quickly to embrace digital marketing with their marketing budgets and initiatives. Four of every ten marketing job postings now specify that applicants must have digital marketing skills. Due to this digital marketing has become one of the highest paying jobs in India.

According to the survey, the number of SEO jobs increased by 43%, compared to a 33% increase in content marketing jobs. Overall, Digital Marketing Industry to become USD 264.15 billion in the next 6 years, and the Industry will grow with a CAGR of 19.1%

To begin your career in the demanding industry and to understand the nuance of digital marketing, you can enrol in a Digital Marketing Course In Chennai, which will help you understand the marketing strategy, techniques, and tools.

Digital marketing has a range of job openings and scopes, but we have given two types of jobs to help you comprehend the range of salaries and companies.

SEO Analyst Salaries by Company:

The salaries listed here are just averages, and you might get a different pay based on a number of factors, since this is for entry-level to mid-career jobs. Depending on your experience, your compensation may vary.

SEO Analyst salary in India:

A SEO analyst is responsible for improving a website’s search engine ranking in order to increase web traffic. This position is critical for any company that wants to stay competitive in the online marketplace. The average salary for a SEO analyst in India is shown below and this can go up based on your experience.

Top paying cities for SEO Analyst:

Digital marketing manager Salaries by Company:

The job outlook for digital marketing managers is positive. The demand for qualified digital marketing managers is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per year through the next five years period. This growth rate is faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. The salary for a digital marketing manager at a small company is typically lower than the salary at a large company.Employers often look for candidates with strong analytical and project management skills. Based on a recent study, the below image illustrates the average digital marketing manager salary by company. Typically, the expected salary range applies to beginner and mid-level positions of a career. Experience may influence the pay scale for higher levels of employment.

Digital marketing manager Salary in India:

As the internet continues to grow in popularity, so does the need for digital marketing managers. There are many factors that can affect a digital marketing manager’s salary, such as experience, education, and location. The most experienced and educated digital marketing managers will usually earn the highest salaries. Those who work in large cities or metropolitan areas will also typically earn more than those who work in smaller towns or rural areas. The Image below clearly shows the average salary for a digital marketing manager in india.

Top paying cities for digital marketing managers:

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and it is no surprise that the demand for digital marketing managers is on the rise. If you are considering a career in digital marketing, here are some of the top paying cities in India that you should keep on your radar:

What are the 8 Types of Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing.

Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Video Marketing

Customers enjoy watching movies, and many have done so to buy a brand’s goods. Since customers rely on their purchasing decisions on videos, marketing strategies are crucial.

According to research, this video marketing method contributes to a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To run effective digital marketing campaigns, you must thoroughly understand content optimization and how SEO actually works. The fields of SEO and SEM are both crucial to digital marketing.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is essential to improve your SEO ranking, social media engagement, and brand awareness. It is because everything is centred around content.

 It’s crucial to provide high-quality, SEO-friendly content to engage and influence an audience. Many types of content include video, email, blogs, e-books, websites, articles, etc.

Analytical skills:

Most brands and organizations need to track a lot of consumer data. Therefore, digital marketers need to know how to collect, analyze, and use it to understand consumer behaviour and develop solutions that increase traffic and conversion.

These are fundamental skills; moreover, various skills are required to become a digital marketer. To acquire skills in digital marketing, the Digital Marketing Courses In Bangalore

helps the learners to have a profound understanding of the Analysis and Research of Keywords, On-Page optimization, technical SEO, Off-Page Optimization, Advanced Link Building, Blog Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.


As we have discussed various highest-paying jobs in India, Cybersecurity is one of the best-paying jobs in india. Many of us would have aspirations of starting our careers in challenging and demanding fields.

Cybersecurity is one such career for freshers who intend to begin their career in Cybersecurity. The global cyber security market is projected to grow USD 376.32 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.4%. As the demand for this career increases, taking one step forward toward your career will help you be a competitive individual in this industry. The Cyber Security Course in Chennai has trained thousands of students and helped them achieve their dream careers. So, you can join this world-recognized certification course, which will aid you in acquiring practical and theoretical knowledge.

Network security and its impact on business strategy:

Emerging online e-commerce platforms and introducing crucial technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud security, and others primarily drive the cyber security market. The leading market players concentrate on building platforms for artificial intelligence (AI)-based internet security solutions.

Moreover, the growth of the e platforms and technological advancements like artificial intelligence, the cloud, and blockchain have improved internet security solutions in a connected network infrastructure. Another top concern for e-commerce companies is integrating network security solutions into their IT and digital security systems.

Therefore, Internet usage and data storage on the cloud has expanded significantly due to the rapid growth of the cloud computing platform, and cyber dangers are also rising simultaneously.

Best Industries for Cyber Security Job Seekers

  • Information technology
  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

The role and responsibilities may differ Based on the industries that choose. Many of us prefer choosing the IT sector, so if you choose information technology, you will have numerous job opportunities based on your skills.

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Software developer/engineer
  • Cyber Security consultant
  • Vulnerability analyst/penetration tester
  • Cybersecurity manager/administrator
  • Network engineer/architect
  • Systems Engineer

These are the most demanding jobs in India and one of the top IT jobs in demand for the future. Many top companies hire skilled candidates but the expected pay scale is for beginner- to mid-career positions. Depending on experience, the pay scale could change.

Cyber Security Analyst salary in India:

India is a land of opportunity for Cyber Security Analysts. With the ever-growing list of companies in India, the demand for cyber security analysts is also increasing. As per the recent salary report, the average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst in India under various experience levels are shown below.

Top paying cities for cyber security analysts:

As the world increasingly relies on technology, the need for cyber security analysts grows. These analysts work to prevent and resolve security breaches. They are in high demand and can command high salaries. The following list includes the top cities for cyber security analyst salaries.

Skills required to become a Cybersecurity specialist

To work in cybersecurity, you need more than just technical skills. The best cybersecurity specialists are also great communicators, problem solvers, and have a strong attention to detail. If you’re interested in a career in cybersecurity, here are some of the skills you’ll need to succeed.

These are the primary skills required to get into the cybersecurity field. So, to acquire these skills, you can join a Cyber Security Course in Bangalore, which will help you understand the fundamentals of Cryptography, Cloud Security, Network Security, Cybersecurity risk management, identifying Cyber-threats, etc.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is one of the fastest-growing fields in cyber security because interconnected devices (IoT) and smartphones have developed into informational powerhouses in the online realm.

As more systems connect to the internet, they become more vulnerable to international threats. Every business and organisation must protect its securities and data from these dangers.

This increasing necessity gives up a wide range of employment prospects for computer experts looking for work in the cutting-edge and constantly growing industry of Cybersecurity. Ethical hacking is an excellent technique to improve network and system security, particularly by looking for such weaknesses. Due to this, the future scope of ethical hacking is increasing tremendously and is considered one of the most demanding jobs in India.

Many top companies hire certified ethical hackers who will help improvethe security of the systems of the organizations. It is the primary reason why businesses need ethical hackers. Join the Ethical Hacking Course In Chennai, which will help you understand the required hacking techniques, strategies and tools.

Companies hire ethical hackers:

Companies should always be on the lookout for ethical hackers, as they can be very beneficial to them in many ways. This is because ethical hackers are skilled in discovering and resolving security issues in company systems. There are many companies that are now hiring ethical hackers to help them secure their systems. In the following table, the salary range is provided for entry-level to mid-career professionals. It is important to note that salary scales may vary depending on the level of experience.

Ethical Hacker Salary India 

Ethical hackers are often considered as the most in-demand professionals in the digital security world. They are responsible for conducting thousands of ethical reconnaissance and penetration tests to protect organizations from malicious intentions. Salary for ethical hackers in India is currently on the rise, with many reputable corporations looking to hire them for their skills and expertise. In this image below, we will be looking at the various factors that contribute to the increasing salary for ethical hackers in India.

If you are intended to begin your career in the hacking field, you must have multiple skills and phases of ethical hacking.

Five phases of ethical hacking:

The five important phases of hacking techniques used by the hackers to find weakness in the system or network, protect from the malicious hackers and help track the system.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gain Access
  • Maintain Access
  • Cover Tracks

Types of hackers:

Though there are many types of hackers in the hacking field, we have mentioned a few important hackers who have unique sets of skills in hacking following legal and illegal techniques and methods of hacking.

  • Black Hats Hackers
  • White Hats Hackers
  • Grey Hats Hackers
  • Blue Hats Hackers
  • Suicide Hackers
  • Script Kiddies Hackers
  • Red Hat Hackers
  • State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

What are the types of hacking? 

There various types of hacking methods are utilized by the hackers, we have listed only a few types of hacking which is commonly used by every hacker.

  • Phishing
  • Virus
  • UI redress
  • Cookie theft
  • Distributed Denial-of-service(DDoS)
  • DNS spoofing
  • Social Engineering
  • Missing Security Patches
  • Malware-Injection Devices
  • Cracking Password

What are the hacking tools?

  • Nmap

  • Nessus
  • Nikto
  • Kismet
  • NetStumbler
  • Acunetix
  • Netsparker
  •  Intruder
  • Metasploit
  • Aircrack-Ng
  • Wireshark
  • OpenVAS
  • SQLMap

Skills Required to Become a Ethical Hacker 

  • Computer Networking Skills– DHCP, Supernetting, Subnetting, etc
  • Computer Skills– Database Management, Social Media, Web, etc
  • Linux and programming language skills- Python Programming Language, SQL, JavaScriptPHP, and java.
  • Knowledge of reverse engineering
  • Cryptography skills
  •  Basic understanding of computer hardware

These are the essential skills required to become an ethical hacker. So, to have a profound understanding of hacking skills, an Ethical Hacking Course In Bangalore helps learners to acquire these essential skills.

Ethical Hacker Jobs

  • Ethical Hacking Manager
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • IT Security Analyst
  • IT Security Operations Technical Analyst
  • Software Security Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst

These are typical job roles given to ethical hackers. So, if you choose any of these job roles, you must have the abovementioned skills.


CCNA Certification proliferation is significant in network technology because networking is an essential skill every organisation requires.

Cisco Certified Network Associate is referred to as CCNA. It is a technical certification made accessible by Cisco to networking experts. CCNA aims to increase, enhance, and assess a person’s networking knowledge. The certification attests to the holder’s general proficiency in setting up, securing, running, and troubleshooting business networks.

So, those interested in beginning their career in the networking field can enrol in the CCNA Course In Chennai, which will help in understanding the networking fundamentals, WAN connection, router components, IP addressing, etc.

What Are The Cisco CCNA Certifications?

  • CCNA Routing and Switching
  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Service Provider
  • CCNA Wireless
  • CCNA Collaboration
  • CCNA Cyber Operations
  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNA Data Centre Technologies

These are the types of certification courses offered by Cisco. So, the candidate can take these certification courses based on experience.

The CISCO Group offers the Cisco Certified Network, Associate, or CCNA Certification at the associate level. The goal of any course is to advance your career and get employment with a company that will help you achieve your objectives.

The top 7 Job Profiles Pursued after CCNA Courses are listed below:

  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Network Security Specialist

The companies hire CCNA-certified candidates:

The companies that hire CCNA-certified candidates are in need of someone who is skilled in network security, data analysis and security consulting. These businesses are looking for individuals who have a strong understanding of technology and who are able to work independently. Below is a list of some of the most popular ones with the estimated salary ranges for freshers to mid-level professionals. The pay scale will vary based on the experience level of the candidate.

Network engineer CCNA certified salary in India

There is a growing demand for Network engineers in India, and the rate at which these professionals are being created is testament to the growth of the Indian technology industry. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for Network engineers who are able to handle complex network problems. The approximate salary range provides an overview of the career opportunities for Network engineers in India and might increase based on their performance.

  • An Entry Level with 0-3 years- ₹2.5- ₹3.8 Lakhs per year.
  • A mid-career with 4-9 years- ₹3.5- ₹5.6 Lakhs per year

Moreover, the pay scale may differ based on the CCNA certification, experience, and skills. Those interested in taking CCNA certification can join the CCNA Course In Bangalore, which helps the learners with 100% placement assistance training and skills that will help them implement in the real world.


Salesforce is a market-leading provider of cloud computing solutions with a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Enterprise Application solutions.

It has become the ideal platform for designing products around customers’ demands due to its emphasis on customer service, marketing automation, and analytics, as well as a fast environment for application creation and improvement.

So, those interested in honing salesforce skills will have wider career opportunities. The best practice is to take the Salesforce Training In Chennai, which will help the learners to have a comprehensive understanding of types of clouds, types of salesforce products and the importance of CRM and solutions.

The types of Salesforce certifications are:

  • Salesforce Certifications for Marketers
  • Administrator – Administrator, Advanced Administrator
  • Developer – Commerce Cloud, Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II
  • Technical Architect
  • App Builder
  • Certifications for Implementation Experts or Consultants
  • CPQ Specialist Certification
  • Pardot Expert – Consultant, Specialist

A Salesforce certification is an excellent method to advance your knowledge of the top-ranked CRM cloud platform in the world, which is in high demand across all types of companies and is one of the highest paying jobs in india.

Additionally, as the number of people using the Salesforce platform rises sharply, businesses are trying to hire professionals with Salesforce skills. They need Salesforce experts who are familiar with the Software and adept at utilising its many services for practical business purposes.

Popular cloud services and products given by Salesforce are:

Salesforce is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that allows businesses to collect, analyze, and share data across their entire organization. It allows users to create, manage, and share heaps of data with ease. The company has a wide range of products that can be used to manage such data as shown below.

Features of Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that helps small businesses manage all of their customer data. It offers a variety of features as shown in the image below, to help small businesses manage customer data, including customer profiles, contact lists, and orders.

Due to these feature-rich services, many top companies utilize them to interact with clients. Acquiring salesforce skills will help you get various job roles like Developer, Architect, Business Analyst, Marketing Cloud specialist, etc. So, join the Salesforce Training In Bangalore, which will help you kick-start your career path in challenging roles in sales, marketing, eCommerce or technologies.

What is a Salesforce salary?

  • The average Salesforce salary for a sales executive ranges from ₹1.5- 2.7 Lakhs per year.
  • The minimum salary for Salesforce Developer ranges from ₹9 to 10 Lakhs per year.

You would have understood why Salesforce is the best highest-paying job in India and one of the top jobs in India.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers produce inventive and appealing graphic designs to visually convey an audience’s ideas, product information, and brand value. Moreover, the graphic design field has seen exponential growth due to the increasing demand for graphic designers in various industries like Manufacturing. You would be surprised at the thought of a graphic designer being in demand in the manufacturing industry, Digital marketing companies, Publishing, Computer Systems Design, Government Agencies, Mobile App Design, User Experience, etc.

Many top companies hire skilled candidates who can communicate a brand’s identity through images, shapes, and colours. To become a professional graphic designer, you can join the Graphic Design Courses In Chennai, which will help you have a profound understanding of installing and launching Photoshop, understanding the Photoshop Environment, navigating in Adobe Illustrator, and advanced features of Illustrator.

Graphic Designer Salaries by Company:

Graphic designers work with a different of clients, from small businesses to large corporations. They can work on everything from designing logos to creating illustrations for marketing materials. This salary range is expected to cover entry-level positions through to mid-career positions, and it may change depending on the level of experience a candidate has.

Graphic Designer Salary in India

Graphic Designer salaries in India vary greatly depending on the level of experience and education the individual has. The average salary for a Graphic Designer in India is clearly shown in the image below. However, this amount can go up or down depending on the level of experience and education an individual has.

Top paying cities for the graphic designer in India

A graphic designer in India is often in high demand because of the growing popularity of web and mobile design. In addition to various perks, there are many opportunities for advancement and salary growth. In order to find out where the best cities to work as a graphic designer are:

What are the types of graphical design?

Design is a critical aspect of any organization. By understanding the different types of design, it is easier to create effective and efficient systems. A variety of design principles are used in graphical design, which can be divided into various categories:

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Marketing & Advertising Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Web & User Interface Design
  • Print & Publication Design
  • Lettering & Type Design
  • Graphic illustration
  • Data Visualisation & Infographic Design

Fundamental Principles of Graphic Designing

Graphic design is an art that involves creating a layout, graphics, and typography for brochures, marketing materials, advertising, and other printed or electronic documents. A graphic designer has many different skills and abilities to help them create pieces that are both attractive and informative. These skills include:

  • Balance(shapes, text boxes and images)
  • Alignment
  • Hierarchy
  • Contrast
  • Rhythm
  • Proximity
  • Colour and space

Top Skills required to become a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is a field that requires many skills and abilities. In order to be a successful graphic designer, you will need to have a strong understanding of design, layout, typography, photography, and colour theory. Many experienced graphic designers also know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. With the right training and experience, you can become a professional graphic designer. The below image show the top skills to become a graphic designer.

These are the essential skills that every graphic designer must have. Those interested in the innovative and creative field can join the Graphic Design Courses In Bangalore, which will help you gain practical knowledge that you could implement in real work.

The next and final topic we discuss is “Why RPA is one of the highest paying jobs in India”.

Robotic process automation

Where can RPA be used?

Robotic process automation provides tremendous advantages across various businesses and processes. RPA is generating new efficiencies and liberating employees from monotonous repetition. In the sectors such as banking, legal, customer service, operations, and IT, businesses ranging from financial services to healthcare, manufacturing to the public sector to retail and far beyond have embraced RPA. This development is just the beginning.

 So, to build your career in such a developing field, you can join RPA Training In Chennai, which will help you understand Robotic Process automation, GUI automation, Debugging, UiPath Robot and many others.

RPA has become popular because it has a wide range of applications and is an excellent fit for any business-rules-driven and repetitive process. In RPA, intellectual-based tasks which require more advanced AI capabilities are also becoming pertinent. Due to this, many top companies hire skilled RPA developers, considered one of the highest paying jobs in india.

Robotic Process Automation Developer salary:

Robotic process automation Developer salary is currently on the rise, with current job offers coming in at a much higher pay than ever before. With experience working with various software and systems, this career is perfect for those who want to work in a fast-paced and constantly changing industry. The approximated salary ranges are listed below and These ranges are based on experience and years of experience.

What is Robotic Process Automation 

Robotic process automation (RPA) makes it simple to build, integrate, and manage software robots that mimic how people interact with computers and Software.

Software robots can perform various predefined tasks, including understanding what is on a screen, making the appropriate inputs, navigating systems, and extracting and identifying data.

However, it can work continuously and without taking a break like a human; software robots can complete tasks faster and more reliably than humans.

What are the business benefits of RPA?

Workflows are streamlined through robotic process automation, which helps businesses become more profitable, adaptable, and proactive. Reducing routine working duties also raises employees’ satisfaction, participation, and efficiency.

RPA is non-intrusive and easy to install, which accelerates digital transformation. It is also ideal for automating procedures on systems devoid of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), database access, or application programming interfaces (APIs).

Is RPA the same as artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI is not RPA. However, combining RPA and AI opens up many new opportunities for businesses worldwide. For starters, RPA technology enables the integration of advanced AI skills into RPA robots, including machine learning models, natural language processing (NLP), image detection, and more. Integrating AI and Robotic process automation help the business work more effectively.

Why is RPA the fastest-growing enterprise software in the world?

  • Many industries can use RPA to address their operational problems in innovative and effective ways.
  • RPA enhances numerous processes, resulting in higher capacity, faster throughput, and increased efficiency for critical processes for industries ranging from finance to customer service, marketing to human resources, and beyond.
  • RPA has also emerged as a crucial enabler for digital transformation since software robots can readily access and operate within outdated systems.
  • Robotic assistants are simple for workers to integrate into their daily tasks, and RPA’s low-code methodology enables them to become developers who can create their basic automation.

Henceforth, there are various benefits for the business that utilises this RPA technology. As multiple enterprises utilize robotic automation, the number of job opportunities and the need for skilled professionals increases simultaneously.

Best RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Tools & Software

Best RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools and software are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to automate manual processes. This can save time and money for businesses, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Some are listed below

  • HelpSystems
  • Kofax
  • Power Automate
  • Blue Prism
  • UiPath
  • Pega
  • OpenConnect
  • G1ANT

Major RPA developer roles:

There are a variety of RPA developer roles that can be found in the technology industry. A few of the most common and well-known roles are listed below:

  • RPA developer
  • Senior RPA developer
  • RPA process architect
  • Senior RPA consultant
  • RPA project manager
  • RPA lead developer
  • RPA business analyst
  • RPA data analyst

These are the most demanding jobs in India and top skills to learn. To head your career in this demanding field, you can join the RPA Training In Bangalore, learn the skills, and become an RPA developer.

As a result, several industries that you intended to choose are fast increasing, such as data science, Cybersecurity, and digital marketing. Alternatively, you could decide to stick with your current career path and gain new skills to be prepared for the next generation of project management best practices or software development tools.

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