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HP is a data innovation organisation most famous for its PCs and printers. The current organisation was shaped in 2015 after the first Hewlett-Packard Company split its PC, printer divisions, business administrations, and its undertaking item. HP created lines of printers, scanners, advanced cameras. Development, accomplishment and cooperation are the principal parts of HP, and your conviction likewise relies upon these guidelines. Thus, working with this association will develop your abilities and assist you with conveying the best. HP careers try to get to every one of the applicants that are set, reaches the top preparing from the preparation trainers and affirm that every one of the employees from a fresher to the more elevated level offer similar data and the assets. It’s one of the leading organisations in the technological world.

HP Recruitment

Work with splendid individuals who can assist you with developing and performing at your best. The work culture is unique and implements innovative ideas to improve the livelihood of everyone.

Each HP worker shares their best encounters. They give quality advantages to the freshers and experience and inspiration, urge them to think about the case and make them influential experts.

HP allows its employees to share their perspectives concerning specialised viewpoints. One can generally view the fresher’s job opportunities on our job portal freshers jobs.

HP jobs for freshers have created a plan to enlist more understudies who have graduated in the significant designing stream.

HP Recruitment Process and Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be graduated from a university which the Government recognises. 
  • Bachelor of engineering graduates in Computers and other related branches with good academic results.
  • The graduation courses like B.Sc, BCA, M.Sc and MCA graduated from a recognised university.
  • A competent learner and good at communication.
  • The candidate must be able to tackle complex problems and the cognitive skills.

Academic Criteria

  • An aggregate of  60% is mandatory for all the 10th and 12th.
  •  A graduation aggregate should be more than 65% throughout the academics.
  • No backlogs between the academics during the interview process and joining.
  • A year gap of one year is the maximum allowed between the academics.
  • The candidate must possess powerful skills in analytics. 
  • The candidates must know most of the system languages.

HP Recruitment Policies

  • The candidate is ineligible to apply if they have attended the interview for the last six months from the date of applying. 
  • The candidates cannot apply if the application is not verified and accepted.
  • Terminated applications are not accepted again by the company and cannot reapply.
  • The candidate can always hold right when they cannot make it for the interview process.

Documents to be Carried

  • Candidates should always have all the necessary documents and mark sheets ready during the interview process and produce them while attending the interview. 
  • The extra copies of the resumes and documents have to be kept ready.
  • Keep all the copies of updated resumes.
  • Colour photos of the candidate.
  • Proof of Identification.

How To Search and Apply for the HP Careers for Freshers

The aspirants can always look at the latest jobs alert posted by the company. The official company website is www.hp.com. The candidates can open and search for the relevant jobs that suit their eligibility criteria and educational qualifications. You can always click on the desired jobs you have found. Before applying kindly look for the selection criteria and the qualifications required.

The recruitment teams verify and go through your profile if they find your profile best suited for the company’s terms and conditions. The recruiters will contact you via call or message, or mail and convey the further process of the interview schedules.

Basic Skills Required

  • Thorough knowledge and strong understanding of the design tools and also system languages.
  • Problem solver and analytical thinker.
  • Good understanding of hardware tools and design principles.
  • Concepts of testing, coding and debugging procedures must be known.
  • Communication skills both in native English and writing must be good.
  • To have an idea in digital skills, data programming, and some business skills to manage the projects and designs.

Points to be noted before appearing in the interview process.

  • You will have to prepare for the face to face interview.
  • Have all the documents with you.
  • Study well on all the technical concepts and know more about the latest technologies and programming languages.
  • Present yourself very boldly and have a mindset to face the most complex interview process.

Designations in HP

Software Engineer

  • The fresher or the newly joined graduate is offered with this software engineer post and the recruits.
  • The recruit band is covered under the training period and will be learning how to get used to the new environment and the organisation’s culture and work.
  • After six months or a year, the trainees or the recruit will be promoted as software engineers and offered roles for tasks and projects.
  • The salary package for the software engineer is around nine lakhs per annum.

Senior System Engineer

  • After experience for around 2 to 3 years, a software engineer is promoted to senior software engineer.
  • This level is an intermediate level with lots of responsibilities like supervising and guiding the employees within the team.
  • The salary for a senior software engineer is approximately ten lakhs per year.

Tech Lead

  • The Tech Lead is categorised under a team of specialists.
  • They are also called specialist engineers because of their designation.
  • The tech lead must have good knowledge and experience in all the latest technologies.
  • The tech lead earns around 13 lakhs every year.

Project Lead

  • The project lead takes care of the entire team of engineers, let it be from any band of designation, and are exceptionally skilled to finish the complete project.
  • The project lead will be highly involved in complex projects and the company’s consultation.
  • They are categorised under the expert levels and their commands.
  • The pay scale for the project lead is around 16 lakhs per year.

Project Manager

  • The project manager falls under the master designation level.
  • A project manager’s role and responsibility involve planning, monitoring, and controlling the entire project.
  • The experience does not matter to a project manager, but they should have technical material knowledge and co=operative skills.
  • The project manager gets a salary of around 18 lakhs per annum.

Program Manager

  • The program manager comes under the role of master level.
  • The program manager is responsible for the complect program and projects done in groups.
  • The program manager communicates with the client and directs the team and the project managers to work according to the client requirements.
  • The salary of a program manager is 19 lakhs per year.

HP Recruitment Process

HP hiring freshers has many rounds for the freshers.

  • Writing Test Round
  • Discussion in Groups.
  • Technical Assessment 1
  • Technically Assessment  2
  • Human Resource Round

Aptitude/Verbal Ability/Written Round- The writing round has three sections first one is the general aptitude, the ability on the oral skills and the reasoning on the logical questions. This round is one of the most crucial rounds for the candidates applied. Initially, you will be getting an assessment link wherein the candidates have to fill in all the relevant details.

Group Discussion Round- This round mainly analyses candidates’ e communicative skills and confidence levels. The recruiter may sometimes opt for the topics or decide by the candidates. The topics will be current affairs or any other technology-related issues. You will have to speak and share the information regarding the case chosen. Herein a group discussion, the content does not matter, but the recruiter watches how confidently you approach the topic with enthusiasm and confidence. The recruiter also looks for communication skills, body language, and thinking capacity.

Technical Assessment- The candidates who have passed the exam are sent for the next round. There is no such question pattern on what questions will be asked. The question will be asked on the technical aspects and depends on the recruiters idealogy. To get through this round, the candidates must be very good at the technical subjects, computer programming languages, Data structures, Database management systems. How to write an algorithm, computer networking and other main programming languages. The students from the It branch ned do not report the coding round. Candidates may also be asked some questions from resumes too. Recruiters might ask even puzzles type questions.

Technical Round 2- In this particular round, the recruiter asks questions about the projects worked before and projects done during the academics and internships. 

HR Rounds- The HR will ask the candidate to introduce themselves, about the personal information, he may even ask you about your hobbies, interests, positives and negatives. The HR will explain the terms and norms of the company to you in detail, job location. The HR tests your patience level and your confidence level.

Note- Once the company selects you, you will be posted as a recruit, which includes training on technical aspects and soft skills. The trainee who has possessed and excelled in the complete training process will be assigned as a software engineer.

Services and Culture of HP


  • To help in creating and modifying the products and solutions.
  • The IT revolution is always on the top level by the efforts of HP employees.


Always every innovative idea is dealt with by great minds. Talented minds are always required for the company’s growth in every perspective.

Engineering Services

Censorious backup is always in front to help engineers throughout the various domains like writing technically, drafting preparation, handling the documents, and designing.


To merge with the customers daily and help them avail most of its services, solutions and products.

Information Technology

The systems and the applications are maintained well so that the internal IT is working with ease.


To become the world’s IT leader, the company assures testing, analysing, reviewing the products.


Ensure imperative items, activities and our most significant resource.


Track our monetary and business execution, and drive ventures and asset portion.

Business Planning

Characterise high-sway business procedures, distinguish development openings, and anticipate business execution. 


Ensure our licensed innovation, counsel customers, limit business hazards and capitalise on business patterns.

Corporate Administration

Assist with records maintenance, expense reports and travel arrangements as we nurture your leadership and creativity.



Assist us with tackling a portion of the world’s most significant difficulties by arranging, obtaining and conveying our items and administrations.

Sales Operations

Support our business experts through cycles and apparatuses’ plan, execution, and functional execution.

Supply Chain & Operations

Plan, source, and convey items and administrations for our accomplices and clients all over the planet.

PR, Marketing & Sales


Conveys the organisations esteems, vision, procedures and execution to inner and outer partners. Upgrades and secures HPE’s notoriety, separating our items and administrations and displaying our idea initiative.


Pay attention to what our clients need all over the planet and make extraordinary encounters that amuse them afterwards.


Assist with building the future by surveying client needs and assembling experiences for item advancement.

Public Affairs

Convey our qualities, approaches and procedures to improve our picture and meet our essential business destinations.

HR & Development

Human Resources

Keep us on target with ability and learning, worker commitment, benefits, labour force speculation and ability securing.

Talent, Learning & Organisation Development

Plan and convey improvement projects to shape and propel the abilities of our groups.

Work Environment at HP Careers

  • The organization has made a Great Place to Work for all its employees by dominating on major principles like trust, credibility, faith, etc. 
  • The need for HP’s way of life, known as the “HP Way”, could be communicated in a couple of clear goals, including self-financed development, profoundly separated items, regard for workers, and outstanding corporate citizenship.
  • Our vision at HP is to make innovation that improves life for everybody, all over the place, each individual, each association, and each local area worldwide. This rise moves us to do what we do. To make what we make. To develop, and reevaluate and design encounters.
  • To be effective, we want the right talent and guarantee that the ability is exceptional and propelled.
  • Making a working environment favourable for individual greatness, cooperation, and significant degrees of efficiency is basic. Guaranteeing we employ the perfect individuals, putting resources into learning and advancement across levels.
  • We are fostering our chiefs who are stewards of our business and brand and encouraging a culture that empowers a positive and valuable workplace.
  • It has helped our essential objectives and assumed a significant part to draw in and hold the business’ best ability.

Salary Package

HP careers pay an excellent HP Salary for Freshers and the experienced with under one year of involvement to 4 years. According to the performance, there are pay hikes for the freshers and the experienced. The freshers can lift their career for their current situation. Software Engineer pay at HP ranges between ₹ 4. Lakhs to ₹ 12 Lakhs. The first advantage of the employees in HP is the extra advantages they appreciate other than the work responsibilities.


  • The writing round has three sections first one is the general aptitude, the ability on the verbal skills and the reasoning on the logical questions. 
  • This round is the most crucial round for the candidates.
  • Initially, you will be getting an assessment link wherein the candidates have to fill in all the relevant details.
  • Thorough knowledge and strong understanding of the design tools and also system languages.
  • Problem solver and analytical thinker.
  • Good understanding of hardware tools and design principles.
  • Concepts of testing, coding and debugging procedures must be known.
  • Communication skills both in native English and writing must be good.
  • To have an idea in digital skills, data programming, and some business skills to manage the projects and designs.

NO negative marking for the exam. The applicants can answer all questions.

Hp provides the best software jobs for freshers. HP offers many IT jobs for freshers for enhancing the software development and other services of engineering. HP supports the service that is merged with the government by allowing the Sarkari Naukri worldwide. The students join the company as trainees, get posted and experienced, and are elevated to higher levels.

The interview process at HP jobs for freshers is moderately challenging. The candidates can prepare well for all the rounds, especially programming languages and technical subjects. If you are confident enough in all aspects, every band can be performed without difficulty.

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