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Microsoft makes software for computing devices of all types. They’re a leading company in the tech sector and provide high-quality services. The company also idealises publishing books and multimedia posts, also produces its own unique line of hybrid tablets, offers email services, and sells electronic game systems and computer devices. There are many reasons for the candidates to find the Microsoft careers very tempting because it is a well-established tech corporation. Every candidate can find an impressive and attractive company culture that specifies work-life balance and offers benefits packages and very highly attractive salaries.

Microsoft is always in the battle for top talent with the other most major tech companies. Microsoft India careers hire around 20,000 employees externally and recruit the same number internally. 

The Recruitment Process at Microsoft emphasizes technical excellence, problem-solving skills, and alignment with the company’s values. Candidates undergo comprehensive assessments to evaluate their suitability for various roles within the organization. Additionally, Microsoft Recruitment Process includes opportunities for internal mobility, allowing existing employees to explore new roles and opportunities within the company.

Microsoft Recruitment

Microsoft Recruitment

Are you looking for a dream job at Microsoft? There are a lot of opportunities for the freshers and the experienced who are into the IT stream. Below are some of the reasons for a fresher to start their career in a well sound company.

  • Experts agree that Microsoft is a great place to start learning. The software essentially offers infinite opportunities for education, support, and motivation.
  • People are so keenly interested to learn technical aspects and this seems to boost up the ranks that create an environment of empowerment and a great atmosphere. 
  • Microsoft seems to be a safe place where the ideas, concerns are considered and encouraged and these ideas bring in lots of change in work culture, technology and all around the customers and the world.
  • Microsoft offers total flexibility for its employees. you can choose from where and when to work.
  • Microsoft Job openings offer a great opportunity to grow and advance in your career.
  • They help us to jack in and develop a great product for the rest of our professional life.
  • The employees at Microsoft can avail all the benefits like health insurance, hikes in salary packages.
  • Working in teams will update lots of interactions with the other employees and would be easily accessible to discuss the project. 
  • Encourages and appreciates the quality based work of an employee.

Microsoft Recruitment Criteria

Microsoft plans the best-suited jobs for freshers. The candidates who are aspiring to work can also apply. There are various freshers jobs available in many job profiles. Microsoft has posted many job openings for candidates who have recently graduated and are experienced. Some of the criteria are stated below

  • The applicant must have a percentage aggregate of 70%.
  • In the grading system, the candidate must possess 6 CGPA in their pursuing studies.
  • The postgraduates must possess a minimum of 70% aggregate in their graduation.
  • All graduates must have 60% and above in 10th,12th or Diploma.
  • The academic gaps should not be more than two years.
  • Candidates must not have backlogs at the time of applying or the Microsoft recruitment process.
  • The candidates must be good at communicative English.
  • The candidates who are willing to apply should be able to work at any location and any shifts.
  • Should be technically sound in all programming languages.
  •  Should possess excellent interpersonal skills.
  •  Candidates must possess problem-solving skills.

Documents Required

  • The mark sheets of SSLC/HSC/Diploma are mandatory to be carried and produced during the interview process.
  • The mark sheets of both Graduation and Post-graduation of all years are to be compulsorily carried.
  • The proof of ID like PAN card, passport etc.
  • Recent passport photographs 
  • A structured Curriculum Vitae.

To Search and Apply for Microsoft Jobs

  • The applicants can visit Microsoft’s official career website and apply for Microsoft job vacancies.  
  • Look at the relevant fields to be checked. 
  • Read the description of the job once you receive the job profile.
  • Apply for the relevant positions if you are qualified.
  • Register for the same.
  • You can fill in the details once the registration has been completed.
  • The recruiter will contact you through phone if your resume is found relevant for the profile you have chosen for.
  • Microsoft keeps you updated on new job opportunities.
  • The details like qualification, experience etc can be found on the Microsoft careers page.

Designations in Microsoft

Support Engineer 

  • The support engineer is responsible for the customer support of the company.
  • To handle the troubleshooting and resolving all the customer issues and to stay transparent within the teams.
  • To identify the cases that require an increase in strategic plans.
  • To create and maintain the incident requests for engineering groups.
  • Contribution to automation and digital assets to upgrade the engineer experience.
  • To provide information sharing, coaching activities and to mentor the employees.
  • Technical collaboration and engaging out of product services.
  • To participate in communities with groups.

Software Engineer

  • Software engineers develop the systems using design, install and develop the system software solutions.
  • To determine the feasibility of operations by analysing the problem definition, its requirements, the development and the pre analysed solutions.
  • Software engineers are always on a path of the software development cycle.

Service Engineer

  • The service engineer involved in removing the technical roadblocks and discussing the roadmaps of products with the other teams.
  • To help the teams to prioritize the product feedback.
  • To hold the responsibility to ISV in an environment through call, mail or web
  • To represent the engineering teams and identity of Microsoft.

System Engineer

  • To manage and monitor the infrastructure of all the systems.
  • The system engineer deals with the installation, configuration, testing and maintaining the operating systems, their application and management tools.
  • To assure the top levels of systems and availability of the infrastructure.

Trainee Engineer 

  • The trainee engineer is responsible for maintaining the existing software products, designing software and installing and customizing the software.
  • Trainer engineers will be asked to submit the reports that outline the availability and cost-effective analysis of the new software.

Application Programmer

  • The role of the application programmer is to guide in the definition, development, testing, analysis and to maintain the new or the existing software with the support of the business requirements.

Business Analyst

  • A business analyst works to help the organisation to improve its systems and process.
  • They are responsible for conducting the research and analysing to bring in solutions to the problems.
  • To help introduce these systems to clients.

Java Developer 

  • A Java Developer is responsible enough for designing, developing and managing the Java applications.
  • The role includes having a specific application and working on it many times wherein Java is used widely by most of the larger organisations.

SEO Expert

  • To  Execute the tests, collect and analyse the data and results.
  • To identify the latest trends and insights in order to get maximum search campaigns.
  • Tracking, reporting, and analysing the website analytics and campaigns.
  • To manage the expenses of the campaign which is on budget, to estimate the monthly costs.
  • To perform the discovery of keywords, expansion and optimise, research and implement the search engine optimization.
  • To develop and analyse link building and advertising links.
  • Working with the developmental team to provide the best practices that are properly implemented on newer codes.
  • Recommends changes to the website, content, linking and all other factors to improve the keywords.

Microsoft Recruitment Process

Microsoft entry level jobs involve four to five rounds of hiring the candidates. The details of the rounds are described below.

  • Online Round
  • Onsite Round
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • Technical Round 3
  • Technical – HR Round

Description of the rounds are detailed below

Online Round 

  • The coding test which is conducted online comprises five to six coding questions with a time span of one hour to one and half hours
  • The questions asked in this particular round consist of strings, arrays, single and double linked lists. etc.

 Onsite Round

  • The onsite round consists of a written code test.
  • The questions can be solved within the time span of 10 to 15 minutes and next 20 minutes the candidate has to explain the task to the recruiter.
  • The candidate should be well advanced with the coding, data structures and algorithms to pass out the round.

Technical Rounds 

There are three technical rounds that a candidate has to face to get into the next round.

  • This round consists of face to face interviews and the candidate must have good knowledge and awareness of the facts that are mentioned in the resume.
  • The questions asked are from the projects, their internships or any training undergone by the candidate.
  • The recruiter will ask questions that are subject related like Data Structures, operating systems, networking etc.
  • The interviewer checks whether the mentioned facts in the resume are genuine or not and the candidate is having thorough knowledge regarding the subjects that are learnt during their graduation academics.
  • The last technical round consists of the system designing where the questions asked can be from cloud computing, dropbox and other technical based driven engines.

HR Round

This round comprises the personality-based questions with HR questions like:

  • Where do you stand in the next 3 years?
  • Family-related Questions.
  • Your positives and your negatives.
  • Questions on the details mentioned in the resume.

Basic Skills Required

Microsoft jobs for freshers require these basic skills.

  • Must know how to create a spreadsheet
  • Should be able to Create tables
  • Creating the  pivot tables
  • To run and to create macros 
  • Good knowledge about data analysis
  • Must be thorough in Data visualization
  • Good at Validating data
  • Must be knowledgeable in Creating documents
  • Managing of tables of contents
  • Prepare the documents that have to be printed.
  • The candidate must be good at Proofreading and editing the copies.
  • Good at Creating slideshows
  • A designer knowledge in creating the Embedding video and images

Tips to be noted before  preparing for an interview process at Microsoft  jobs for Freshers 

  • Prepare extremely well for the interview.
  • Kindly have all the certificates before joining.
  • Study well on all the technical subjects and programming languages.
  • Set up your level to go through the tough interview process.
  • Stay calm and assured

Services Offered by Microsoft

There are six fundamental cloud services that are in high demand.

Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure serves for the development, strong data, storage of data that is open and flexible.
  • It provides the developers with full demand computing and storage to scale, manage the web applications through the Microsoft centres.
  • The new portal helps to build and monitor the cloud in a unique and single way.
  • This is specially for the enterprise-level applications that are into resources of multiple subscriptions.
  • Microsoft Azure helps to manage the web, mobile using the technologies and skills.
  • It also supports all the open sources that are available worldwide.

Ms Office 365

  • To create the documents using the smart features in Microsoft office tools.
  • It can save up to 5 lakh photos and files with one TB of cloud storage.
  • You can always enjoy an ad-free email and calendar experience.

MS Windows Intune

  • This is supposed to be a cent per cent cloud with the intune or manageable with the configuration manager and the Intune.
  • The personal and organization devices are allowed to access data and networks by setting rules and configuring settings.
  • To Deploy and to originate the apps on devices that are on-premises and mobile.
  • The company information is protected by controlling the way users access and share the details.
  • The apps and devices are to be in collaboration with your security requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server with MS System Centre

  • Monitoring is allowed on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Traditional monitoring is now allowed on agent monitoring.
  • .Net Framework does not support the scripts. 
  • The information related to health is now available by using the SQL server management functions.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

  • The enterprise serves through thousands of apps that are similar and there are many mobile apps that use this service where the integration is created to protect IP.
  •  They allow the automatic deployment of some apps that target the minimum set of requirements from the company.
  • This service allows for accessing and managing the system virtualization in a way that the users may take advantage of where they may face availability issues.

Salary Packages

The Microsoft Salary for Freshers is considered to be one of the best. On an average pay scale, a typical Microsoft fresher is paid about 27.4 lakhs per year for freshers. As the experience is higher the employee gets salary hikes and also enjoy most benefits offered by Microsoft to have a wonderful life keeping apart the work life. Microsoft provides a very good work environment and culture for all the employees.

The Work Environment at Microsoft

The workplace at Microsoft is considered very warm and friendly. Microsoft is one of the largest companies where there are many employees working. The employees are very cool and present a good attitude toward their junior employees.  The culture at  Microsoft is great. There is always a space for respect, rewards, and a work environment that helps our employees to create the services and help others too for the achievement.


  • First thing u must apply. This is the best place to start
  • You can do your persistent work 
  • You should know where to go
  • Working well with colleagues
  • Always Showcase the qualities that they are looking for
  • Showcase your thinking
  • Be for yourself
  • Foresee the landscape
  • Must know how to create a spreadsheet.
  • Should be able to create tables
  • Creating the  pivot tables
  • To run and to create macros 
  • Good knowledge about data analysis
  • Must be thorough in Data visualization
  • Good at Validating data.
  • Must be knowledgeable in Creating documents
  • Managing of tables of contents
  • Preparing the documents for print
  • The candidate must be able to Proofread and edit the  copy
  • Good at Creating slideshows
  • A designer knowledge in creating the Embedding video and images

In India, Microsoft is hiring freshers as software development engineers. The company has grown as a top employer in India which has most software engineering professionals. In India, the company functions as Microsoft IT India and also hires freshers and experienced for various positions.

The recruiter will ask you about your problem-solving skills. He may ask about your experiences, projects done during academics and the projects and technologies that are used before.

Microsoft provides software jobs for freshers for developing the software and technical aspects. Microsoft will be in service to the Sarkari Naukri by allowing contracts for government positions across the world. Most of the candidates enrol in Microsoft as freshers and they are promoted to higher job profiles.

Microsoft IT Jobs provides excellent salaries, benefits and exciting work with the chance to work with the most talented people.

The applicant must have a percentage aggregate of 70%.In the grading system, the candidate must possess 6 CGPA in their pursuing studies. The postgraduates must possess a minimum of 70% aggregate in their graduation. All graduates must have 60% and above in 10th,12th or Diploma. The company posts various jobs alert for  the freshers and the experienced on their website.

Cracking an interview with a large company like Microsoft will not be that easy. You will have to dedicate lots of effort to preparation and skills. You can always stay ahead of the other candidates in front of the recruiting team. Stay confident enough for any type of round.

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