Google Recruitment


Google is a global technology company dealing with various products that includes advertising technologies, cloud, software and hardware. Considered as one of the biggest companies in technology. There are many IT jobs available in Google careers. Google hires roughly 20,000 candidates annually. Google always aspires to hire more freshers who are graduates and postgraduates across the country. It’s great that almost 2 million people apply for Google jobs for freshers. One can always be on cloud nine when you are hired at google. 

Google Recruitment

Google jobs seem to be so powerful and you may think that you just can’t deal with it. But never feel overwhelmed at Google. Google takes care that all candidates from the fresher level to higher level get access to the same information and resources. The process is designed to identify top talent and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. The Google Recruitment Process typically includes application submission, assessments, technical interviews, and evaluations to ensure alignment with Google’s high standards and values. 

Google Careers For Freshers aims at organising the information and making it globally accessible and usable. Google careers is an important part of the company’s career. They aim at an effective and included workplace that’s always a start for hiring. Google believes that fair hiring is the beginning process to get in. 

Google workplace is the best place to showcase your technical skills and can think out of the box technically. Google jobs, the right platform to enhance your skills in all aspects. Here in Google there are many job profiles available and can apply for the relevant post online on our job portal freshers. jobs.

Google Recruitment Criteria

Google is supposed to be the highest recruiters worldwide. They have various job streams for freshers as well as the experienced. Just some points to be noted before applying.

  • A degree in Bachelor of Engineering with a good academic record.
  • Graduation from a recognised university is mandatory.
  • Postgraduates like MCA graduated from recognised universities.
  • Excellent knowledge of the internet. Advertising via Online, good at e-commerce.
  • Excellent learner, can work in teams, good in communication.
  • Good cognitive skills, highly skilled in problem-solving.
  • No backlogs when applying for Google jobs.

Academic Criteria

  • The candidates 10th, 12th and graduation marks must be above 65%.
  • The postgraduates having their academic record above 60% can apply for the relevant post.
  • Good knowledge of all basic programming languages.  
  •  A maximum of the 1-year gap is allowed in between the academics. 
  • The candidate should have strong analytical skills.

Google Recruitment Process

There are three major recruitment processes that happen in Google jobs for freshers.

Application Process

  • The process of applying starts with building a good resume.
  • It describes the candidate’s profession and the relevant post they are looking for.
  • Try making use of good language and presentable fonts to enhance the quality of your profile.
  • You can apply at Google careers for the relevant posts.
  • Once your profile is found apt for the relevant post, the google recruiters will reach out to you.

Interview Process

Telephonic Round 

  • The interview process in Google begins with a call via Phone or via Video chat.
  • It is a much faster and quicker process than the face to face round that lasts for about 45 mins.
  • It can be termed as the first screening process to select candidates for further rounds. 

Face to Face Rounds

  • There is nearly two to three face to face interviews to assess the applicants logical reasoning and skills in the latest technology. 
  •   For the coding, the application of a whiteboard can be used for problem-solving.
  • Group discussions are conducted for assessing leadership, enthusiasm and communication skills.

Review Process

  • This process is an undisclosed process that takes place for some weeks. 
  • This round has two main steps.
  • The committee in the HR department works on every aspect of the candidates, later sends it to a relevant profile and filters the best-suited candidates.
  • The resumes are filtered and sent to senior employees and they decide which candidate to take forward. 
  • A group of people check for the background of the candidate as a part of the google selection process which verifies the educational background.
  • Once the candidates are found to be validated, the team proceeds with the hiring process which is done by the managers.
  • The managers address the responsibilities and regulations to be followed after deployment.

Documents to be Carried

  • Candidates must compulsorily carry all the mark sheets and produce them for the interview. 
  • Kindly carry Copies of all the above-mentioned mark sheets.
  •  An updated latest resume.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Proof of identification like Aadhar card/ Voter Id/ Passport etc.

How to Search and Apply

Applicants can check the google jobs for the jobs alert available on the website and start applying for the relevant job profiles. To start with, search for a job profile in which you are interested, you can search by using keywords, such as, google careers for freshers, Google Freshers Jobs etc. you can begin filling in the online application process by uploading your resume. fill in all other relevant details and click submit. 

Once your application has been submitted, the Google recruitment team will review your application and will get in touch with you for further process.

Benefits for Freshers from Google Careers

  • Current and former employees sound best for the attractive benefits offered at Google.
  • Google employees are extremely well fed with healthy breakfast, lunch and even dinner when they stay late.
  • There is a lot of exposure in the google working platform.
  • One can always get interacted with amazing people and great thinkers.
  • We can get surrounded by smart workers, who motives us and provide the best learning environment.
  • Besides getting exposed to tech workers, there will often be discussions and talks with other leaders.
  • Google employees often can feel they are living in the future.
  • Google employees are always considered to be in forefront of technology.
  • Google employees always get to work with products that are not yet released to the public.
  • Google workers are always offered a transportation facility with all buses equipped with Wi-Fi.
  • Google has expert IT specialists to help other employees to get their jobs done.
  • Google provides guidance regarding the software and the hardware needs for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  •  Employees can always give massage credits for the job done on projects.
  •  Employees can avail free fitness classes and gyms and can participate within the walls. 
  • Googlers are always encouraged to read and learn.
  • There is always extended time to follow their dreams.
  • Once you are in Google, you will always be a  part of it.


Software Engineer: Bachelor,s degree and Master’s in computer science having practical experience. Experience of 5 years in software programming languages like C C++, JAVA, Python. 

Must have experience in front end technologies preferred qualifications. Experience with uses interface design. Good at data structures, algorithms and API design, coding, providing technical talks and teaching technical content and as a consultant for projects. A software engineer has to develop huge complex systems that are globally designed.

Product Managers: Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 6 years of experience are relevant for this post. Experience in product management, software web technologies, developing media products and software development. 

The role of a product manager is to design, lead and collaborate with other regions, and functions. To launch new products and features, to test their performances and identify opportunities and define product vision. To determine the best technical methods and execute them in a reasonable execution schedule. To resolve customer challenges.

Sales Engineer: Bachelor’s degree or relevant practical experience. Experienced in virtualisation, cloud computing, application development, networking, security, technical presentations or public speaking. 

As a  sales engineer, you have to lead the customers through their transformation journey. Work on google cloud products.

Technical Program Manager: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent practical. Experience of 2 years- 4 years with an advanced degree. 

The role of the Technical program manager is to work on strong technical aspects of a program that includes planning, communications and execution. To Manage programs, resource allocations and on-time delivery. To develop tools and processes. To develop the tools and process the software technology to communicate priorities and all levels in the company.

Electrical Engineer: An electrical engineer graduate is required. An electrical engineer in Google must have knowledge of the basics of electrical and mechanical systems. Must have experience in software packages, large data centres electrical infrastructure systems and knowledge of analysis of electrical power systems.

Test Engineer: Graduated in computer science or relevant experience. Requires minimum 6 years of experience in software testing and development. Experience in coding languages like C, C++, Java or Python, test methods, preparing plans, preparing test cases and debugging.

The role of a test engineer is to develop environments and test the complex software or hardware systems that are used across google. To develop the test frameworks and to monitor product development and usage at all levels.

Network Engineer: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or practical experience. The role of a Network Engineer is to design and implement enterprise and network systems and google operations. 

Systems Integrator:  Bachelor’s degree with equivalent practical experience. Having the ability to speak and write in English and Chinese fluently, Experience with Linux or Unix including shell scripting, embedded systems, communicating technical concepts effectively. The role of system integrator is to ensure technical integration and drive technical issues, to interact with device manufacturers and engineering teams to support software development. To build systems and tools to grow knowledge of internet technologies.

Datacenter Technician: Bachelor degree or equivalent experience in Linux, Unix, troubleshooting using Linux Tools. The role of a data centre technician is to test and troubleshoot new hardware components, contribute to projects, maintenance of support of current and new data centres, install servers, switches, resolve issues and cover on-call responsibilities as needed.

Google Recruitment Process

Google Freshers Jobs Recruitment Process has five rounds of interviews. To land into Google company here are the five steps.

  • Clear the resume screening.
  • Clear the phone screening round. This particular round has 1-2 rounds.
  • Pass the on-site interviews. This onsite session had 4- 5 rounds.
  • Clear the hiring committee round.
  • Pass the executive round and get the offer.

Here the candidates have to prepare well for all the rounds. The most important rounds are the phone screenings and the onsite interviews. These interviews range for about 45mins of times and within a pass rate from 15% to 20%.

The Resume Screening: The first part of Google’s interview process is the same to be as in other corporate jobs, the resume screening. 

In this round the recruiters will check your resume for technical requirements, education, experience and makes sure that ur relevant for the post. There are some of the rules to be noted that you must apply in your resumes like leadership quality, problem-solving skills, good written and oral communication, high curiosity and humility.

Phone Screening Round: In this process round, a recruiter will contact you and will speak about the role and the post you have applied for. The interview will last for almost 30 to 60 minutes depending on the role applied.

For technical roles,  if the first round of the phone screening goes well, you can expect additional rounds. In this particular round, there will be phone screening and questions will be asked about coding and some of the basic problem solving and data structuring skills. If this round goes well you may have to take home a coding project.

For non-technical roles, questions will be asked about roles except the behavioural, hypothetical and case-related. For example, if you have selected a job profile as a product manager you may be asked as to how will you improve “Google maps”. 

On-site Interview: once you have finished the phone screening you will be taken to on-site interviews which is the tough one. Here the candidate will be interviewed by 4- 5 people for 45 mins. This round has four to five rounds. Here the recruiter looks for whether you are fit for the role and the process teamwork and culture.

For technical roles, there are basically two types of interviews you will be facing. That is coding on-site interviews and system design on-site interviews.

Coding interviews have whiteboard applications to harder data structures. The coding round depends on the experience of a candidate. 

System Design interviews have a high-level design for real-life products. 

For both the technical and non-technical roles, teamwork, culture fit questions will be asked. 

Hiring Committee Reviews: Once you have cleared the on-site hiring round you will move directly to the hiring committee but some candidates may go through the team matching phrase. In the team matching phrase, you will be interacting with the managers about the team you will be joining and the type of work you will be handling. If a team requires you they will tell your recruiter and will be added to the portfolio and then submitted to the hiring team.

Executive Round: After the hiring round is done, the offer letter awaits once the final review has been being submitted by an executive. Once all the procedures are done. The results will be out and your recruiter will contact you and reveal the exciting news and explain the details of the offer. 

Basic Skills required for Google freshers jobs

  • Mastering the foundations.
  • Skills in coding 
  • Skills of other programming languages.
  • Highly skilled in coding.
  • Have knowledge about abstract math.
  • Knowledge about operating systems.
  • Familiar with artificial intelligence.
  • Knowledge about compilers.
  • Understand algorithm and data structures.
  •  Know about cryptography.
  • To learn about parallel programming.

Salary Packages

Google Salary for Freshers jobs are most important because of their attractive salaries to the freshers and many recruitments happening worldwide. They offer a good salary package for freshers as well as their employees. The average google salary range is approximately 1.4 lakhs per year for an electrician to 122 lakhs for a CEO. There are salary hikes as per the performance of the employees. Freshers can make the best benefit from the services offered by Google.


No, you minimum need graduation for applying to google company. Google offers an internships program for students. For further details, you can check the google careers website.

In google interviews, the coding round is highly challenging. The questions will be challenging and will cover a wide variety of questions. So prepare well for this particular round.

Google offices are located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Google provides BPO kinds of jobs for non-technical background people. Google permits the government in allowing government jobs in India and worldwide. Most of the people join google as freshers and get promoted to higher levels within the company.

An Engineer having a bachelor’s degree is a must for the one who is opted for technical background. Good knowledge of the internet, online search, numerical analysis, basic programming languages like C, C++ etc.

Google interviewers mainly focus on the general cognitive ability, smart people who have to ability to grasp things soon and adapt quickly and more of leadership quality.

  • A speech about skills and experience.
  • Ask many questions.
  • list out all your achievements.
  • Take ownership of your mistakes.
  • Personal understanding.
  • Show u well well with others.