ABB Salary for Freshers

ABB Salary for Freshers

ABB is a Swedish company involved in technology for electrification and automation, which helps make the future more sustainable and efficient with resources. The company’s solutions combine engineering expertise with software to improve how things are made, moved, powered, and used. Building on more than 130 years of success, ABB’s employees are dedicated to creating innovations that speed up the transformation of industries, offering them a high ABB salary.

ABB Salary for Freshers

Working at ABB allows you to help make the world a better and healthier place. Join a passionate team pushing the limits of technology to improve performance, create new business models, and find new ways to work that help customer, partners, and society. This will add to your story.

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Why do freshers prefer to join ABB Company?

  • ABB are interested in its employees and their lives. 
  • They ensure workplaces are safe, fair, and inclusive so everyone can succeed and grow.
  • Diverse teams make them stronger in ABB.
  • ABB is also committed to doing everything with honesty and fairness.
  • They help employees do well and grow by providing the tools they need to make their careers at ABB and offer them a high ABB salary for freshers.
  • ABB’s benefits, rewards, and growth programmes cover many options.

Job opportunities at ABB Company

ABB is based out of Switzerland and has offices in almost every city in India. The offices are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi, Delhi and Kolkata, and ABB Company releases many job opportunities for recently graduated candidates. The graduates who aspire to get into a firm to learn about the latest technologies can easily choose their dream job at ABB. This company offers enough job learning and exposure for the candidates in almost every aspect of the company.

The aspirants who have graduated from the Engineering stream, Post graduation, Computer Applications or any science-related fields can always make it forward to join the ABB group to earn a good ABB fresher salary.

Every year ABB releases many jobs offers for the candidates on their service lines. In the below sections, we shall discuss the services provided by ABB company.

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Services and Domains of ABB company

If you are unaware of ABB company services, Here are a few services offered by ABB. They are in Administration and Support, Human Resources, Legal, Procurement & Logistics, Research and Development, Technology and Innovation, Control Systems, Project Management, Sales Marketing and communication, Quality and Operational Excellence, Infrastructure, Industrial Analytics and AI, Power Electronics, and Robotics.

The recently graduated candidates can find ample job opportunities and chances to get into ABB company. All the services mentioned above have a wide range of job openings with a high ABB salary structure, and the candidates can always apply for jobs alert released by ABB company.

Job Domains in ABB

As one of the most well-known companies, there are a lot of job opportunities for new graduates. ABB has many job opportunities in software, engineering, integrated supply chain and procurement, sales, marketing, sales force, business management, general management, human resources, customer experience, finance, and information technology.

As you can see, ABB talks about many different fields by offering them a high salary. Any of these fields are open to fresh graduates, depending on their qualifications and skills.

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Job roles in ABB Group

Software Developer, Web Developer, CAD Electronics Engineer, Cyber Security Specialist, Developer for robotics software, Embedded Linux Developer, Embedded Systems Internship, Firmware Developer – Human Machine Interfaces, Full Stack Developer, Hardware Developer, JavaScript Developer, Junior Software Quality Engineer, Mechanical CAD Design Engineer, R&D Process Engineer, Software Developer for Quality Assurance, IT System Engineer, Workplace Services are few of the job roles offered for freshers in ABB with higher ABB company salary.

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Let us discuss a few of the job roles and responsibilities in ABB.

Web Developer

  • The Web developer uses the best software development practices to write well-designed, testable, and efficient code.
  • Using HTML and CSS best practices, they make a website’s layout and user interface.
  • Integrate data from different databases and back-end services.
  • Based on technical needs, gather and tweak specifications and requirements.
  • Make and update documentation for software.
  • Be in charge of running our site, growing it, and scaling it up.
  • Keep up with new technologies and industry trends and use them in your activities and operations.
  • Work with web designers to make sure the design looks good.

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CAD Electronics Engineer

  • The CAD Electronics Engineer earns a good ABB salary and makes production more efficient by developing new ways to make things or improving already used methods.
  • Trying out new designs on computers before building prototypes or building new buildings or machines
  • Making diagrams, flowcharts, and schematics of machinery and equipment design ideas
  • Figuring out what the customer wants and suggesting ways to meet those wants through design.
  • Making models and prototypes to try out new ideas before putting them into action.
  • Creating and changing designs with computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Talking with engineers and other team members to coordinate projects and solve problems.
  • Troubleshooting problems with existing equipment or buildings, looking for what’s wrong and how to fix it.
  • Creating and designing new equipment or processes to help businesses work better or make new things.

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Embedded System Engineer

  • The Embedded System Engineer gets a higher ABB salary for freshers and Designs and builds products that fit into the company’s ecosystem of products and services.
  • To help make new technological tools that solve problems and are easy to use in everyday life.
  • To plan and build data centre networks that are very fast.
  • System software design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and improvement.
  • Keeping track of the priorities and deliverables for your project.
  • Creating and keeping up with tools for measuring performance used by the company to debug, analyse, and test embedded products.
  • Working on computer architecture, low-level computer systems, embedded system products, and kernel development.
  • Analysing and improving the system’s efficiency, ability to grow, and stability.

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Recruitment Process at ABB


Complete your application details and upload your desired documents.

You can use your CV to fill out your application if you agree with the company policies and the ABB salary.

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First Selection

The applications are looked at, and the people whose profiles best match the job requirements are chosen to move on to the next step. With the best preoparation tips you can take forward the interview.


As per the job, you might be asked to do an initial online interview/assessment followed by a series of interviews with HR and recruiters to learn more about your background, motivation, skills, and cultural fit.

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Offer Letter

If the recruiters like you and you pass the interviews, you will get a job offer. Then all you have to do is accept, and your ABB story will start!


Before you join the company and on your first day, you will get all the necessary materials for onboarding. This is to make your start as easy as possible.

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The work environment in ABB

ABB is committed to having a diverse and welcoming workplace because they believe that people with different experiences and backgrounds improve their work. Companies show they care by rewarding and giving a good ABB salary structure for high-performing teams, not just one person.

A culture of learning is at the heart of ABB. You learn something new every time you visit a client, work with other ABB employees, or attend a community event. What drives us as people and makes us stand out as an organisation is our desire to keep getting better and help others do the same.

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ABB Freshers salary

  • The ABB salary for a freshers Web Developer is 3.5 LPA.
  • ABB’s salary for CAD Electronics Engineer is 3.52 LPA.
  • The ABB fresher salary for an Embedded System Engineer is approximately 5 LPA.
  • The salary of a Full Stack Developer in ABB is around 4 LPA.
  • The freshers salary of a Software Quality Engineer in ABB is about 3.8 LPA.
  • The ABB salary for a System Engineer is 4 LPA.
  • The salary of an R&D Process Engineer in ABB is 7 LPA
  • The ABB fresher salary for a JavaScript Developer is 3 LPA.

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To Wrap up, after reading this article, you have a better idea of the different perspectives you need before entering the ABB organisation. Start your career with ABB, which has the best ABB salary for freshers packages, value-added bonuses, and fresher job opportunities. You can look at and move forward to apply and join a tremendous company.

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