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About Zoho: Zoho corporation is an Indian multinational company that deals with web-based business tools. Zoho regards software as their craft and passion. They are into different software that deals with business solutions. Zoho careers have announced many IT jobs on their career page. Zoho Hires around 2000+ candidates every year. Zoho always prefers to hire more freshers annually. The zoho freshers recruitment  will be recruited to various functions of IT jobs.


Zoho Recruitment

A career at Zoho is a platform where the freshers can get exposed and experience the present scenario in the field of technology. Various Zoho freshers jobs are available in our job portal at freshers.jobs. One can search our job portal about various job postings and apply for the relevant profile. Getting placed at Zoho can change your career and make you a bright professional.

Zoho careers for new staff will have a innovative exposure to various platforms and solutions. This company’s softwares are highly user-friendly. Customer relationship management is always divided into parts such as leads, deals, vendors, and many more for precise data management.

Employees can even avail the best benefits offered. These benefits provide economic security to their employees and improve the retention of employees.

Zoho Recruitment Criteria

Zoho openings for freshers and experienced has many for the relevant roles. Zoho freshers recruitment follows criteria as a part of the interview process.

Some of the criteria are to be listed.

  • Candidates who have graduated in any of the streams like CSE, B.Sc, B.Com, M.Com, BCA, IT, ECE, EEE, and other Non-IT branches.
  • The candidates who have graduated from a recognized university.
  • Candidates having 0 to 5 years of experience in a relevant field.
  • Candidates with backlogs are ineligible to apply.
  • A gap of one year is allowed in between the academics of the candidate.
  • Knowledge of basics of computer programming.
  • Good learner and having good communication.

Academic Criteria

  • The candidates with graduation, 10th, and 12th marks should be above 60%.
  • Should be a full-time degree holder recognized by the government.
  • The postgraduates having their academic record above 60% can apply for the relevant post.
  • Good knowledge of all basic programming languages.  
  •  A maximum of the 1-year gap is allowed in between the academics. 
  • The candidate should have strong analytical skills.
  • Candidates who have participated in any Zoho hiring freshers in the last 6 months are not eligible to apply again.
  • Candidates who have missed the interview process can hold the right to apply again for the process and attend the interview process.

Documents to be Carried

  • All the mark sheets of 10th, 12th, and graduation are mandatory to carry and produce for the interview. Candidates must compulsorily carry all the mark sheets and produce them for the interview. 
  • Kindly carry Copies of all the above-mentioned mark sheets.
  •  An updated latest resume.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Proof of identification like Aadhar card/Voter Id/Passport etc.

How to apply for Zoho Jobs

  • Visit the official website of Zoho job opening.
  • Visit the careers page and see the job notifications.
  • Use the link given on this page.
  • This particular link will lead you to the application.
  • Fill in the details and attach the documents.
  • Upload the recent resume and can submit the application.

Benefits for Zoho Freshers Jobs

The Zoho freshers jobs provide good benefits for the candidates 

  • Flexible timings, flexible schedule,
  • Wearing Casual Dresses.
  • Paid sick leave.
  • Gym, health club, fitness membership.
  • Cell phone
  • Cab services.

Designations in Zoho

Technical Support Engineer

  •  The technical support engineer must work between the developers and the customers.
  • The technical support engineer has responsibility for all the incoming phone calls and emails from the customers.
  •  Responsible for answering all the questions and concerns regarding the company’s products and services.
  • To focus on customer satisfaction and first-time resolution.
  • To engage with the technical team and faster resolutions to all the technical issues.
  • Willing to work night shifts.

Marketing Analyst  

  • To understand the product, and its market, its competitors, company profile, and the growth.
  • To write, rewrite, test, and maintain the website and landing pages. 
  • To create and maintain accurate documents.
  • Write about ads, marketing videos, webinars, email.
  • Create content that can add value to the customers and the market.
  • Track and optimise to improve the conversations.

Web Developer 

  • To develop new components based on the design specifications.
  • Working independently and maintaining code.
  • To understand the code that exists and to suggest optimization of functionality and performance.
  • To work on client frameworks.

Technical Content Writer

  • To create and write content on a regular basis.
  • The content writers should be good content consumers who are able to get the kind of content which are being written on digital media platforms.
  • The content made has to be well written and made contemporary and appropriate.
  • To create the documents for different markets and domains.

Designer – Visual/Graphic 

  •  Builds the design and works of various platforms on numerous projects from small pieces to many campaigns.
  • To build the marketing campaigns that will perfect the look of the content.
  • To Assist the planning for the marketing campaigns that include social media etc.
  • To design the templates, emails using custom CSS and to style the brand message.
  • To design banners for the google network and other third party networks.
  • Assist in designing websites with wireframing capabilities.

Software Developer 

  • To design and develop the high volume applications for critical systems.
  • Contributing to all parts of the product development.
  • To write well-designed efficient code.
  • To prepare and produce software components.
  • To support the continuous improvement by looking for alternatives and presenting for review.

Zoho Recruitment Process

The interview at Zoho hiring freshers usually has around five rounds, with the questions getting tougher as you proceed one by one. Details about each round are mentioned. 

  • Writing Round
  • Computer Languages Programming Round
  • Advanced Computer Languages Round
  • Technical Round
  • General HR Round

Written Round:  There are many parts in the first round such as the aptitude, flowchart, etc. To get through this round, you should be highly skilled. Skilled in loops and recursions. Familiar with the pointers too. Generally, the aptitude section has almost 25 aptitude questions. The time span given is 1.5 hours. This test is conducted to test mathematical skills, English skills, and logical reasoning.

Computer Languages Programming Round: The students who cleared the written round are moved to the programming round. There can be some programming problems in this round knowledge of data organising and algorithms is required questions on arrays and string manipulation are asked.

Advanced Computer Language Round: In this round, the problems with advanced algorithms, databases, and some basic things like logout, send, and login will be asked.

Technical Round: The number of technical rounds will differ depending on your performance in the previous rounds. There will be questions on Java, data structures, databases, and logical apps.

HR Round: They ask HR questions like :

  • Tell me about Yourself
  • Why a Zoho Companies jobs?
  • Can you say About Zoho
  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Details from resume
  • Why Computer Science Engineering?

Basic Skills Required in Zoho

  • Should have a keen interest in programming.
  • Brilliant verbal and communication skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of programming language. 
  • Have a keen interest in Programming. 
  • Problem-solving ability.
  • Good initiator and leadership quality.

Some of the steps to be remembered for the interview.

  • Prepare well for the interview process
  • Kindly keep all the documents before joining.
  • Prepare well on the technical aspects and compute programming.
  • Keep up your mind to face the tough stages of the interview process.
  • Be confident and smart.

Zoho Services

A review of the top services offered by Zoho is described. Some of the services are  

Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM covers the lifecycle of customer relations from generation to service.
  • This CRM is available to small and large companies that require other CRM for including support for marketing, sales etc.
  • Covers the entire customer relations from service and back.
  • Marketing automation to lead generation campaigns and to calculate results.
  • Cases and approaches to sales/help desk service process.
  • Inventory management to track goods and services pre and post-sale.

Zoho People

  • This is a user-friendly software application that belongs to the complete Zoho suite for small business solutions. 
  • It is a wide variety and friendly tool that can be used immediately.
  • Used to control the entire range of HR processes within the organisation.
  • The potential of the employees is maximised.
  • Ideals for companies searching for a platform that can be easily implemented.

Zoho Books 

  • This is an accounting tool used for every company’s financial aspects.
  • This particular tool manages invoices and bills, banking, and performs accounting effectively.
  • The accounting software aims to help small businesses to manage their finances.
  • This application is user-friendly and allows users to create and send financial designs.

Zoho Invoice 

  • This is a web-based invoicing software, this particular app is apt for both freelancers and small business who want customers to be viewed with a more professional image.
  • Zoho invoice allows creating their customised invoices using templates for fast billing.
  • The software will also be useful for companies from other clients.

Zoho Projects  

  • Zoho projects is a user-friendly project and can work with documents, calendars, and meetings.
  • This particular software has many features like chat, time tracking for various projects.
  • This software is highly task-dependent, has project milestones, and is good at task management.
  • Helpful in spreadsheets, documents, presentations, to export and import many types of files.
  • Used for scheduling appointments, meetings, and events.
  • A private enterprise to collaborate forum, interactive boards.

Zoho Social 

  • Zoho Social is a social media software to help businesses control the power of social networks.
  • Companies connect with the public and boost up online.
  • Zoho social software can be used for numerous tasks that can deal with marketing.
  • It can deal with many posts and keywords.
  • It delivers businesses deliver engaging content with the help of social media publishing tools.

Zoho Desk 

  • It’s a recruiting app that helps to quickly track a fresh talent from the source to hire.
  • Zoho recruit is for placing communication, documents, and fix up tools in the hiring platforms.
  • It works on the complete hiring process from maintaining resumes and shortening the eligible candidates for the interview process.

Zoho Recruit 

  • This software is a leading recruitment platform and tracking system created for startups.
  • It is mainly due to its user-friendly dashboard and many customizable functionalities.
  • The cloud-based solution is packed with HR management tools for hiring activity as well as back-office applications. 
  • This software helps easily to post job openings, evaluate resumes and conduct interviews.
  • Career at zoho  is more mobile-friendly to allow the HR to continue the work when they are not accessed with the laptops.

Salary Package in Zoho Careers

Zoho Salary for Freshers is very good for the new employees and the experienced with less than 1 year of experience to 4 years. There are salary hikes for the freshers and the experienced as per the performances. The freshers can have a boost up in their career for their present scenario Software Developer salary at Zoho ranges between ₹ 4.6 Lakhs to ₹ 12 Lakhs. The foremost benefit of the employees in Zoho is the additional benefits they enjoy other than the work commitments.


Should have a keen interest in programming, Brilliant verbal and communication skills, Thorough knowledge of programming language, Have a keen interest in Programming, Problem-solving ability, Good initiator, and leadership qualities.

Candidates must first visit the official Zoho Corporation website, www.zoho corp.com, to apply for job opportunities or vacancies. To see the available jobs, go to the Zoho careers website. Select the appropriate job opening that matches your qualifications (based on your qualification, experience).

Cracking an interview with a large company like Zoho is not going to be simple. However, with the right amount of focus, preparation, and skills, you can outperform other applicants in front of recruiters. Your goal should be to get chosen and to outperform all of your competitors.

They only ask output questions from operator, array, pointer, structure, and string in C language MCQs.They don’t ask any direct questions from any book for aptitude. They test your logical aptitude.If you have high logical skills, you should be able to clear all of Zoho.

Zoho Corporation is an Indian company located in India that deals with products. There are many IT jobs available for the freshers like software engineers.

Accenture gives the finest software jobs for freshers in consulting, development of the software, and many engineering services. Accenture will be of service to the government by contract permitting for government jobs in the country and worldwide. Almost many people join Accenture as freshers, experienced people who are promoted to senior levels within the company will become managers, senior directors internally.

Answering inbound phone calls and emails from customers, as well as resolving their questions and concerns about the company’s products and services and debugging any technical issues they may have, are the responsibilities of technical support engineers.

Graduates having more than 60 % and without any backlog are eligible to apply in Zoho.

Yes, Zoho has a large number of jobs alert on its websites. One can always visit the company website and search for many job profiles for fresher’s jobs and experience.

Zoho is an option for customer relationship management within the market. The fewer tiers of the price plans are suited for little too small businesses, and therefore the larger tiers like Ultimate work goes good for larger companies that are into a higher budget.

It is a great career start for Zoho freshers jobs. For them, it really depends on the team. Free food, cab services, and no timings will make it appear to be it’s the dream but there are companies that pay tonnes more for the equivalent stressful work you are doing.

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