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DXC Technology is a full-service information technology company. Their two segments are Global Business Services and Global Infrastructure Services. Outsourcing, analytics and development, apps, security, the internet, IT insourcing, and the contemporary workplace are just some of the company’s services.

DXC Technology Recruitment for Freshers as Assistant Service Delivery Coordinator

One of the finest things that may happen to a new employee is to begin their career with DXC. DXC technology jobs for freshers provide a well-structured training program that allows newcomers to settle comfortably. As a new employee, you learn how to be disciplined and keep accurate records, which is lifelong learning that will help you succeed in your career.

This page is for candidates interested in learning more about DXC Technology Careers. Furthermore, we have given extensive information regarding the qualifications, selection rounds, and job responsibilities required for freshers.

The Reasons to join DXC Technology

  • DXC careers is a place where talented people embrace change and take advantage of opportunities to enhance their careers and help customers succeed.
  • We support and collaborate with one another both worldwide and locally.
  • We are dedicated to ethical and environmentally friendly business operations.
  • Our accomplishments show how we go above and beyond for our customers and coworkers.
  • We honor our most forward-thinking technologists.
  • DXC technology offers a comprehensive benefits package with a variety of alternatives and a high level of flexibility
  • Excellent advantages and a fantastic work environment
  • Benefits are flexible.

Criteria for DXC Technology

All candidates should make sure that they meet the eligibility requirements for DXC technology careers for freshers

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in many fields, such as B.E/B.Tech, M.E/M.Tech, M.Sc (CS/ IT), MCA, B.Sc, B.Com, BCA, BA, can apply.
  • At the time of applying for the DXC, there must not be any ongoing backlogs.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 60 percent or above is required.
  • A gap in the education of more than one year cannot apply.

Skills Required

  • Every IT firm seeks out enthusiastic, active, and hardworking candidates. The following are some of the qualities that DXC Technology recruitment team looks for

  • They should be adaptable to the degree of project work’s timing constraints.
  • Aspirants should be able to work around the clock.
  • Communication abilities.
  • Candidates must have a fundamental understanding of the operating system, Microsoft Office, and programming languages.
  • Candidates must be able to effectively manage their time.

To apply to Cognizant

Candidates can check out http://cognizant.com/en/careers for the detailed eligibility criteria, but it is advisable to be a graduate from any of the recognised universities or equivalent qualifications in Engineering.

How to apply online for DXC technology?

To apply for the DXC job openings, follow the guidelines below. You may easily move in an accurate manner using these techniques.

  • To begin, go to dxc.com, which is DXC Technology’s main website.
  • On the home screen, look in the Careers section and the freshers jobs
  • You will be directed to the new page.
  • Also, use the search bar to locate your ideal employment.
  • Check the screen for any current openings.
  • On the screen, a page appears with jobs alert.
  • Then you can choose a job based on your preferences.
  • Additionally, you must click the “Apply Now” option.
  • Fill in all required fields and submit the form before the deadline.
  • Print out the page and keep it for future reference.

DXC Documents Required

Candidates must bring the following documents with them when they attend the DXC technology recruitment.

  • Recent passport size photo  must be carried.
  • Updated Resume.
  • 10th and 12th-grade sheets.
  • Graduation and post-graduation certificates
  • Photo identity verification (original and Xerox copy).

Designations and responsibilities of the fresher roles in DXC technology.

Assistant System Engineer

  • The Assistant System Engineer in DXC technology careers for freshers Assists with the day-to-day operation of the server, storage, and network infrastructures.
  • Builds, patches, tests (compatibility, QA), and delivers systems and platforms that satisfy the demands and specifications of clients.
  • Implements infrastructural improvements with the purpose of improving performance.
  • Assists with data backup, data migration, and disaster recovery activities on storage and server systems.
  • Helps with software and operating system upgrades and keeps track of system licensing.
  • Assists with group and individual security settings and access rights configuration.
  • Provides users with technical support (help desk) by addressing network or platform performance issues.
  • Methods and troubleshooting procedures for systems/networks software and hardware are documented.
  • Maintains office and/or production software, as well as other support and utility software, such as virus and malware protection, office application suites, and application software.

System Analyst

  • The System Analysts in DXC technology jobs for freshers investigates and assess developing technology, both hardware, and software.
  • Discuss user demands and discover vulnerabilities or areas of poor performance in our computer systems to boost productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Prepare cost-benefit analyses for computer system upgrades.
  • Inform the other members of your data management team about your strategic division.

Associate Software Engineer

  • The Associate Software Engineer is recruited in DXC job openings. and Coordinates all team projects, oversee the entire product life cycle, writes all specifications, and tests all configurations and installations.
  • Achieve standard and unit testing on all software in compliance with Quality Assurance procedures, keep up to date on all technology and build a variety of code related to software concepts.
  • Analyze the designs and test plans, then generate the necessary documentation.
  • Assist in the preparation of all technical design documentation and the successful execution of all products and the planning of all activities.
  • Analyze and identify all issues in requirements and design, as well as assist in their resolution, and run various software tests to fix all issues.
  • Provide internal product support and assistance to various divisions.
  • Perform software testing and resolution, as well as coordinate with software engineers to guarantee that all software is implemented efficiently.
  • Troubleshoot all programs to guarantee deadline adherence, and coordinate with Quality Assurance testers to do end-to-end tests.
  • Follow established software development methods and assess any issues to ensure that they are resolved effectively.
  • To examine all issues, coordinate with the entire cross-functional team.

Technical Support Engineer

  • The Technical Support Engineer works for the IT jobs and Analyzes and solves problems with software and hardware.
  • Diagnose and fix technical issues like account creation and network configuration.
  • To get to the root of an issue fast, ask customers precise questions.
  • Follow up on computer system issues until they’re remedied within the agreed-upon timeline.
  • Assign concerns that have not been resolved to the appropriate internal teams (e.g. software developers)
  • Provide customers with accurate and timely feedback.
  • Consult an internal database or other resources to give precise tech solutions.

Associate Application Developer

  • The Associate Application Developer in DXC careers Builds and maintains essential system components using Oracle, C#, Java, Perl, and Python. Expert knowledge of Java, Spring, and automation solutions is required.
  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Angular JS, and UX are all required for application development. Design
  • End-to-end Java programming experience for large-scale enterprise systems
  • Analyze and oversee the development of business-related application problem fixes and enhancements (trading, reporting, client management)
  • Define priorities with the help of the support teams.
  • Ensure that deliveries adhere to the development methodology’s criteria, principles, and processes.
  • Design solutions for clients in collaboration with other analysts and development teams.

DXC technology Recruitment process

Those of you who are passionate to apply for the DXC technology openings for freshers in various job roles should read this section to learn more about the DXC Recruitment Process. The DXC Recruitment Process aims at the  fundamental Hiring that uses to bring in motivated and resourceful individuals to join their existing team. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that if the DXC Technology Selection Process changes, we will promptly update this section.

DXC Technology Recruitment’s selection procedure is divided into four primary sections: 

1) Round of online aptitude testing 

2) Round of group discussion 

3) Round of Technical Interviews 

4) Round of Human Resources 

Every round of the selection process is an elimination round, and candidates must pass the previous phase to advance to the next.

Aptitude Round

In this section, aspirants can learn everything they need to know about the DXC technology fresher recruitment Written Exam. The topics included in the aptitude section is the reasoning ability, Essay writing, Quantitative ability, and a few programming questions too.

Group Discussion

Prepare yourself for this round. The group discussion round is used to evaluate your leadership abilities and how confident you are in speaking, handling, interacting, monitoring, and concluding the conversation.

Technical Round

The DXC Technology Technical Interview will be open to applicants who have been shortlisted in the Group Discussion. Aspirants who face this round can expect questions about the significant project you completed during your college, your favorite subjects, the most current technology, and so on. As a result, make sure you’re up to date on both your academic subjects and the most recent technology publications.

HR Round

At DXC technology jobs for freshers where HR Interview will be open to all candidates who were shortlisted in the Technical Interview phase. This round will be a breeze for you if you have excellent communication skills and a high level of confidence. The interviewer will inquire about your personal life, family history, and other basic inquiries in order to determine whether you are qualified for employment. You may also ask the interviewer any questions you have about the company or the job.

DXC Academy

Since 1992, DXC Academy has provided training, certification, and consulting services to businesses across various industries. We provide local and global cooperation for your transformation and talent development as part of the worldwide functioning DXC Technology parent company.

Business analysis and soft skills work hand in hand with project management and product management. We tailor our training to your specific requirements at dxc careers whether they are traditional, hybrid, or agile.

Project Management

  • Project management is the process of applying strategies, tools, techniques, and skills to a project in order to successfully implement product changes or adjustments.
  • Traditional or agile tactics are used depending on the context and success factors.
  • Combination methods, often known as hybrid project management, are increasingly being used.

NEXTGen Skills

Because data is now available in digital form, digitalization is having an increasing impact on businesses, driving a revolution in business processes and IT. It’s centralized and protected, then analyzed and prepared for future business decisions. The data is accessible in real-time via multiple devices, allowing employees to view it from any location and at any time.

Companies are attempting to seize the prospects of the next IT generation and achieve competitive advantages by implementing digital strategies. The first phase is to create market-leading, unique concepts that are subsequently executed in projects.

The training collaboration brings trainees from many firms and industries together. In the DXC Academy’s seminars, students from different disciplines of study learn together. Because many of the topics are interdisciplinary, our many years of experience from our dual program have proved that this is a crucial success factor for the future of aspiring IT specialists. The trainees learn not just at their workplaces, vocational schools, and seminars, but also from one another through group experience sharing.

Benefits at DXC Technology

  • The comprehensive health insurance at DXC technology careers for freshers covers employees and their dependent family members.
  • An improved work-life balance
  • Working mothers might choose from a variety of professions.
  • It makes regular commutes to work more convenient and flexible.
  • As a people-oriented company, we encourage our employees to participate in higher education programs so that they can achieve their dreams of studying at some of the country’s most famous universities.
  • In order to develop talent, the DXC technology Academy focuses on developing leadership characteristics, executive coaching, and personal skills.
  • Bring employees and their friends/family special offers/discounts from over 30 B2C companies in our network.

Salary at DXC Technology

The DXC technology salary for freshers is determined by the employment role he chooses. Furthermore, how well you perform in the interview will decide your pay. DXC Technology offers the most competitive compensation package in the business. Furthermore, income rises in tandem with experience and work. The average yearly income at DXC technology ranges from around 2.5 LPA for a Technical Support Engineer to 4 LPA for an Associate Application Developer.


DXC technology will post employment openings for high school graduates, 12th-grade students, and postgraduates. As a consequence, before submitting an application, all interested candidates should check the job requirements.

Only because of our people this is feasible! DXC technology places a great value on its workers. What we’ve accomplished has been directly attributed to the people who work here. More than only jobs are available through us. Join us as we investigate options!

  • There are some things to keep in mind before going to the interview.
  • Make sure you’re ready for the DXC technology fresher recruitment process.
  • Keeps all of the records before joining.
  • Make sure to prepare the technical subjects and system programming ahead of time.
  • Maintain your resolve to succeed in challenging interviews.
  • Be sure of yourself and wonderful.

Non-IT positions are also available at DXC technology for non-technical individuals. DXC technology is always working to enable government agencies to advertise Government jobs positions for both new and experienced employees. When new employees join DXC technology, they can plan to work for a few years before being promoted to higher positions.

  • www. DXCtechnology.com is the company’s main website.
  • Select a job title that is related to your qualifications.
  • Have to double-check the data you’ve been given.
  • Choose APPLY.
  • Complete and submit the online registration form.
  • Please keep all completed credentials safe.

DXC technology jobs for freshers selection procedure is divided into four primary sections:

1) Round of online aptitude testing

2) Round of group discussion

3) Round of Technical Interviews

4) Round of Human Resources Every round of the selection process is an elimination round, and candidates must pass the previous phase to advance to the next.

  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in many fields, such as BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, M.Sc (CS/ IT), MCA, B.Sc, B.Com, BCA, BA, can apply.
  • At the time of applying for the DXC, there must not be any ongoing backlogs.
  • An overall grade point average of 60 percent or above is required.
  • A gap in the education of more than one year cannot apply.

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