Amazon Recruitment

About Amazon

Amazon is a company that deals with E-commerce, cloud, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Amazon is the most economic and cultural company in the world. Amazon is the highest internet company that provides books, games etc. A career at Amazon is a dream for many of us. It is an online company that provides necessary items like books, fashions and other items for sale.  When it comes to Amazon jobs for freshers, the applicants are hired for many job profiles in various streams. In Amazon openings for freshers, the applicants can apply for  IT jobs and also for BPO support jobs.

Amazon Recruitment

Hiring at Amazon

The applicants need not panic as it is a tension-free recruitment process in Amazon. There are many Amazon careers for freshers at present in various job profiles. 

Since many of us think it too tedious to get placed. But, the good news is that you can definitely get placed in Amazon. There are many Amazon India jobs for freshers recruitment processes happening every year with around 8000 candidates. At Amazon Recruitment Process is designed to identify top talent who not only possess the requisite technical skills but also demonstrate a strong alignment with our company values and principles.

There are many IT jobs too in this company. This is the right place to share your talents in technical skills and there will be learning everyday. You can always use the right platform to strengthen your skills. Amazon work from home openings is also available for the one who is willing to work from home.

Amazon Recruitment Criteria

Amazon is supposed to be the highest number of recruiters in our country in the field of IT.So one should always know the eligibility criteria before applying for the relevant profile. Below are the eligibility criteria

  • Completion of the graduation course on a full-time basis is considered.

  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology in circuit and non-circuit branches.
  • M.Sc and MCA applicants graduated in computer science and information technology.
  • Graduated from a recognised university approved by the government.
  • The Applicant is mandatory to have good English knowledge and technical knowledge.

Academic Criteria

  • There are no percentage criteria for 10th, 12th and graduation in Amazon jobs for freshers.
  • A maximum of a year gap is allowed after the 12th and not in between the 10th and the graduation.
  • Graduates with backlogs are not allowed for the recruitment process.

Policies for Amazon Recruitment Process

  • The Candidates who have attended the interview within six months from the date of the new application are not allowed to apply.
  • The candidates who are not considered for the interview process cannot re-apply for the interview for the next 6 months.
  • The applicants who have applied and missed the interview process will have a right to apply again and attend the selection process.
  • The candidates who are not selected during the interview process cannot apply for the interview for the next six months.

Documents Required

  • It is mandatory to carry and produce all the required documents for the interview process, like the 10th, 12th, and graduation mark sheets.
  • Kindly keep copies of all the documents as mentioned above.
  • An updated resume.
  • Latest passport size photographs.
  • Proof of identification like Aadhar card/Voter Id/Passport etc.

The applicants can check and register on the website of Amazon is  for the desired profiles.

Benefits from Amazon Jobs for freshers

  • Amazon provides the best benefits for its freshers joining. 
  • The company offers various benefits like health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance etc and provides health cards for its employees.
  • Amazon offers pretty good salary packages for the freshers and experienced.
  • Amazon provides extra benefits like petrol allowances, retail purchase coupons and so on.
  • Transport facilities to its employees at any time.

Designations in Amazon

Amazon’s IT jobs implement the band or grade type of designations to categorize their employees.

Software Development Engineer: This post is the junior level job profile in freshers. As this is the junior level one will get exposed to the basics and get experienced for the post you are hired for.

Software Engineer: Graduates with a few years of experience are relevant for this post. Their role is to deal with large databases and perform important tasks for the projects or develop the project as per the guidance of the higher level.

Senior Software Engineer: Graduates with higher experience are eligible for this profile. They will be involved in around 1 to 2 major projects. Promotion for this post will be after the completion of five to seven years of experience in Amazon. There will be lots of responsibilities.

Principle Software Development Engineer: Engineers having at least 10 years of experience in the relevant field are eligible for this post. This designation is the same as the project leader and is termed as an advanced level engineer.

Senior Principal Engineer: They work on the hardest problems, build high quality that is set with amazon’s business needs.

Amazon Recruitment Process

Amazon recruitment Process has  three rounds 

  • Written Round 
  • Technical Round (sometimes there will be two technical rounds)
  • HR Round

Amazon Written Round  

  • The writing round consists of three parts:  Aptitude, verbal skills and technical skills.
  • There are around  30 questions asked in the aptitude round.
  • The topics can be mathematically related questions.
  • There are around 30 questions asked in the verbal skills test.
  • The topics can be English grammar, comprehension.
  • There are 44 questions asked in the technical section.
  • The important topics will be the basics of computer languages and the computer database.
  • The time allotted will be 120 minutes.

Technical Round 1:  In the technical round, you will be asked about the subjects of computer programming languages like C, C++, data structure and database management systems. In most of the technical interviews, the topics can be chosen by the candidates and can speak about the subjects that you have prepared.

Technical Round 2: Here the round is to check the confidence level of the candidate. The panel of interviewers will check whether you are able to manage the stress. Keep calm and answer the questions with confidence.

HR Round: In the HR round, the interview panel questions you for everything related to personality, family, education, internships and knowledge.

Basic Skills Required

  • Problem-solving ability 
  • Creative thinking
  • Working in a team 
  • Problem-solving
  • Posses strong ethics of work
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Good initiator and leadership quality

Some of the basic steps to be remembered while preparing for an interview process

  • Prepare well for the interview process
  • Kindly keep all the documents before joining
  • Prepare well on the technical aspects and compute programming
  • Set up your mind to face the difficult stages of the interview process
  • Stay calm and confident

Salary Packages

Amazon freshers jobs have more importance because of more amazon job openings and many numbers of recruitment happening. Amazon Salary for Freshers are attractive for its freshers and experienced. The fresh engineer salary in Amazon is paid around 3lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum which is one of the best pay scales for a fresher to start a career. Freshers definitely can get a boost up in the opportunity to explore more about the present market scenario and technology. The foremost benefit of freshers joining Amazon is the additional benefit that they enjoy other than work commitments.

So are you ready to be a part of Amazon? It’s the right time to make a move to Amazon as there is no one-stop solution to get placed anywhere.  Go Ahead and apply now.

Training Skills and Development in Amazon Fresher Jobs

Amazon is providing free skill development opportunities for most of the employees by helping them to get into progressive careers and in high demand roles. Amazon aims for all employees to get the opportunity to learn all skills and build their careers and can earn certificates too.

Check out the career training skills and get an idea of how these training programs are part of Amazon careers to become a successful professional.

Career Choice

  • This particular program is a prepaid tuition program for its employees who work under operations. 
  • Amazon pays a complete college fee by means of various education partners worldwide.
  • Amazon employees of around 50,000  across 14 countries have been trained for high profiled jobs including computer-aided designers and more.

Amazon Technical Academy

  • The training job and the placement activity that involves the non-technical employees of Amazon with their basic skills are needed to attain the technical careers at Amazon.
  • The combination of high professional trainers and project-based learning with the applications that exist at present time like the software skills, cloud technology are most widely used.

Machine Learning University

  • This particular training helps the employees of Amazon with a good knowledge of technology and coding. 
  • Machine learning plays an important role in customer innovation and helps employees to gain more knowledge of core skills to boost up their career growth.

Amazon Technical Apprenticeship Program

  • Amazon provides programs that provide opportunities to get trained while working in high demand subjects like cloud computing.
  • The persons who were working in the armed forces can be offered training such as cloud support associate, software development engineer.

AWS Training and Certification

  • This particular training has been designed for all from individuals who are looking for cloud computing skills to IT professionals.
  • There are almost 500 free courses, labs, virtual training seasons and many Instructor-led webinars.
  • Under this particular program, A 48-week program has been implemented to help select a new group of AWS employees to launch a good cloud career.

Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship

This program helps you gain the skills in mechatronics and robotics for a career in this relevant field with a wage that is paid nearly 40 % on an hourly basis upon completion..

Surge 2 IT

  • Surge2 IT  is open to a fresher in the IT industry who are looking to enhance their careers and to work with a variety of technology in delivery stations and build our operations network.
  • Amazon’s Surge 2IT is a task for more than 1.2 billion commitments to upgrade 3 lakhs of its employees by 2025.
  • This program helps the IT professionals to access all the learning resources and develop their skills to meet the technical aspects for improving the higher spying, customer-facing IT roles.
  •  This program gives an opportunity for people who have not stepped into their career or professional field.
  • This training session offers a scope of skills training.
  • The content includes many devices, tools, scanners, printers etc at many stations, Internal customer services.
  • The training provides standard technical training that focuses on network routing, Linux commands and windows.
  • The last area of the program includes leadership and how to develop as a professional like how to write a resume? How to find a mentor? etc.
  • These skills can be learned and can be used to pursue a career with Amazon.

UX Research and Design Apprenticeship

  • The program is of seven months duration where the instructor taught and curriculum-based training is implemented.
  • The training is led by Amazon designers and researchers and trainers of Visual concepts. 
  • Every Apprentice will have 10 hours per week of training and 30 hours per week of home assignments.
  • Apprentices will take part in four months of on job training with teams of Amazon where they share their research, design and leadership skills.
  • They also take up some mentor sessions. They will also participate in mentorship sessions and learn how to practice and deliver real customer-facing designs.
  • On completing this program the apprentices will be assigned to full-time jobs in Amazon.

AWS Grow Our OwnTalent

  • This particular training helps individuals with on job training and placements opportunities with non following experience and backgrounds that develops skills in data center profiles within the company.
  • The most highlighted aspect of this training is it’s open to people with non-relevant work experience and non-graduates.
  • The people are hired for the data center profiles such as technicians and engineering operations and provided with on job training for six months.

Work Environment

  • The work environment at Amazon is found challenging by many employees. Amazon‘s work culture has made them earn the business capacity to reach the demands of the e-commerce markets.
  • Here, resourceful opinions and decisions are considered to be encouraged and documented.
  • The employees are allocated into smaller teams than the larger teams so that they are easy to manage and feel more significant and considered.
  • Amazon uses some of the principles to encourage the decisions made in teams.
  • The employees at Amazon are allowed to think outside the box.
  • They can come up with innovative ideas and solutions that put a problem to a conclusion.
  • Amazon works as the energy of Start up’ 
  • There is always a consistent work culture at Amazon.
  • At Amazon, customer satisfaction has a great priority where the customer demands are addressed and to help them gain trust and loyalty.


Yes, it is easy to get a job at Amazon. You need to look into an online job portal for the jobs alert that are posted.

  • Apply online application where you have to fill in some information about yourself, online assessment and select the preferable shift.
  • Attending office hours.
  •  To attend the orientation programs
  •   It’s your first day!

Amazon provides BPO kinds of jobs for non-technical background people. Amazon assists the government in allowing Sarkari Naukri in India and worldwide. Most of the people join Amazon as freshers and get promoted to higher levels within the company.

Amazon offers a work from home option on Monday for its workers as long as they are able to travel to the workplace.

Yes, it is possible to get a job as a software developer as a fresher. You will have to undergo the three rounds conducted by Amazon.

The Amazon software engineer salary is approximately 14  lakhs per annum.

  • Be prepared for the personality-based interview questions.
  • Provide required  details
  • Always keep in mind to say “we” instead of “i”
  • Never shy away if you have failed.
  • Keep in mind why you wish to work for Amazon.
  • Never hesitate to ask doubts and clarify when you need it.
  • Always brush up on your writing skills.

Amazon’s interview process is quite difficult. So we have to be prepared in all aspects. But the good news is that it will be fairly consistent as we know the structure of the interview rounds and hence it will be easy to get prepared in that manner.

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