A Complete Guide for Accenture Recruitment Process

A Complete Guide for Accenture Recruitment Process

Accenture is a top company in technological services, outsourcing, and management consulting services worldwide. Many freshers dream of getting a job in Accenture, which offers several job opportunities according to their skills and abilities. In this blog, we will discuss the Accenture Recruitment Process, the topics involved, and how to crack it. Explore more latest job openings in Freshers Jobs.

A Complete Guide for Accenture Recruitment Process

About the Company

Accenture was founded in 1989 in the name of Anderson Consulting. The company name was changed after getting separated from its parent company, Author Anderson, in 2001. As discussed earlier, Accenture is a leading IT organization in India and provides management consulting, outsourcing, and technology services. The company provides services in various business domains, like supply chain management, customer relationship management, business strategy, outsourcing and technology. Accenture is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has branch offices across the world in 200 cities and 50 countries. For more information about the Interview Process, visit Accenture Recruitment.

Accenture focuses mostly on 5 domains: Media & Technology, Health and Public Services, Communications, Financial Services, and Products & Resources. They provide a wide range of services and solutions within this particular set of fields. Accenture provides services in technology, consulting strategy, digital, and operations. Accenture assists its clients in mitigating costs and also contracts out technological tasks while providing the best services and solutions available. The company also provides a lot of Accenture jobs for freshers.

Accenture is a global delivery network that combines unmatched experience and outstanding skills from over 40 industries and business functions. Operating at the nexus of business and technology, Accenture helps clients increase performance and create long-term value for their varied stakeholders. As of 2021, Accenture had 19 straight appearances on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list, and it collaborates with 91 Fortune 100 companies worldwide.

Accenture’s strength lies in applying its technological know-how and industry expertise to identify emerging business and technology trends. From there, it creates strong solutions that support customers globally in expanding into new markets or boosting sales in already established ones. Accenture also prioritizes helping clients deliver their goods and services more effectively and efficiently and enhancing operational performance. Let’s delve into the Accenture Recruitment Process.

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Recruitment Process

Accenture Recruitment Process

There are 3 rounds in the Recruitment Process of Accenture. They are:

  1. Online Assessment Test
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. HR Round

Online Assessment Test

This is the first round of the Recruitment Process and a little difficult compared to other rounds, too. It is designed to assess the Cognitive ability of the candidates. The questions involved in this round will be based on Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability. Several questions will be given to the candidates, and they will be asked to answer them in the given time.

Technical Interview Round

The candidates who have cleared the online assessment will be called for the next round of the Accenture Interview Process. The next round is a Technical Interview round to evaluate the candidate’s coding & problem-solving skills. To clear this round, the candidate should have a fundamental knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms, and subjects related to computer sciences, including DBMS, OS, CN, etc. The skills will be tested based on the candidate’s chosen job role. An experienced candidate or a candidate in a critical role should face 2 or more rounds of technical interviews.

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Technical Interview Questions

These questions are asked in the Technical Interview in the Accenture Interview Process.

  • What does Java’s “static” keyword mean?
  • Is it possible to implement more than one interface in a Java class?
  • What does Java mean when it comes to “super” and “this”?
  • How is run-time polymorphism implemented in Java?
  • Differentiate between the Java-provided Array and ArrayList.
  • What is Java’s “Diamond problem”?
  • What are the differences between Java, C, and C++?
  • In Java, what are lambda expressions?
  • Distinguish between “++var” and “var++”?
  • Describe the C memory allocation process.

HR Round

This is the final round in the Accenture Recruitment Process. This round is conducted to determine whether the candidate is an appropriate fit for the company by evaluating their personality and other related aspects. In this round, the questions can be asked in various ranges such as self-introduction, qualification, hobbies, strengths & weaknesses, salary expectations, etc. The Interviewers might also ask company-related questions on Accenture. Unlike other rounds conducted to assess the candidate’s skills and achievements, the main goal of the HR Round is to test a candidate’s personality, background, and ability to handle the job role to decide whether they are the right fit for the company.

HR Interview Questions

These are some of the questions asked in the HR Round in the Accenture Interview Process.

  • Could you tell us about yourself?
  • Could you please tell us what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Could you tell us about your background?
  • Why did you choose Accenture to work?
  • What are your goals and why?
  • Are you fine to relocate inside India for work?
  • Where do you want to envision yourself in the next 5 years?
  • What are your skills and abilities?
  • Tell us how you can positively impact our company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many rounds are there in the Interview Process in Accenture?

There are 3 rounds in the Interview Process at Accenture. They are

  1. Online Assessment Test
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. HR Round Round
  1. How to prepare for the Interview Process in Accenture?

Tips to prepare for the Accenture Interview Process.

  • Do your Homework: Comprehend the job role for which you are applying and a few company-related details. You can research these topics beforehand by visiting Accenture’s website or speaking with a friend there.
  • Think through your answers: Although the topics of the Accenture interview can vary from technical to interpersonal, be ready with ideas for how you will respond to the questions. Consider the role’s requirements, your accomplishments, and your personal goals. This will help you prepare for the interview conversations.
  • Prepare your questions in advance: Your interviewer will typically allow you to ask questions at the end of the session. Thus, it’s critical to prepare a question in advance! Not one that has previously been addressed, but one that shows your intelligence and curiosity about the role and the organization.
  1. What is the work culture in Accenture?

One of the primary reasons Accenture is a leading workplace is its excellent workplace. Accenture has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where employees can work peacefully without disturbance and stress. The work culture at Accenture helps its employees maintain a proper work-life balance.

  1. How to apply for Accenture jobs?
  • Candidates can apply for Accenture openings on their official careers page.
  • Candidates can also look for Accenture jobs in job portals.
  1. Is the Interview Process in Accenture difficult?

The Interview Process at Accenture can be a little difficult, but candidates can easily clear it with the appropriate preparation strategy. Accenture is one of the high-performing companies, so they ensure that they hire the best candidates. The several interview rounds at Accenture can be challenging compared to the regular interviews that are conducted in other large companies.

  1. Why does Accenture have high demand among freshers?
  • Brand Name: One of the main reasons to apply for a job at Accenture is that it is a well-known brand in the industry. The organization primarily focuses on operations and technology, making it an ideal match for any IT specialist.
  • Work-Life Balance: Accenture provides its workers with a healthy work-life balance. This allows you to devote time to your family and personal matters as well.
  • Colleagues: The organization hires at three levels: entry, mid, and top. This encourages workers with various backgrounds and specialties to apply and collaborate as a team. Accenture employees enjoy their work environment because of their cooperative coworkers and teammates.
  • Work atmosphere: Accenture offers a welcoming workplace and requires staff members to collaborate in a learning atmosphere.
  • The high caliber of Work: Accenture employees are provided with high-caliber work, which enhances the work environment. The organization provides several chances for learning and occasional growth.
  1. What is the Salary for freshers in Accenture?

The Accenture Salary for freshers is approximately 4 – 7 lakhs per annum, including all the additional pay. To learn more about the Salary details, explore Accenture Salary for Freshers.

  1. What are the skills required to be placed in Accenture?
  • Candidates who want to be selected at Accenture should have skills in designing, constructing, and configuring new applications based on the client’s requirements and demands.
  • Apart from technical skills like Programming, candidates should also have interpersonal skills like problem-solving and Development.
  • Fundamental knowledge of ABAP Development, J2EE, .NET (ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC)
  1. What educational qualification is needed for a candidate to get a job at Accenture? 

Candidates attending the interview at Accenture should have a degree in Engineering in any branch and scored more than 60%.

How to Apply

You can easily apply for Accenture job openings on Accenture’s Official careers page.

Accenture has a high demand among freshers for its high caliber of work, brand reputation, and work culture & atmosphere. Freshers anticipate being placed in a company like that. We delved deeply into the Accenture Recruitment Process and the interview tips needed. With proper preparation, candidates can crack the interview easily.

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