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Flipkart is an Indian online shopping store with headquarters in Bangalore. It was set up as a private limited company in Singapore. Flipkart initially sold books online. Then, it started selling consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries, and lifestyle products, among other things. Come to flipkart careers to do your best because when you do your best, we do our best. On our way to building India’s biggest unicorn startup, we’ve had a lot of wins, but we’ve also had a lot of losses, and we’ve learned from both. Because of this, everything we do is built around taking risks, a strong willingness to learn and improvise, and a focus on growth. If you’re a fresher at Flipkart, you can feel great because you will be a professional in every way.

flipkart careers

Flipkart always tries new things, learns, and grows, whether opening a new warehouse or making our mobile app more user-friendly.

Why do freshers prefer to Join Flipkart?

  • As an e-commerce giant that keeps growing and making investments in a broad range of products and services that reach everyone, it has also been effective at giving working professionals and newbies a wide range of job opportunities at flipkart jobs.
  • As the best place to work throughout India for the fourth year, it’s hard to believe that its employees don’t relieve their jobs.
  • From an online bookstore to a “unicorn,” a startup worth more than 1 billion, their entrepreneurship is almost always high.

Flipkart Recruitment

To work for Flipkart as a fresher, you must meet the following requirements.

  • First, the Candidate must have a technical degree (B.Tech/B.E./M.Tech/M.E., BCA, B.Sc, MBA) in any field.
  • Even those who have finished 12th grade can apply to Flipkart.
  • Candidates must get a grade point average of at least 60% to apply for the flipkart job vacancy.
  • Those with backlog papers can’t apply.
  • The graduates with one year gap can apply for jobs with Flipkart.
  • A person should have the right skills to get this chance.

To apply for the Flipkart jobs

  • First, go to www.flipkart.com, which is the official site for Flipkart.
  • Look for the section called “Jobs alert or open positions.”
  • Click on the area you want, and the screen will show a page.
  • Then, a display will show the most recent jobs based on where they are.
  • Choose the right job and hit the “Enter” button.
  • Check to see what the job entails and what skills are needed for flipkart recruitment.
  • If it works for you, then go ahead and apply.
  • Fill in all the pertinent details.
  • Send it in at or before the end of the time limit.
  • Lastly, print out a copy for your reference.

Skills required

  • To ensure the delivery goes well, you need to know a lot about the Sales, On-Boarding, and Catalogue teams.
  • Understanding how the Ticketing system works makes it easy to tell the status of the orders.
  • Applying for a job at flipkart jobs for freshers is possible for full-time college graduates from well-known universities.
  • Good written and spoken language abilities.
  • Knowledge about the latest technologies and programming languages.
  • They are used to doing things on their own without training.
  • To deliver information, you need to know a lot about Excel.
  • Capable of working and being a part of the team in an atmosphere where goals are essential, and timelines must be met.

Documents required for Flipkart jobs recruitment

So, candidates who meet the requirements should bring the following documents.

  • Mark sheet for all years for SSLC, HSC/Diploma, Graduation, and Post Graduation
  • A photo I.D. is needed, such as a Pan Card, a Passport, a Driver’s License, or a College ID.
  • Photographs of passport size

An updated Resume is necessary for flipkart jobs.

Designations in Flipkart

System Engineer, Business Development Executive, Business Finance Partner, Software Development Engineer, Assistant Manager, Business Development Manager, and Engineering Manager are some freshers jobs roles offered on Flipkart for freshers and experienced. 

Let us discuss a few of the Flipkart job roles and their responsibilities.

System Engineer

  • The System Engineer in flipkart careers needs to automate Infrastructure tasks that are done repeatedly.
  • Figure out which monitors and alerts are suitable for each service.
  • Watch how well the IT Infrastructure services are done as they work for IT Jobs.
  • To be a good team member and let everyone know about important issues.
  • Maintenance tasks are done before they need to be done.
  • System administration tasks include managing users, quotas, duties, etc.
  • Scheduling, security, auditing and logging, etc.

Business Finance Partner

  • The Business Finance Partner do the financial analysis, reports and keeps track of operational metrics.
  • Evaluate financial information and generate economic models for strategic planning
  • Develop automated tools for reporting and forecasting to boost productivity at flipkart jobs for freshers.
  • Help the team grow and make sure they have a learning curve.
  • Make sure to keep data archives in a way that makes them easy to use when needed.
  • Report on how well the finances are and prepare for regular leadership reviews.
  • Analyze past results, do a variance analysis, look for trends, and suggest ways to make things better.
  • Work closely with the financial reporting team to ensure that the financial reports are correct and help you make decisions.
  • To compare the real results with plans and forecasts to determine how well the finances are doing.
  • Give an analysis of trends and predictions and suggest ways to improve.
  • Recommend actions by analyzing data, figuring out what it means, and comparing. Look into proposed changes to methods and materials.
  • Find and drive process improvements, such as making standard and ad-hoc reports, tools, and Excel dashboards.

Engineering Manager

  • The Engineering Manager in hired in flipkart job vacancy, and Builts led a group of 8–12 excellent engineers.
  • Work with different engineering teams at F.K. to build features quickly across stacks.
  • Make career paths clear for team members and help them grow by mentoring them.
  • To look out for things that are going on regularly and to share and ask for feedback.
  • Work quickly and on a large scale, even though things constantly change.
  • Work directly with Engineering Leaders, Managers, Product Management, Business Development, and Operations teams and help them by giving them scalable, high-quality technology solutions.
  • Set up best practices for development, and ignore how they are used.
  • Estimate and plan projects in an elegant setting with the help of designers, business analysts, and product managers.
  • Drive outstanding performance and work with other team members on unclear interfaces, even as the organization’s activities change quickly.

Catalogue Manager

  • The Catalogue Manager in flipkart careers Makes business reports and handles all data exports and imports, always being accurate and paying attention to details.
  • Collect and make a dashboard of metrics for the business leaders.
  • Analyze, keep up-to-date, and report on the daily, weekly, and monthly metrics on an internal system and reporting tools.
  • Give suggestions and ideas for improving the process.
  • Analysis and interpretation of reporting, both proactive and reactive, to help the business
  • Make written and visual reports or dashboards that are smart and full of helpful information.
  • As an analytics team member, you should talk to business leaders and meet with them to deliver and present reports.
  • Support the production of high-quality reports by creating a system for reporting.
  • Gathering the reporting needs of the business to help it run day-to-day.
  • Improvement and support of the B.I. capabilities of the department
  • Make groups of customers and models.
  • Data processing via Excel to support business requirements

Business Analyst

  • The Business Analyst is hired through flipkart recruitment and has the ability to use analytical frameworks to solve both structured and unstructured problems.
  • Ability to try out different ways of solving problems with analysis.
  • Ability to understand business details and how they affect the customer experience.
  • The study of data gives stakeholders insights that they can act on.
  • Research and help on strategic and tactical CX projects as needed
  • Build improvement plans for metrics with information on non-essential levers to reach goals.
  • Experience with both describing and predicting data analysis.
  • Key CX measurements to improve NPS, Resolution Rate, Reduction of Incidents, Contacts, and Cycle Time.

Interview Process at Flipkart

1. Fill out the application

The first step of the interview process is sending in your resume. In the background, recruiters and hiring managers work together to figure out your Profile and process your application at flipkart jobs. Suppose the recruiters and hiring managers think your knowledge, skills, and experience are relevant to the job. In that case, your resume will be shortlisted, and they will contact you to tell you about the next steps in the evaluation process.

2. Interviews over the phone or online tests

Depending on the job you’ve applied for, there may be a technical telephonic round before they call you for an in-person interview. This is so they can determine your strengths and weaknesses and if you are qualified for the jobs.

3. Onsite-Interview

This is your chance to learn more about each other. And they look forward to it because it means you’re one step closer to being a proud Flipster! Your recruiter will contact you and tell you how many rounds you will have to go through at the onsite interview in flipkart careers for freshers. If you have questions about how the process works or salaries, they can answer you. 

4. Committee for hiring

After the interviews, the interviewers will give the hiring committee their feedback. The evaluation rounds will be used to talk about how well you fit the role you’ve applied for. To keep the hiring process consistent, a separate hiring committee, along with the interviewers and recruiters, decides how you did in the interview.

5. Offer

Your recruiters will contact you to tell you how the interview went and discuss what to do next. If you’re chosen, you will get an offer once a decision has been made about your application.

Training and development in Flipkart

Over the last six months, Flipkart has been leading seller training on crucial points. During this time, more than 2,000 sellers have been trained. We’ve changed our training methods to help you learn more.


Most of our training in the last six months has been done through webinars at flipkart job vacancy. Recently, webinars have been held with experts from different fields who can answer your questions immediately and give tips on improving your business. We have also turned on the “unmute” feature so sellers and experts can interact.

Learn Smart

Smart Learn, our platform for self-paced learning, was released with a returns module. Many sellers have become certified in Returns, which is a great sign. They also liked how helpful and easy to understand the content was. With this in mind, we’ve added three new modules: Payments & Settlements, Listings & Cataloging, and Trust & Safety. So, go to the Seller Learning Center, get certified, and improve how your business works.

Work Environment in Flipkart

The best teams have the best people on them. flipkart careers do everything possible to find the ideal individuals for our high-performing, diverse teams. Everyone’s ideas, styles, and ways of doing things are praised, and everyone’s words are taken into account.

Our principles of audacity, favouritism for action, consumer, integrity, and inclusion hold us all together and tell us what to do.

We have a committed Workplace Equality charter that focuses on attracting all kinds of talent, developing and keeping talent, culture and policies, and a strong commitment from leadership.

Our caring culture includes our people, customers, and stakeholders worldwide. Our policies on care and benefits are based on empathy and are made to fit the unique needs of each Flipster. Because Flipsters can do their best work when they and their families are taken care of. We always put our hopes, dreams, and goals first.

Benefits in Flipkart

Below are the benefits offered for Flipkart Employees, Medical Insurance, Accident Insurance, Life Insurance Work-Life Balance Support Benefits, Time away from work, Career Break Policy Parental Support Benefits, Maternity Benefit Program, Paternity Benefit Program, Adoption Assistance Program, Day-care Support Program Wellness Program, Employee Assistance Program, Onsite Medical Center, Onsite Gym, Emergency Support System Mobility Benefits, Relocation Benefits, Transfer Support Policy, Travel Policy Retirement Benefits, Employee P.F. Contribution, Flexible P.F. Contribution, Gratuity, NPS, Leave Encashment Other Benefits, Higher Education Assistance Program, Meal Allowance, Car Lease Program, Mobile & Broadband Reimbursements, Salary Advance Policy, Concierge Services.

Salary in Flipkart

The Flipkart salary for Freshers is extremely good for the new joinees. The Flipkart salary for a Business Development Executive is 3 LPA to the salary of a System Engineer is 2.1 LPA.


Our Career Website is the best place to start for flipkart job vacancy. You can use filters to look for jobs, like skills and job titles. On our career page, you can upload your resume and share any other relevant information to make your Candidate Profile. You can use the Profile to find out how your application is going.

We might give you too many options sometimes, but we can only accept one application from you at a time. If your Profile is being looked at for a specific job, you won’t be able to apply for a different job simultaneously.

We have just what you need! Visit our Career website and review our many documents to help you prepare. These preparation tips, and information about the team and Flipkart will help you prepare well and have a smooth interview. You are free to interact with your recruiter to learn more about the job descriptions and expectations for your role.

People say that great things take time, but at flipkart jobs, we work quickly. We’ll start working on your Profile as soon as you apply for a specific role. You will be given a recruiter working in the background to prepare your application. You can find out how your application is doing by looking at your Candidate Dashboard. You can always talk to the assigned recruiter to learn more about how things work.

Our caring culture includes people, customers, and stakeholders around the world. We don’t think there’s one strategy that will work for everyone. Our care and benefits policies are based on understanding and are made to fit the needs of each Flipster. Because Flipsters do their best work when they and their families are taken care of. Your aspirations, dreams, and goals always come first.

Flipkart careers offer jobs for any graduates. The Flipkart company collaborates with the Government for various policies, offering many government jobs for freshers and the experienced.

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