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About Mindtree

Mindtree is a global company involved in digital transformations and technical services from innovative ideas to execution, Mindtree takes an understanding approach to create customised solutions throughout the digital chain. Mindtree always tries to set the standards of corporations in all the services they are dealing with. Mindtree careers is a good company for you to start a career as they provide very good training for the freshers and a friendly working environment. Mindtree has a good reputation for problem-solving and proving themselves on providing their employees with a good balanced professional life. The learning experience at Mindtree will be completely enticing and will be collaborated with the larger organisations.

Mindtree has various job openings for freshers as well as the experienced. Every year they post around 800 Mindtree jobs vacancies in the various domains for the freshers and the experienced.  Are you a candidate willing to work at a company that provides exciting benefits and attractive packages? Here jobs in Mindtree is an offer for you to start your career at Mindtree.


Mindtree Recruitment

Mindtree is a company that appreciates and provides rewards for talented professionals. The Mindtree openings have a structured recruitment process that helps to identify the talented and right candidates. A candidate who is technically sound, a great aptitude solver and little brushing up of the communication skills will definitely help to make it through the process and get places at Mindtree. Emphasizing a structured approach, the MindTree Recruitment Process aims to identify individuals who align with Mindtree’s values and culture of excellence. Additionally, candidates can expect a transparent and supportive recruitment journey, ensuring a positive experience throughout the process.

Joining a company always seems to be in a confusing state for a candidate. One will always look for the best and find good reasons to start a career at that company. Here are some of the reasons to be a part of Mindtree.

  • Mindtree always showcases strong skills and looks forward to solving customer challenges. 
  • They use the evidenced knowledge to recommend and lay out expert guidance for the customers.
  • The work culture at Mindtree, it’s a good place to start as a fresher.
  • Jobs in Mindtree provides good technical training for the freshers and they are trained by expert experienced professionals.
  • Mindtree always helps its employees in problem-solving related to the technical aspects and guides them to bring out the best customer satisfaction. 
  • A recent graduate or an experienced one will be exposed enough to resourceful information and data.
  • Working in teams and groups will bring in lots of interactions within the co-workers and can discuss project-related or technical related aspects.
  • The good reputation and its standards like other corporations make a reason for a fresher to join  Mindtree.
  • Encouragement and appreciation for the work done.
  •  Helps in learning project-based and technically innovative ideas.
  • The employees can enjoy the benefits like a good job profile, hikes in salaries, health insurance, petrol allowances offered by Mindtree.

Mindtree Recruitment Criterias

The applicant must meet up the following criteria before applying for Mindtree jobs.

Academic  requirements for Mindtree fresher jobs

  • A candidate must have a degree graduated with 60%and above and 6 CGPA in graduation.
  • The applicant must have 60% above and CGPA in 12th, 10th and diploma.
  • The candidates must have a gap of less than one year in between graduation.
  • Great knowledge of all programming languages.
  • Good analytical skills.

Policies for Mindtree recruitment

  • The Candidates cannot reapply for the interview process once they are not considered.
  • The candidates who have missed the interview process can make a decision to re-apply again and attend the process.
  • The aspirants who have attended the interview for the past six months are not eligible to apply again.
  • If the applicant is not selected in the interview he or she cannot apply for the interview process for six months. Applicants who have been present for the interview within six months from the date of their last application to the date of the new application are not allowed to apply again.

Documents Necessary for the Interview

  • It is compulsory to have and produce the necessary documents for the interview process.
  • The mark sheets of 10th, 12th and graduation are necessary for the interview process.
  • Keep handy all the copies of the mark sheets as mentioned.
  • A structured latest updated resume.
  • Photographs which are of passport size and the latest one.
  • Identification cards like voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport etc.
  • Carry other necessary documents like certificates, participation certificates, relevant projects completed etc.

How to Apply

The Applicant can visit the Mindtree careers page and look for the jobs alert that is posted on the page. You can start applying for the desired profile of jobs. How to start searching? The candidates can check for the website www. Mindtree.com and register for the jobs.

You can search by using some of the keywords like the place, location, if you are a fresher you can search for Mindtree freshers jobs or Mindtree Job Openings For Freshers etc. Once the application has been popped can fill in the required details by uploading your resume. Kindly fill up all the details and click apply or submit.

Once your application has been found apt for the recruiter they may call you in a couple of days or a week to convey about the interview schedule and process.

Designations in Mindtree

Mindtree recruits freshers for the various fresher’s jobs profiles.

Associate Software Engineer

  • Mindtree recruits the freshers as the associate software engineers.
  • An associate software engineer is a junior-level employee who deals with the functions of developing and making use of the software for public and private system functions.

Software Engineer

  • To improve the system quality and to identify the issues, develop the standard operating procedures.
  • By developing the applications that are identified for improving, making recommendations and designing and implementing systems and Improving systems.

Module Lead

  • The module leads work on how one section of a program.
  • They plan and maintain their portion is fully functional and check whether it works with other modules too.  
  • They are responsible for understanding the program code, testing and technical specifications.
  • The Module deals with many industries from finance to manufacturing and marketing.
  • The module lead must be good at algorithm design, logical, and reasoning skills, and technical communication to individuals who are not aware of the technical training.
  • The module lead must have experience knowledge of C C++, JAVA and also leadership experience is also preferred.

Senior Engineer 

  • Have a good knowledge of  Java, spring framework, injection, inversion of control.
  • Knowledge of ORM frameworks.
  • Must handle the web application development using Spring MVC and web flow and other frameworks.
  • Strong knowledge of ORM frameworks (JPA, Hibernate).
  • Experience with the SQL server.
  • Ability to build, control and deploy the apps and services.
  • Strong knowledge of testing using framework.

Technical Lead 

  • An employee with experience in DOTNET developer ASP.NET SKILLS is required.
  • Should have strong knowledge and experience in Web API.
  • Experience in using tools or equivalent.
  • To handle the projects to be scheduled, its status tracking and reporting.
  • Technical lead requires to be a front runner with contribution within the team that involves the collaboration and development of the application and maintenance.
  • The technical lead will be responsible to work in developing the functional modules and co-ordinate with the lead
  • To prepare the estimation, coordinate with the QA team for defects fixes.
  • The technical lead will get the opportunity to work with the leads to get the concept and prepare the estimates to generate the manual works.

Mindtree Recruitment Process

To begin with, let’s see the rounds that happen at the Mindtree recruitment.

Before heading to the interview rounds there are two types of exams the candidates must face during the interview process.

  • Round 1 is the aptitude round that is conducted online.
  • Round 2 is the communicative English or the English grammar round.
  • Round 3 is the Technical round
  • Round 4 is the HR round 

Round 1

  • The aptitude round which is the first round for the freshers involves questions like the quantitative aptitude questions, verbal ability test, coding test and logical reasoning round. 
  • The number of questions will be 15 questions, 10 questions, 15 questions and 6-8 questions respectively.
  • The time allotted for the aptitude round, verbal ability, logical reasoning, coding is 15 minutes,10minutes, 15 minutes and 120 minutes respectively.

Round 2 

  • This particular round involves communicative English and English grammar.
  • The round comprises Spoken English, speaking for a minute, Basics of grammar and audio comprehension.
  • The Spoken English has 10 questions for reading and 8 questions for listening and speaking.
  • The time span for this round is 45 minutes.
  • The next section is the peak for a minute which has 3 questions for 3 minutes.
  • English Grammar is the next section wherein there will be 34 questions or 45 mins.
  • The last section is the audio comprehension round which has 16 questions and the time allotted for this is 45 minutes.

Round 3

  • Once you have cleared both the rounds, you will be intimated about the selection and the further rounds that is the technical round.
  • In the technical round, the interviewer wants to check for the technical skills and knowledge of the candidate that the applicants have grasped during their graduations.
  • The questions asked will be based on the skills that the candidates have updated in their resumes.
  • Some of the examples of technical round questions are about network, DBMS, operating systems and also analytical thinking capacity.

Round 4

This round mainly deals with the behaviour and personality of the candidate. The HR questions the candidate regarding the hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, family, plans on higher studies, relocation, areas of interest, some questions from the resume too will be asked.

Basic Skills Required

  • Ability to solve problems.
  • think creatively.
  • To work in a group.
  • To evaluate tough problems.
  • To have strong principles of work.
  • Good communicative language and skills.
  • To be a great initiator and have leadership qualities.

Some of the points to be remembered before appearing for an interview process

  • To keep yourself ready for the complete interview process.
  • Always have all the documents ready before joining the process.
  • Brush up on all the technical concepts and the programming languages.
  • Make up your mind to handle the tough stages of the interview process.
  • Always be confident and bold in answering all the questions asked during the technical round and the HR round.
  • Stay calm and patient.

People Policies and Benefits

Mindtree Hiring freshers always focus on attracting and developing the best candidates. Mindtree considers its employees as the greatest asset and the highest in a competitive world. Every Mindtree employee is considered special and here is what you can look forward to after the join.

  • Career and Development: Mindtree believes that having the quality of leadership makes the level higher and they implement it at all levels. They work for the development of technical skills and some of the strategies.
  • Work-life Balance and Support: While the efforts and the great work are appreciated and encouraged by the company to take in the company to the best technical and business results. The company also encourages its employees to have a balanced work life.
  • Rewards and Recognition: Recognition has always been a part of Mindtree culture where the employees are appreciated, encouraged, applauded for their hard work and innovative ideas. This will be part of everyday work lives.
  • Values and Leadership: The global team of Mindtree always controls the overall growth that leads from the front.

What can I Learn at MindTree as a fresher?

On-Job Training:Mindtree recruitment adapts in creating the best engineers who are trained and always have the upper hand as compared to the other IT graduates. The training program includes the learning of the latest technologies that are adopted at present in the IT field and making it a creative workplace. 

Career Progression in Career: The Mindtree training program for the freshers that is the younger minds undergo the learner based projects that are led for three months. This training program benefits the trainees to develop the talent and thereby creates success worldwide.

Role-Based Certification:  The company always takes upon consistent upgrading of the skills of all the employees. The freshers are certified in their current role and help them prepare for the next level making them ready for the future role.

Salary Packages

For budding aspirers Mindtree Salary for Freshers, who have completed their graduation, are offered an attractive package. Freshers can get rapid growth in the opportunity to expose more about the present technology and business. The benefit of freshers joining Mindtree is that they offer good benefits that they enjoy other than their work. Mindtree offers its trainees an annual salary of around 3. 2 lakhs.


  • Round 1 is the aptitude round that is conducted online.
  • Round 2 is the communicative English or the English grammar round.
  • Round 3 is the Technical round
  • Round 4 is the HR round

You will have to pass all the problems of the tests. You can write code in any of the programming languages that include, C, C++, JAVA, Python etc. you must even know the data structures and algorithms.

Mindtree allows employees to work from home and this has been practised for a few years.

  • Ability to solve problems.
  • think creatively.
  • To work in a team.
  • To solve complex problems.
  • To have strong principles of work.
  • Good communicative language and skills.
  • To be a great initiator and have leadership qualities.

Mindtree job openings have many opportunities for both technical and non-technical people. Mindtree guides the government in allowing government jobs in India and across the world. Many people join Mindtree as trainees and get promoted to greater levels inside the company or within the teams.

Mindtree’s job interview rounds are medium-difficult. So you have to be prepared in every technical aspect and general problem-solving techniques. But the structure seems to be very consistent and it will be very easy to get placed at  Mindtree.

  • Get prepared for the questions related to personality.
  • Always give your genuine details
  • Always use the plural form instead of singular
  • Never disappoint when you fail.
  • Always remember why have you chosen to start a career at Mindtree
  • Don’t ever feel shy or panic to ask doubts or questions
  • Always have the skills of writing.

Mindtree is supposed to be a good company for the Fresher to start an IT jobs career after graduation. They provide very good technical training for the freshers. The newcomers are given added benefits and training so that they get exposed to the technical field. The working environment at Mindtree is good and their co-workers are extremely helpful. They provide employees with the best attractive salary packages.

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