Automation Testing Salary for Freshers

Automation Testing jobs are growing quickly and have become lucrative and full of job opportunities for freshers with good automation testing salary for fresher. This is especially true for recent college graduates with computer science and software engineering degrees, who can easily find high-paying jobs in this field. A recent survey found that almost 80% of organizations use functional and automation testing to see if things have changed. The market for automated testing is anticipated to expand by more than 15% during the following five years.

Why is testing done automatically, and why is it so important?

  • As software is being made, it is tested to ensure everything works right and to find bugs, security, and other problems.
  • Testing can be done manually and takes time.
  • So, developers turn to tests that are done by machines.

Is there a need for automation testing?

  • The automation testing market is growing because more people want to automate the testing process and find ways to make the customer experience seamless. 
  • And also, the latest technologies that work with AI are being used in software testing scenarios. Hence, the demand for Automation Testers are increasing by offering them a great automation testing salary in India for freshers.

Future for Automation Testing 

  • Automation testing is sure to have a very bright future.
  • Even though the automation tools will make the test cases and code tests, the Quality assurance team will still need to check what these tools make.
  • So, the time of change and growth will go on for many more years with high automation testing fresher salary in India.

To know what automation testing is and what an automation tester does

  • Automation Testing takes away the need for people to do manual testing by automating it. 
  • It runs your test cases with the help of an automation tool.
  • These automation tools don’t need any help from a person. 
  • They provide thorough test reports, compare anticipated and actual results, and automatically enter test data into the system designated for testing.

Who is an Automation Tester?

  • The Automation Tester is a person who is responsible for testing software.
  • The Automation tester’s job is to find as many bugs in the application as possible and either fix them or report them.
  • The automation tester is often in charge of testing the program.

Automation testing certificates

  • If you want to work as a selenium automation tester in India, the following knowledge and skills will help you earn the highest Selenium automation testing salary for fresher.
  • First, to learn the most important things about Test Automation with Selenium from scratch for both new and experienced Software Professionals.
  • Second, Selenium courses teach people how to build data-driven tests and understand the Selenium API.
  • Automation testing courses are important to build consistent and easy-to-maintain tests with Selenium WebDriver API.
  • Selenium Course can be pursued to become an expert in functional and regression testing using the selenium architecture and its parts.
  • After that, learn how to professionally use Java-based Test Script Development and Selenium Web driver.
  • After all, the best Selenium Software Testing training institute allows you to learn how to manage automation jobs better.

Jobs for Automation Tester

  • Developers are the sole individuals in designing, programming, simulating, and testing new or existing software. 
  • Automation testing involves putting the software through its paces to compare the output produced with the expected or assumed outcome. 
  • There are more than 15,000 approximated openings yearly for automation test engineers with good automation testing salary in India for freshers.
  • Recruiters consider your credentials and employment experience. 
  • They are searching for experts who can create and improve test automation frameworks.
  • Employers look for candidates that can ensure the execution of high-quality goods by utilising software testing principles, test automation, collaboration, framework design, and Selenium test execution.

What tasks does an automation tester perform?

  • Run Selenium tests without a user interface on a UNIX machine.
  • Use SOAPUI to do data-driven testing and validate responses with assertions.
  • Use WebDriver and JUnit to turn manual test cases into scripts that can run tests automatically.
  • Help make automated test suites for SOAPUI progression and regression testing.
  • Direct target SQL queries in PL/SQL to run the database operation to check and validate it.
  • Create forms in HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript to get data from the user and check it.
  • Take part in the agile/SCRUM process and work with the development and production teams at all SDLC stages.
  • Use Testing to help create the scope, scripts, configuration, execution, analysis, problem-solving, and retesting.

Let us now Discuss the salaries of Automated Tester salaries.

The automation testing salary for fresher varies as per the influencing factors like Experince, Location, Skills required, and Organisation.

Selenium is a successful career path that can lead to high-paying jobs with a lot of room for growth in the future. The salary for selenium depends on many things, such as

  • Place of work
  • Experience
  • Skillset
  • Education
  • Company
  • Certifications

Let’s go over each in more detail and how the salaries change.

Salary of an Automation Tester as per the Place of Work

The place of work is the Location of the company located. Software testers are in high demand, and so the Automation testers too. In top cities, there is a lot of demand for Automation testers, offering them a high automation testing fresher salary in India. Let us know about the salaries that are available in various areas.

  • Bangalore: 3.5 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 3 LPA
  • Chennai: 3.54 LPA
  • Pune: 2.57 LPA

Salary of an Automation Tester Salary as per the Experience

Experince plays an Important role in deciding the salary of an Automation Tester. As we all know, salaries rise as the candidates get experienced. Here is the proof of how the salaries are varying

  • The entry-level Automation Tester gets a 2.5 LPA.
  • The mid-level automation Tester salary is around. 5 LPA.
  • The most experienced Automation Tester’s salary is paid around 9 LPA.

Salary of an Automation Tester as per the Skillset

Programming languages, including Java, Perl, Python, and Vb Script, must be known by automation testers. The Automation Testers must also know about Coding.  Let us see what are the salaries offered for Automation. 

  • The Automation Tester working on Java gets a salary of 3.1 LPA.
  • The automation testing salary in India for freshers working on Python gets a salary of 2.75 LPA.
  • The Automation Tester Salary working on Perl is getting a salary of 3.25 LPA.
  • The Automation Tester Salary working on Vb Script is paid a salary of 2.66 LPA.

Salary of an Automation Tester as per the Company

The Automation tester’s salary varies as per the organization. There is a huge demand for Automation testers, and thus the increase in hiring and offering higher salaries. Let us see how much the salary each company offers for the Automation Testers.

  • Accenture: 2.49 LPA
  • Cognizant:4.4 LPA
  • IBM:3.75 LPA
  • Wipro:2.58 LPA
  • Infosys:2.5 LPA
  • Siemens: 4.1 LPA
  • TCS:2.39 LPA

Let us now see how the salary of an Automation Tester can be increased by developing the skills. 

Skills required for an Automation Tester

  • To be a good automation tester, a person needs to be good at analytics and logically applying ideas.
  • To be good at their job, automation testers need to know a lot about programming languages and earn more automation testing salary for fresher.
  • To do well as an automation tester, a person should know much about manual functional testing and have a lot of experience with it.
  • Since cucumber’s test scripts are written in plain English, you only need to know enough about Selenium WebDriver to be able to make them.
  • Automation testers should know a lot about the automated testing tools that are available on the market, which will help to improve the whole testing process.
  • A person who tests automation needs to understand what the business needs.
  • The waterfall model is being replaced by newer methods like agile and DevOps, making the market want automation testing more.
  • Automation testers need to communicate well and work well with others.
  • As an automation tester, you should be willing and interested in learning about new automation technologies.
  • Automation testers will always have a great scope if they have a certification.
  • It helps you become a strong automation tester and learn more about automation testing. 


Hope this blog post makes it clear to you that automation testing salary for fresher and Automation Tester offers many jobs and certifications open to people from all walks of life. So, if you want to find Automation Tester jobs, go to fresher jobs. One of the most crucial business tools appears to be automation testing still. So, you can be sure that any work you put into this will pay off well in the long run. Certifications not only help you learn more, but they also help you get ready for the job market because they are carefully put together and include a lot of hands-on training.

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