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Cisco Careers

Cisco Systems, Inc. (formerly Cisco) is a multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. Cisco develops, manufactures, and distributes networking gear, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products. Cisco careers is an excellent location for people interested in networking to begin their professions. You will be eligible for a variety of advantages and privileges and the chance to work on cutting-edge technologies. Cisco is a fantastic place to start a career for a variety of reasons, including a competitive salary, a nice atmosphere in which to expand your network, and good professional progression prospects.

Cisco Recruitment

Cisco is the greatest option for those who want to work in a core corporation and put their technical skills to good use. Cisco makes use of technology to help people find new opportunities, innovate, and succeed. Finding the right match for the right people strengthens Cisco and allows us to collaborate more effectively.

Cisco Careers is the right choice for freshers

  • With Cisco, you can change the world. Cisco uses technology to make creativity, opportunity, and success a reality.
  • Cisco jobs for freshers can assist you in exploring engineering, developing new products, and discovering new methods to innovate. 
  • Cisco also assists you in reshaping your career through new technologies and programs. 
  • Your job is to believe in the company’s vision and help them realize it.
  • You can also take part in intriguing challenges and growth opportunities.
  • Candidates undergo thorough assessments to ensure alignment with Cisco’s values and objectives. Cisco Recruitment Process fosters collaboration and innovation, empowering employees to thrive and succeed within the organization.

Why should you work at Cisco?

Cisco careers for freshers can provide you with the following perks: 

  • A chance to work in one of the world’s most successful sales organizations, a very competitive pay, accelerated career options and outstanding benefits.
  • Virtual collaboration with peers from all around the world is feasible with TelePresence and WebEx.
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Experienced Systems Engineers and Account Managers provide training, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Obtaining industry-leading certifications is possible (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE)
  • Possibility to work in a setting that is both varied and socially responsible.
  • Working in multi-million dollar regions with significant earning potential.
  • Cisco has made a considerable commitment to your long-term professional growth and success.

Cisco Recruitment

Those who have been waiting for the Cisco jobs can now apply for the position via the registration link. You must first determine whether you are qualified for the position. You can also look at the eligibility requirements for the main items listed below.

Academic Criteria

  • Graduates with degrees in B.E/B.Tech, B.A, B.Com, and other related fields and Postgraduates are eligible.
  • There must not be any backlogs.
  • Academic requirements for Cisco recruitment for freshers are of minimum 60% in X, XII, graduation, and post-graduate.

Required Skills

To apply for Cisco Freshers jobs, candidates should review the listed abilities.

  • Communication abilities are excellent.
  • Must be able to communicate well.
  • Full-time employment is required.
  • Should be alert and willing to act according to the moment.
  • Excellent grasping skills.

How to apply for Cisco 

  • Visit to access the official webpage.
  • Select “Careers” from the drop-down menu and see the jobs alert.
  • You will be provided some blank details, as shown below.
  • The country, state/province, job type, and interest area are all listed.
  • After you’ve filled out those details, you’ll need to upload your resume.
  • Finally, press the submit button.
  • If you meet the company’s qualifying requirements, you will be contacted to schedule an interview at the specified location.

Documents Required for Cisco 

  • Updated Resume 
  • Academic mark sheets of 10th, and 12th  grades, graduation, and post-graduation.
  • Original Identification Proofs (Aadhar card, PAN card, Id card, driving license, passport, etc).
  • Photocopies of recent passports.

Job roles and responsibilities in Cisco

Software Engineer

  • The Software Engineer in Cisco careers for freshers Tests and test-automation suites are analyzed, designed, and developed.
  • Using various configuration management tools, design and create a processing platform.
  • In an agile setting, test software development methodologies.
  • Maintain, support, and improve existing systems and platforms on a regular basis.
  • Collaborating cross-functionally with data scientists, business users, project managers, and other engineers to produce elegant solutions.
  • Make suggestions for how to improve things in the future.
  • Collaborate with other engineers in the team to improve technology and apply best practices consistently.

Network Engineer

  • The Network Engineer is hired through Cisco recruitment and involves examining the hardware, software, and networking systems currently in use.
  • Creating and deploying scalable Cisco networks in accordance with client requirements.
  • Identifying and resolving network, device, and software issues.
  • Installed networks are subjected to speed and security tests.
  • Upgrades to network security are being implemented.
  • When necessary, upgrading or replacing hardware and software systems.
  • Creating and presenting networking reports is one of my responsibilities.
  • End-user training on Cisco networking products that have been installed.

Data Science Analyst

  • The Data Analyst in Cisco careers for freshers Interacts with product and service teams to identify data analysis and experimentation problems and challenges.
  • Create software programs, algorithms, and automated procedures to clean, integrate, and assess huge datasets from a variety of sources.
  • Interpret and convey insights and findings from analysis and experiments to product, service, and business managers; identify useful insights from vast data and metadata sources.
  • Business and process automation should be embraced and implemented.
  • Work with stakeholders to make it easier for them to do transactions and business with Cisco.
  • To complete tasks, multi-functional teamwork is essential.

Hardware Testing Engineer

  • Hardware Testing Engineer is hired in Cisco job openings Works with and supports the development teams for the Specific Service Organization’s Hardware development.
  • Responsible for prototype setup, debugging, and upgrades, as well as unit and system-level testing (to exercise all the components on a board).
  • Assist with the implementation of HW Unit/System level tests to check functionality and perform complicated unit/system debugging.
  • Troubleshooting, repair, testing, electro-mechanical, and prototype assembly are all important duties in the electronics industry. Supporting prototype development, incorporating consumer feedback from both internal and external sources.
  • Your job would be to assist the Cisco Supply Chain team in fully using the benefits of digitalization.
  • We are introducing procedures, rules, and technology to help us be successful as we are subject to constant change, and we need talented individuals to contribute to our journey.

System Engineer

  • The Systems Engineer with a focus on Enterprise Networks, Routing & Switching, and Wireless, with a special focus on Meraki. SE will be in charge of the accounts directly.
  • The candidate will be expected to keep current on competitive solutions, goods, and services.
  • Assist accounts in the designated territory with technical and sales support.
  • Participate actively in the war room group and deliver technical information to clients, partners, and prospects.
  • Assist in the creation of formal sales strategy and proposals for given projects.

Cisco Interview Process

A set of networking interview questions and Cisco coding questions may be included in the Cisco interview process for various roles. These tests assess a candidate’s in-depth knowledge and capability for the position for which he or she has applied. Cisco interviews can be difficult. The good news is that planning ahead of time can make a significant difference. This Cisco job openings for freshers interview process is divided into three stages:

Technical Interview (Round 1)

It has aptitude questions, C language questions, electronics questions, and MCQs on topics like OS (virtual memory, threads, memory management), Linux threads, Linked Lists, IPCs, and mutex locks.

Technical Interview 2 (Round 2)

It covers topics like hub vs switch, gateway importance, how to compose a packet while moving from one network to another, how to route a packet from one network to another, and bit manipulation algorithms.

Round 3: Human Resources

The HR interview takes approximately 40-50 minutes. HR will inquire about the role, your motivation for changing jobs, the most crucial bug you’ve fixed, and why Cisco. HR may also inquire about your resume. Before this stage, you must be well prepared and have a thorough understanding of Cisco careers, your résumé, and the field from which you graduated.

Training and development in Cisco

  • Cisco Training Bootcamps are a 9-day/ 8-week training program for up to 12 people groups.
  • Cisco Guided Study Groups take students on a 180-day certification preparation path that includes both synchronous and asynchronous instruction and assistance.
  • Cisco Modeling Labs is a network simulation tool for designing, building, testing, and troubleshooting various networking situations. It’s an excellent method of preparing for certification tests.
  • Cisco’s technology and certification courses can help you succeed. We offer e-learning and virtual instructor-led classes so you may get training anywhere, at any time.

Cisco Networking training for freshers

  • Cisco jobs for freshers provide excellent learning resources for anyone interested in a career in information technology, particularly computer networking. Cisco has huge labs across the world with modern networking equipment that employees use to teach and simulate client situations.
  • The Cisco Learning Network is a social learning community for IT jobs professionals that focuses on professional development.
  • Cisco offers a number of internationally recognized network certifications. Cisco certifications include the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is widely considered the industry’s most prominent networking credential, and networking professionals study for and earn it.
  • Employees who acquire the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) designation are well compensated, and CCIEs are highly demanded.

Overview of the Networking Essentials Course

  • Networking Essentials covers networking in a variety of settings, including small office and home office networking, that students may experience in their daily lives. 
  • This course provides Cisco careers for freshers with an interesting, self-paced learning experience by combining Packet Tracer simulation, interactive activities, and learning on your own devices at home.
  • Develop a basic grasp of high-level network design and how a network functions.
  • Developers, cybersecurity experts, business analysts, and other professionals should read this: learn the basics of networking
  • For students: a springboard for a variety of career paths, ranging from cybersecurity to software to business and beyond.

Introduction to Networking (CCNA) (ITN) Overview of the Networking Course in Cisco

  • The first course in the CCNA curriculum covers IP addressing and Ethernet foundations and the architectures, models, protocols, and networking elements that connect users, devices, applications, and data across the Internet and across modern computer networks.
  • Learn how to set up basic local area networks (LANs) with IP addressing, basic network security, and router and switch configurations.
  • Develop abilities for networking jobs at the starting level.
  • Exam preparation for the CCNA certification.
  • You must first complete the requirements before pursuing more precise networking skills.

The CCNP Enterprise Overview: Networking Course (ENCOR) Core Networking

  • This first of two CCNP Enterprise courses in Cisco entry level jobs cover switching, routing, wireless, and related security topics and the technologies that support software-defined, programmable networks.
  • Learn how to configure, run, and troubleshoot large-scale enterprise networks through practical, hands-on experience.
  • Develop skills for networking at a professional level.
  • Prepare for the Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies test to earn an Enterprise Core Specialist certification (350-401 ENCOR). The CCNP Enterprise certification is earned by completing both CCNP Enterprise courses.

Benefits for freshers in Cisco

  • We care about your financial well-being, both now and in the future. We aim to assist you in making sound financial decisions, planning for the future, and protecting the people you care about.
  • Tuition, lab expenses, and books for coursework at a recognized university are reimbursed.
  • People are rewarded for their accomplishments, not for their seniority.
  • Choose a reward or experience to commemorate your first and fifth years of Cisco careers for freshers service, as well as every five years after that.
  • Coverage for healthcare, insurance, and leaves of absence, among other things. We’ve got your back.
  • Being a parent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We’re here to provide parents confidence in the maternity, paternity, and adoption processes.
  • Get independent second opinions from world-class experts for a medical diagnosis or treatment choices for you and your family.

The work environment in Cisco

  • Cisco provides a positive work environment for its employees, including clear HR policies, flexible work schedules, no formal dress code, minimal micromanagement, freedom of speech, and a platform for learning and advancement. 
  • According to one of the keys to Cisco’s success, “Cisco trusts its employees, and the employees adhere to workplace professionalism.”
  • In areas such as HR, Finance, and Transportation, surveys and feedback are used.
  • Employee opinions are appreciated, and survey results are used to improve services.
  • It’s a place where employees are recognized and rewarded for being themselves at work.

Salary in Cisco

Cisco offers a great Cisco salary for freshers that is beneficial to both emerging and established experts. It also differs depending on how many years of relevant experience you have and the skill set required for the position. The Cisco salary of a Data science analyst to a Network Engineer is 2.2 LPA TO 3.2 LPA.


There have been numerous advancements in the job vacancy of Cisco recruitment process. In particular, candidates must pass a developed test, such as an aptitude test, which is an online-based test. Individuals must then pass the Technical Interview. It is based on information in specialist fields, and the selected candidates will be invited to an interview.

  • Any Graduates or Post Graduates in any discipline may apply for this Recruitment process. B.E/B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.E/M.Tech, may apply for these Cisco jobs.
  • Relationship and presentation skills are exceptional.
  • Outstanding scholarly outcomes.
  • Capacity to fill in either collectively or individually.
  • Adaptability to a variety of situations.
  • Willingness to work on client needs all day, every day.
  • The gap in education should not be longer than a year.

People from a non-specific establishment can also get Telecom jobs, Technical jobs through Cisco. Cisco’s help to the public power sector resulted in the distribution of Government jobs to both freshers and experienced candidates. The applicants begin their jobs as undergraduates and work their way up through the organization’s levels.

Solutions from Cisco Fresher jobs are laying the groundwork for a future in which everyone recognizes the benefits of excellent client and employee experience. Cisco gathers a useful and powerful, swiftly developing preview for an ever-increasing number of clients to grasp the relationship.

The majority agrees that Cisco’s gatherings are productive, and a sizable package that anticipates speaking with their partners. The majority of specialists at Cisco solutions ltd careers are optimistic about the situation. The majority of participants agree that the pace of work at Cisco is moderately rapid.

  • Candidates must be capable of dealing with a variety of issues at Cisco jobs for freshers.
  • To consider an innovativeness approach.
  • working at social gatherings
  • To confront and resolve unanticipated problems.
  • To confer each of the critical work criteria.
  • To be an inconceivable pioneer and move closer with various unique ideas.

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