Accenture Recruitment

About Accenture

Accenture is an Ireland based multinational company that deals in IT stream and consulting. Accenture has a ranking of the top 500 corporations throughout the world as measured by revenue. Accenture started off  as the technical consultants and business. The revenues of Accenture in 2020 was up to $44.33 billion and the company has 569,000 employees. The company Accenture has been based in Dublin, Ireland from 2009. Accenture operates around 304 office locations across 51 countries. Accenture jobs for freshers happen every year to around 70,000 candidates in India. Want to start a dream career? Let’s start it with Accenture where the company assures with the best technical trainers, guides and to build as perfect professionals. Accenture Recruitment Process typically involves application submission, online assessments, technical interviews, and HR evaluations. Accenture ensures candidates receive top-notch training and guidance from industry experts to shape them into proficient professionals.

Accenture Recruitment

Accenture Fresher Hiring

There are various Accenture jobs for freshers available at our job portal. One can always think of starting a career with Accenture. A wide variety of job offers are available with excellent training and standard guidance in technical aspects. Some of the key benefits for freshers are listed below.

  • Leadership quality by performing the best work that enhances customer satisfaction. 
  • Empower new innovative ideas and technical knowledge.
  • Integrity, Confidence, Flexibility, Team spirit can be inculcated to be in the right place.
  • It is a destination where people connect to technology and innovation.
  • There will be lots of interaction with the Accenture clients, visitors and people socialize, connect, engage, learn and create.
  • Balance your work and personal life with a wide variety of workspace options and newer tools that make you stay connected globally.
  • Several voluntary options like job-sharing opportunities, part-time jobs and flexible time schedules are available.
  • Work from a location anywhere other than Accenture workplace and project site.
  • Accenture always tries to encourage and  develop an environment that lets you gain practical knowledge.

Accenture Fresher Hiring Criteria

  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology graduates who are specified in circuit branches are eligible to apply for the relevant post.
  • B.Sc, BCA, B.Com, BBA graduates are also eligible to apply for the relevant post. 
  • Postgraduates with a degree of M.E/ MCA and M.Sc who are specialised in CS/IT can apply.
  • The candidate must have excellent communication and effective interaction skills and  a strong understanding of technical aspects.
  •  English excellence in both written and verbal skills.
  •  Candidates having backlogs cannot not apply.

Academic Requirements for Freshers

  • A Candidate must have a grade percentage of 60% in 10th, 12th or diploma.
  • The applicant’s graduation aggregate should be 60%.
  • An aggregate of 65% and above or 6.5 CGPA and above in BE/B.Tech /MCA is a must at the time of recruitment.
  • A maximum gap of one year is allowed after the higher secondary course or 10th or in between the graduation or semester.
  • The candidates must not have any attendance pending with the college.

Accenture Recruitment for Freshers Policies

  • If for any reason the candidate misses the opportunity to attend the interview, he/she holds the right to apply again for the interview and can attend the selection process.
  • Indian citizen and carry a Proof of identity or OCI card, in case of holding a passport of any other country.
  • A gap of at least 6 months has to be maintained from the previous application and the present application of a candidate.
  • Should be a full-time degree holder from a recognised university approved by the Central/State government of India.
  • If Accenture cancels any application then that candidate shall not be able to apply for an interview.

Documents Required for the Interview

  • All the original mark sheets pursued so far that are 10th,12th, degree, graduation and post-graduation should be produced during the interview process.
  • A copy of all the mark sheets of 10th, 12th, degree, graduation and post-graduation
  • An updated resume of the candidate.
  • A proof of identity that is approved by the government of India (Aadhar Card, PAN card, Voter ID, Passport etc.)
  • Passport size photographs.

To Search and Apply

Accenture Careers for freshers require details of all the roles are posted on our website Focus on the Accenture jobs for freshers that excite you and match your skills, experiences and ambitions for submitting lots of applications.

To start with, search for a job profile in which you are interested, you can search by using keywords etc. you can begin filling in the online application process by uploading your resume. fill in all other relevant details and click submit. 

Once your application has been submitted, the Accenture recruitment team will review your application and will get in touch with you for further process.

Benefits from Accenture Careers

Accenture provides the best benefits in the present scenario for the freshers.

  • The company offers free additional benefits like annual flu shots, some of the legal services plans, personal insurance, gym membership discounts and online coupons providing some of the discounts in the retail offerings.
  • Offers quite a good salary package for the freshers.
  • You will also be offered a bonus on joining the organisation.
  • Additional benefits like petrol allowances, medical allowances, health cards are offered.
  • Provides cab facilities at any time.
  • Lots of onsite opportunities.


As a fresher you will join as Associate software engineer, mostly after one year a person gets promoted as Software engineer. There will be salaried hikes and promotions for the best performers. Designations at the accenture careers are listed below

Associate Software Engineer: Graduates with excellent communication, knowledge in coding and analytical problem solving skills  and have an ability to work as a team are eligible for this profile.

Associate software engineer is responsible for handling more of the technical work on projects. It would include more database work and develop existing softwares and design new applications.

Software Engineer: Graduate with any bachelor’s degree preferably IT related course with minimum of 2 years of experience using the languages of Java, C#, VB .Net, good in software debugging skills with experience in developing and delivery automation projects.

Role of a software engineer is to provide automation tools for creating the best business values and to drive the work effectively through innovation and manage the operations.

Analyst: experienced as a data scientist or data analyst, good knowledge in Python and excel, must possess skills of business intelligence tools. Good mathematical and statics skills, problem solving skills, and a graduate from the IT branch.

Analyst prepares the latest reports and creates the stakeholders materials. To handle the processing of the structured and unstructured data. Identifies the maximum business challenges and provides the analytics using the statistical methods. They find solutions and prepare a plan to all the business challenges. To have a regular interaction with the product development teams.

Consultant: Graduates with relevant experience are eligible for the post. A consultant will be responsible to advise, design and bring in transformational solutions to the industry. Should lead the latest technology ideas  focussing on the system development.

Associate Manager: Graduates with relevant work experience are eligible for the post. He would be managing medium sized teams and working with best efforts for a client and to provide a lot of individual effort for the project.

Senior Manager: Graduates with relevant experience are eligible for the post. In this role the senior manager should be capable of identifying and getting all the complex problems for the areas of responsibilities. Responsible for creating best solutions where the problems are analysed in detail with the knowledge of organisation objectives. The near term goals are to be achieved for areas of responsibilities. Regular interaction with the co workers, senior teams to discuss the significant matters.

Accenture Recruitment Process

The Accenture fresher hiring  may have many rounds of interviews which may be on the phone, or via video call or in person to know the person better, understand your skills, experiences and motivations. Some of the positions will have an online test for coding, technical languages. To be noted that interviews are two way conversations. Applicants can always have a conversation to ask about the company and the role.

Accenture recruitment process mainly involves three or four rounds for the freshers.

  • Aptitude/Verbal Ability/Written Round
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round

Pre – Placement Talk: In Accenture recruitment process, pre presentation is presented by HR about the company. Complete details like posting and salary about the company are explained. 

Aptitude/Verbal Ability/Written Round: The written round mainly consists of three sections like general aptitude test, verbal ability test and the logical reasoning test. This is the most important round in Accenture freshers hiring. On starting you will be getting an assessment link and you need to fill in all the required credentials.

There will be an English ability test, numerical reasoning test and analytical reasoning test. Questions on common applications and MS office, pseudo code and fundamentals of networking and cloud will be asked. You will be allotted overall  90 minutes of time for the test.  The questions should be attended equally from both cognitive and technical questions.

Cognitive Ability and Technical Assessment: Cognitive ability consists of english ability, critical reasoning, and abstract reasoning and the time allotted for this is 50 minutes for 50 questions.

The Technical Assessment

  • In this the set of questions consists of questions on applications of MS office, coding and some of the basics of networking and cloud.
  • Time allotted is 40 minutes for 40 questions.

Coding Round: After clearing the cognitive and technical round you will be directed for the round 2 that is the coding round. This is a compulsory round. Here the score of the coding round will be considered in the interview round. 

  • In this round there will be two questions asked about the coding. 
  • You are allowed to choose any programming language as per your choice.  
  • Languages like JAVA, Python, C C++, DOT NET  are allowed.

Accenture Communication Assessment Round: This is the third round in the accenture recruitment. Once the coding round has been completed candidates can take up this round. This is a  test that checks your English vocabulary, fluency and pronounciation for a time for 20 mins.

Technical Round: You will be questioned about your preferred subjects/subjects of interest before moving on to technical questions. All of the questions in this interview will be aimed toward evaluating your understanding of those topics and your technical knowledge.

HR Round: This level will be intended for students who have passed the technical interview. This round is very easy, here the interviewer will ask you all basic questions such as your introduction , your aims etc. Here they will judge your personality, your positives and negative strengths, your stability to handle the given role. The questions may be relevant to personality, family, education, hobbies and so on.

Once the candidate has been selected he/she will be intimated with the results of the interview regarding all the further procedures of the organizations.

Basic Skills

  • Good communication and efficient interaction Skills
  • Excellent  in Technical Field
  • Good at Aptitude Skills
  • Programming languages 
  • Knowledge of logical thinking

Before proceeding with the interview process make sure you are to follow some of the steps.

  • Be prepared for the interview
  • Carry all the necessary documents before joining
  • Make sure to get updated by technical knowledge and programming knowledge
  • The mindset to face challenges and cooperate with the team to solve difficult interview tasks

Training and Development in Accenture

Accenture recruitment for freshers happens in the best quality way. The best performers are hired and  coached by trainers. The candidates are connected with the project counsellors that make the candidates confident enough to progress in their work and achieve success as professionals. Counsellors are always near you so that there is professional growth all throughout the stages of career, learn from and be coached by the best innovators, leaders and colleagues who share their technical aspects.

Accenture Work Environment 

Accenture workplace will be the best everyday that brings out innovation in every aspects. whether working onsite or virtually or anywhere there is a multi functional space to support  the connectivity, learning and teamwork. There is always a comfort and productivity space provided for every  employee working in accenture.

Pay and Packages in Accenture Career 

Accenture Salary for Freshers is one of the best in the industry. The typical Accenture fresher is paid around 4 lakhs per year. As the experience is higher pay package will also be higher. The main reason to join the company is because of the benefits offered by the company to its employees to enjoy life other than work commitments. Accenture builds a very good work culture to its employees.


There are four rounds for the freshers that are the aptitude, technical and HR rounds.

Accenture has eleven offices in all metro cities of India.

Accenture interviews are pretty challenging when compared to other interviews of large corporations. The questions are quite difficult as compared to regular interviews at large corporations.

Taking the first step in your career can be confusing. Accenture has provided internships to develop you into a perfect professional. At Accenture, you can have many chances to play to your strengths and make the best use of your passions.

Accenture’s main office is located in Mumbai. The company was started on June 30 ,1990.

The training period would range between 2.5 to 3 months if you begin your career as a fresher.

Building a career as a software engineer needs a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree. Candidate needs to be good at coding, testing, communicational skills, organisational skills and professional development. It offers many IT jobs for freshers as well as experienced.

We recommend you to go directly to the Accenture website to search for the relevant positions.once you find a job matching your skills then just click apply. 

Accenture gives the finest software jobs for freshers in consulting, development of the softwares and many engineering services. Accenture will be of service to the government by contract permitting for government jobs in the country and worldwide. Almost many people join Accenture as freshers, experienced people who are promoted to senior levels within the company will become managers , senior directors internally.

Yes, Accenture has a large number of jobs alerts on its websites. One can always visit the company website and search for many job profiles for freshers jobs and experience.

Accenture provides some of the services like business strategy. Provides digital marketing platform and business management systems.

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