Android App Developer Salary for Freshers

Android App Developer Salary for Freshers

Software engineering is among the most prominent courses in India. The entry-level pay in this sector is well-known. A software engineer with adequate knowledge and skills can expect to earn about lakhs in their first year. Software engineering is a vast area with specialties that allow students to achieve their objectives.

Android App Developer Salary for Freshers

More people have opted for remote working as a result of the introduction of mobile apps. As a consequence, the demand for Android App Developers in India has grown, and has an excellent android developer salary in India. These professionals can assist individuals in managing their daily duties in addition to developing apps.

Every day, approximately numerous apps are released on the Google Play Store, according to Google. This demonstrates the growing demand for competent and experienced developers who can create amazing user interfaces for a variety of operating systems. Android is among the most popular mobile operating systems available. Because of the expanding number of developers, this field is expected to grow quickly.

Scope for Android Developers

  • Android app development is not restricted to e-commerce, education, and so on and has a great scope. 
  • Another way for an individual to gain money with his android app development abilities is through freelancing.
  • One of the main advantages of choosing android app development is the numerous work prospects available. 
  • Many IT companies require android app developers who are skilled at creating apps that give outstanding user experiences.

If you are an experienced Android developer who is willing to keep up with industry changes, your professional career will flourish. This is because the Android developer salary is determined by their level of upskilling.

Are you a dedicated Android developer looking to join the ranks of the industry’s many experts? This article will discuss the various responsibilities and incomes accessible in India.

First, let us know what is Android?

  • Android is an almost 15-year-old mobile operating system. 
  • It is the primary functional system for phones and tablets all around the world. 
  • Android applications are also available natively on other operating systems, such as Chrome OS and Windows 11.
  • Google controls this mobile operating system. However, because the technology is open source, anyone can use it, even for commercial purposes. 
  • Android is available to all developers, designers, and device manufacturers. 
  • This means that more individuals will be able to experiment, imagine, and build things that have never been seen before and earn a good android app developer salary in India.
  • The demand for mobile application developers is growing, and there are plenty of job prospects right now. 
  • The future appears promising for computer developers and many others operating on this platform.
  • With the correct training and advice, you may easily find a good job as an Android developer and even increase your compensation. 
  • So, if you’re looking for a bright and lucrative technological job, Android may be the ideal alternative.

Let us discuss the Android app developers salaries

The amount you will be paid is influenced by a number of factors. This blog article will discuss the typical wage for Android developers in India. Let’s have a look at the aspects that influence the salary of android developers in India.

  • There are many Android Developer jobs available nowadays, but their pay is directly influenced by their experience, location, firm, and educational achievements. 
  • As a result, there are numerous chances for android developers, and the essential nature of their work assures that android developer salaries in India are extremely high. 
  • The average android developer salary in India is around 3 LPA which is exceptionally high when compared to other fresher developer jobs.

Based on the organization 

  • The android developer pay in India each month which you get from the organization can decide how much money you earn in the future. 
  • Startup salaries for android developers are higher than those paid by some of the world’s largest corporations, such as Google, and Apple.


  • The more job experience you have, the more you will be able to comprehend the many challenges that come with working for a firm. 
  • Having a good versatility of talents and experience will assist you in making a name for yourself.


  • Location will no longer be a role in determining your compensation in the future. 
  • It will, however, affect the amount of compensation you are eligible for. 
  • Your skills are the most important factors that will determine the income you can expect. 
  • When it comes to the employment and training of android professionals in India, the locality will have a big influence on the decision. 

Salary Based on Area

It’s worth noting that the compensation package is still influenced by the location. Bangalore, pays the most for the Android developers. According to a poll, developers in this area earn slightly more than the national average wage.

The android app developer salary in India for fresher in different cities is listed below.

  • In Bangalore, an Android app developer earns roughly 3.5 LPA.
  • The android app Developer’s salary in Hyderabad is 2.4 LPA
  • In Mumbai, the salary goes around 2 LPA for freshers.
  • Delhi! The salary for an android app developer is approximately 3 LPA.

Android Developer Salaries in India Based on Company

  • It is general knowledge that the bigger the business the more cash an individual can achieve.
  • Take a peek at the monthly packages offered by some of India’s largest companies for android developers in the 
  • India’s some of the telecom industries pay exceptionally good android developer salary for freshers around 5 LPA.
  • Tata Consultancy Services is next with Rs 4 LPA, Cognizant with Rs 3 LPA, and Wipro with Rs 2.5 LPA.

Based on Talents

You need a decent set of skills to receive the greatest paycheque, in addition to having the necessary skills to succeed in the competitive Android developer market. Some of these abilities may enable you to make more money.

Android Developer Salary in Different Stages 

  • A fresher android developer salary in India is Rs. 2 lakhs per year, which is a fantastic offer for someone just starting out in the profession. 
  • The remuneration package for an Android Developer grows dramatically as his or her experience grows. 
  • With 2 to 3 of experience, a person’s income can be increased to Rs. 3.5 LPA. 
  • With far more years of experience, an Android Engineer may expect to earn approximately Rs. 8 LPA. 
  • An android developer salary can easily get 10 LPA  when they achieve senior management roles.

Salary of Android Developers in Comparison to Other Developers

  • The capacity to catch the imagination of consumers is one of the most important things that a firm considers when building its user interface. 
  • This can assist them in developing a brand identity and increasing usage.
  • Backend programming that is well-designed and efficient can also assist create remarkable experiences. 
  • Although entry-level positions in India often pay the same, team leaders typically receive a greater boost.

How to become an efficient Android Developer?

Because the Android platform is still growing, there are many of job opportunities and possibilities for advancement. To become an android developer, you must have a passion for computers and software and an analytical mind, and problem-solving abilities. All these abilities can succeed you and earn a splendid android app developer salary in India. The stages to becoming an Android developer are as follows: 

  • Undergraduate education in computer programming or application development is required.
  • Develop your skills in C/C++, JavaScript, and MYSQL databases.
  • Obtain mobile app development certifications. Associate Android Developer Certification, are examples of such credentials.
  • Make an Android application. Once you’ve become used to the Android packages,
  • Use the Android packages to construct an app and start a portfolio of your work once you’ve gotten familiar with them.
  • Showcase your work online to find an entry-level position.

Responsibilities of an Android Developer

  • You may make them more advanced by creating and building advanced Android applications.
  • To identify, build, and implement new features, and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Use APIs and other data sources to collaborate.
  • Work on the program’s bug repairs and performance improvements.
  • To improve development efficiency, continue seeking out, evaluating, and adopting new technology.


Android developers are in higher demand than ever before. These engineers can choose from a variety of job opportunities. The tremendous demand for these experts is the primary reason behind India’s high average android developer compensation. Individuals with the necessary abilities and expertise have numerous alternatives.

The typical android developer salary in India is discussed in this post. The main aspects that will determine the final payment of an Android developer are the skills you have and the company’s growth, however, these is not fixed estimates. Join the Freshers jobs where Android developer jobs are available.

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