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ABB company provides a Process Automation business that offers a wide range of solutions for process and hybrid industries. These include industry-specific integrated automation, electrification, digital solutions, control technologies, software, advanced services, measurement and analytics, marine, and turbocharging offerings

ABB Recruitment

ABB careers is an excellent location for people interested in beginning their professions in a great way. You will be eligible for various advantages and privileges and the chance to work on the latest technologies. ABB is a fantastic place to start a career for various reasons, including a competitive salary, a friendly atmosphere to expand your network, and good professional progression prospects. 

ABB is the most excellent option for those who want to work in a core corporation and put their technical skills to good use. ABB uses technology to help people find new job opportunities, innovate, and succeed. Finding the right match for the right people strengthens ABB and allows us to collaborate more effectively.

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Why do freshers choose ABB careers?

  • Working at ABB jobs gives you a chance to help make the world better and healthier. 
  • You can join a passionate team pushing the limits of technology to improve performance, create new business models, and find new ways to work that help our customers, partners, and society. 
  • This will add to your story. We want you to be happy to work for ABB.
  • They Help employees do well and grow, giving them the resources they need to make their careers at ABB.
  • ABB benefits, rewards, and growth programmes cover many options.

ABB Recruitment

ABB is looking for new employees. There are several openings in ABB teams and fresher jobs. This is the finest opportunity for job seekers looking for a job with ABB. By applying online, interested and qualified candidates can be ready for a job at ABB.

Candidates must apply only if they match the eligibility requirements. After applying for a position at ABB, qualified candidates will be advised to take the test at ABB Recruitment. Finally, candidates are only eligible to join the ABB if they pass all of the company’s interviews.

ABB Academic Requirements

  • BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech/MBA,M.Sc/MCA/BA/BBA/B.Com Graduates with or without experience can apply.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 0 to 5 years of experience in a related discipline.
  • Candidates with no backlog are permitted to apply.
  • A one-year gap between academics is allowed.
  • Possessing knowledge of programming languages.
  • Graduation marks in the tenth, twelfth, and above grades and their most recent graduation should be over 60%.
  • Applicants who missed the interview can reapply and attend the ABB recruiting interview.

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How to apply for ABB recruitment?

Now is the best moment to apply for a job opening at ABB vacancies. They’re listed in the sections below. The instructions are laid out in a step-by-step procedure.

  • On the official website, www., the candidate should check their eligibility and the jobs alert.
  • To begin, search the careers website for ABB vacancies for freshers.
  • As a result, you will receive the registration form.
  • Fill in the blanks and double-check your work for accuracy.
  • As an outcome, you’ll receive a PDF file that you may review to see if it’s correct.
  • Then click submit button on the page.
  • A new username and password will be assigned to you.
  • Take a hard copy of the information or save a soft copy.

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Documentation required

  • You must show and produce your SSLC/HSC/Diploma mark sheets during recruitment.
  • All prior year’s mark sheets, including graduation and post-graduate work, must be brought with you for ABB recruitment.
  • PAN cards, passports, and other forms of identification are acceptable.
  • Photographs (Only recent ones)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Skills Required for ABB Jobs

To apply for ABB Freshers jobs, candidates should review the listed abilities.

  • Communication abilities are excellent.
  • Good at programming languages, 
  • Good Time Management
  • Should be alert and willing to act according to the moment.
  • Excellent grasping skills.

Designations offered by ABB Company

Cyber Security Specialist

  • The Cyber Security Specialist in ABB careers for freshers By doing regular audits, you can find security breaches and inefficiencies.
  • Improve our infrastructure and network systems.
  • Set up and keep up security controls.
  • Find and fix actual and possible security problems.
  • Assess the current situation, look at trends, and try to predict what security needs will be.
  • Keep users informed by making performance reports and letting them know how the system is doing.
  • Follow organisation standards to provide good service.
  • Attend educational workshops to keep up with your skills.
  • Contribute to the team effort by getting things done as needed.

R&D Process Engineer

  • The R&D Process Engineer in ABB jobs Meets with the business management, marketing, and R&D teams to discuss new product ideas.
  • Doing research on the market and comparing similar products and how they work.
  • Work with the engineering and marketing departments to determine if a product will work.
  • Redesigning existing products to make them more useful or save money.
  • Putting together design projects and specs sheets.
  • Getting product designs in front of management and other important people.
  • Keeping an eye on how prototypes of products are made.
  • Testing how well prototypes work, how easy they are to use, and how long they will last.
  • Fixing problems with products.
  • Keeping an eye on how things are made.

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Firmware Developer

  • The Firmware Developer Analyse the project and manage it throughout the SDLC process. Write and review specification documents.
  • Make an SRAM/FRAM SPI interface so that networks can talk to each other in ABB careers for freshers.
  • Write a VC++ programme that makes it easier to test APIs.
  • Board support package for ARM9 processors, board power-up and debugging.
  • Make a boot loader that lets you update the firmware using the I2C or SMBus interface.
  • To help the team move forward, teach and support members using Linux and solve problems.
  • Set up features like Control-Trac 4WD, power windows, wipers, and audio tones with one touch.
  • The assembler code of DSP accelerators, called SA, needs to be designed, built, and optimised.

IT System Engineer

  • The IT System Engineer Checks on existing systems to ensure they are sound.
  • Watch over the making and installing of new hardware and software.
  • Install operating systems and other software and set them up. Regularly test installed software for bugs and other problems.
  • Give IT support staff technical direction and ensure technical resources are always available.
  • To keep data safe, design and set up security systems and multiple backups.
  • Write your scripts to cut down on the need for human help.

Robotics Engineer

  • The Robotics Engineer is hired in ABB company job vacancy research to figure out how a robot application will work.
  • Plan robotic systems from beginning to end.
  • Create and use software that will let robots be controlled
  • Make prototypes and work on the parts that are needed (e.g. microprocessors)
  • Create ways to make machines that are efficient and save money.
  • Integration tests and quality control should be done.
  • Use techniques for machine learning
  • Make full documents for robotic systems.
  • Watch how automated systems are used and improve how they work.
  • Fix problems with the robot’s design and stay current on relevant changes in robotics and other engineering fields.

Interview Rounds in ABB

The rounds scheduled by ABB recruitment to attract candidates are as follows. As a result, we advised them to prepare as soon as possible for the recruitment process at ABB.

  • Written Test Online 
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview 

To pass the technical portion of the interview process, candidates should stay focused and prepared on their specific main subjects to get extra experience on  ABB. Because the HR Interview round is solely non-technically based, you’ll need to answer the personality-based questions to make a good impression. The organisation is primarily looking for applicants who can improve their performance.

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Online written test

  • In the first round of ABB careers, there are several components, such as aptitude, flowchart, etc. 
  • You must have exceptional aptitude skills to pass this round.
  • In most cases, the aptitude round will consist of 25 questions.
  • The time limit is set at 90 minutes.
  • These assessments look for mathematical, English, and logical reasoning abilities.

Technical Round

Questions about the technical topics will be asked. Technical questions will be based on their educational background and work experience. Prepare for a few other subjects as well. The recruitment board may inquire about your favourite topics, and questions will be based on that technical subjects. 

Interview with Human Resources

In the HR round of ABB recruitment, the interviewer may ask questions about your personality, preparation, family, projects, interests, and general information.

Before going to the interview, you should know a few things.

  • Prepare appropriately for the ABB selection procedure.
  • Before joining, keeps all of the records.
  • Make sure to plan for technical subjects and system programming ahead of time.
  • Maintain your determination to succeed in challenging interviews.
  • Be specific and magnificent.

Training and development in ABB 

The main goal of this programme is to train and qualify ABB’s internal teaching, training, and instruction staff. It’s meant to teach experienced experts how to train customers and employees. The people doing the training can get certified as trainers for adult education.

The goal of ABB company career Development programme is to provide a structured training curriculum, or roadmap, from our list of professional development courses that are right for:

  • Graduates will go as part of their training programme for graduates.
  • For people who want to go up to the next level in their company.
  • People who want to be chartered by the professional institute of their choice.
  • People who have moved to a different field or department.

Technical: Based on the needs, a group’s technology is chosen, and extensive training in that technology is offered. Aspirants in these Fresher jobs receive instruction from expert educators and industry professionals with vast knowledge and hands-on experience. Various assessment sessions are done to determine each fresher’s level of understanding, and extra training is provided if necessary.

Communication: All aspects of communication are covered, including verbal and nonverbal communication, personal and professional communication, spoken and written communication, and communication training assessments.

Team Building: Team building is another aspect of ABB jobs for freshers training, and a lot of time and effort is put into making each individual understand the importance of working as part of a group. “The strength of the squad is each member. The team is each member’s strength,” ABB believes, and it ensures that each individual understands the importance of teamwork.

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Work Environment in ABB

ABB is committed to having a diverse and welcoming workplace because they believe that people with different experiences and backgrounds improve their work. Companies show they care by rewarding high-performing teams, not just one person.

A culture of learning is at the heart of ABB. You learn something new every time you visit a client, work with other ABB employees, or attend a community event. What drives us as people and makes us stand out as an organisation is our desire to keep getting better and help others do the same.

Benefits in ABB

  • ABB careers provide great career benefits that significantly impact its workers’ careers. 
  • Many coaching and mentorship programs and an onboarding program are available to help new workers fit in at ABB. 
  • Employees who desire to earn a degree or certificate connected to their job might benefit from excellent tuition reimbursement schemes.
  • Employees at ABB have access to various health benefits, some of which are available to their families. 
  • The ABB careers team members can take advantage of the company’s excellent maternity support program, nutritional and psychological counselling, health plan incentives, and good healthcare insurance.
  • Working at ABB can benefit employees and their families financially. 
  • Employees have access to fully paid commuting as well as paid vacations.

Salary in ABB

The ABB Salary for freshers is excellent. The ABB freshers salary for an Embedded System Engineer is approximately 5 LPA, and the salary of a system Engineer is 4 LPA.


Job seekers constantly looking for ABB vacancies for freshers will find the best opportunities. By visiting, interested and qualified people can be ready to apply for an online position.

  • More information about ABB recruitment may be found at
  • You can choose from any of the departments’ job openings by navigating to the website’s careers section.
  • You must first access the job role or title to learn more about the position. Then, if it meets your criteria, you can apply.
  • Fill out the form with your details and attach your resume.
  • Click the submit button to send the form.
  • You will be notified if your job application is successful.
  • Keep a look out in your mailbox for communications from ABB.

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The candidate must be able to communicate effectively within teams and groups, possess technical skills such as programming languages, coding languages, and current digital knowledge, and soft skills such as logical thinking, ability to solve complex problems, and adaptability to innovations and ideas.

Non-IT jobs are also available at ABB job openings for persons with a non-technical background. ABB works hard to ensure government agencies can offer Government jobs to new and experienced personnel. Aspirants who join the ABB company as freshers can work for a few years before being promoted to higher positions within the organisation.

  • Questions about the technical subjects of the candidates will be asked in ABB  jobs.
  • Technical questions will be based on their educational and professional backgrounds.
  • It would help if you also prepared for a few other subjects. 
  • The recruitment board may ask about your favourite topics, and questions will be based on that information.
  • Companies with whom you’ve previously worked may have questions for you.
  • BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech/MBA,M.Sc/MCA/BA/BBA/B.Com with or without experience can apply for ABB jobs.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 0 to 5 years of experience in a related discipline.
  • Candidates with no backlog are permitted to apply.
  • A one-year delay between academics is allowed.
  • Possessing knowledge of programming languages.
  • Graduation marks in the tenth, twelfth, and thirteenth grades and their most recent graduation should be over 60%.
  • Applicants who missed the interview can reapply and attend the ABB recruiting interview.

The rounds scheduled by ABB careers jobs to attract candidates are as follows. As a result, we advised them to prepare for their visit to ABB as soon as possible.

  • Written Test Online 
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

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