Digital Marketing Analysts Salary for Freshers

Digital Marketing Analysts Salary for Freshers

Over time, the internet and a job in digital marketing have substantially transformed. You’ll need to use the internet to advertise your company if you work in digital marketing. Every online advertising you see, every post you read, and every image you see online are all somehow connected to the work done by digital marketing Analysts.

Digital Marketing Analysts Salary for Freshers

Digital Marketing Jobs with good digital marketing salary for freshers have seen a significant transition as a result of the growth of the internet. You’ll need to promote your business online if you work in digital marketing. Every online post, advertising, and image you encounter has some relationship to the work done by digital marketing professionals.

Understand the definition of digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is another name for digital advertising. 
  • It uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites where all the “influencers” hang out. 
  • Strategies such as paid advertising, search engine optimization, eBooks and white papers, blog postings, social media, and a number of other online marketing endeavours are used to achieve the desired outcomes. 
  • Actually, any type of marketing that makes use of a digital gadget is referred to as digital marketing.

Demand for Digital Marketing Analysts

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a huge industry with numerous distinctive sections. The following is a list of the top digital marketing career options for those who are paid well digital marketing jobs for freshers salary.

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Brand manager 
  • Social media manager 
  • Online content developer
  • Business analytics specialist
  • Specialist in search engine optimization 
  • Web designer
  • Blogger 
  • Email marketer 
  • Mobile marketer

Who is a Digital Marketing Analyst?

  • A Digital Marketing Analyst generally monitors performance, such as how many people see your commercial or website, how long they spent there, etc., or how many of your emails were opened. 
  • These metrics can be acquired by programming web pages to compile data or generate reports. 
  • They are required to determine a campaign’s effectiveness and change media options.

Digital Marketing Course for freshers

  • As more companies use digital marketing, there will be a greater need for talents, and these companies will desire a highly skilled digital marketer and thus offering them a high fresher digital marketing salary.
  • The best thing about digital marketing is that it doesn’t require any additional training or qualifications to do the job.
  • Enrolling in a digital marketing-certified course teaches how to obtain this best option. 
  • Best Training institutes offer the best digital marketing certification programme these courses were built specifically with consideration for the fundamentals and requirements of digital marketing. 
  • You can also get real-world training on active projects. 
  • You can get the instruction and guidance you need to work in the field by Digital Marketing Courses

Wide range of Career options for freshers

  • Businesses in every sector need to embrace digital marketing to expand. Therefore, you can find work wherever you have a certificate in digital marketing and earn a good salary for digital marketing fresher.
  • Large-scale and well-known MNCs like Facebook and Amazon use digital marketing. 
  • Additionally, digital marketing is a common strategy used by companies to build their brand, in order to position themselves around every corner. 
  • Digital marketing has many highly categorised components, so that you may decide which profession and which skill set are best for you.

Hope you have got to understand the above-cited script regarding the demand, careers scope and the certification courses for Digital Marketing Analyst. Now we shall actually get into our topic which is the digital marketing salary for freshers. I hope you are eager to have a look at the salary scales. 

Salary of Digital Marketing Analyst

  • As a fresher, it is a common mindset to know and be very eager about the salary structure of any profession. 
  • As Digital Marketing Analysts are very demanding because most organisations are on the move to implement digital marketing to hold their brand names and products on all campaigns and on the top social media sites. 
  • Hence every company require more and more digital marketing analysts so there is huge recruitment happening for positions in Digital Marketing with exceptionally good salaries. 

Let us know below what are the salaries being offered for the digital marketing Analysts.

It is common that your salaries vary as per many factors that are influencing. It varies according to location, experiences, job roles, skills, and education. Anyways we are going to discuss evry factor in detail and will know the salaries too.

Digital Marketing salary as per Experience

  • Fresher analysts in digital marketing jobs for freshers salary is 2 LPA.
  • 3.45 LPA is the compensation for the mid-level Digital Marketing Analyst.
  • Compensation of 6 LPA is paid to the most experienced digital marketing analyst.

Digital Marketing Analysts’ salary as per Location

  • In Bangalore, the starting compensation for digital marketing salary for freshers per month is around 30,000 per month.
  • A digital marketing analyst in Chennai can expect to make about 3.27 LPA.
  • In Hyderabad, the compensation for the position of digital marketing analyst is 2.98 LPA.
  • A Digital Marketing Analyst in Delhi can expect to make a 3.54 LPA.
  • A digital marketing analyst in Mumbai makes 3 LPA in salary.
  • The estimated pay for a digital marketing analyst in Pune is 3 LPA.

Digital Marketing Analyst salary as per the skills

  • 2.16 LPA is the salary for the job of Digital Marketing Analyst in SEO.
  • The remuneration for the Digital Marketing Analyst i SSM is 2.75 LPA.
  • Google Analytics pays its digital marketing analysts around 4 LPA.
  • A 2.35 LPA income is paid to fresh graduates in the field of content writing for digital marketing.

You will need a certain set of talents to advance your career in digital marketing. So, here are the skills below you must possess if you are thinking of pursuing a career as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

Skills required

  • Since they spend a lot of time analysing marketing activities, digital marketing analysts need to be analytical thinkers.
  • Excellent communication in presenting reports and recommendations to stakeholders makes up a demand full of a digital marketing analyst’s job and earns a high fresher digital marketing salary.
  • It is essential for someone in this position to have a firm grasp of fundamental marketing ideas like market segmentation, client acquisition, customer journey, etc.
  • Digital marketing platforms have grown drastically during the last few years. Hence you need to be familiar with email, SMS, social media, and more.
  • Depending on the organisation, digital marketing analysts may be in charge of administering, assessing, and optimising multiple programmes.
  • Digital marketing analysts may be in charge of concurrently managing, assessing, and optimising a number of initiatives, depending on the business.
  • A digital marketing analyst must be organised and detail-oriented, two qualities that go hand in hand.
  • The continuous growth of digital marketing is one of its most difficult and most exciting aspects.
  • The most recent advancements in social media platforms, digital technology, and software are essential knowledge for digital marketing experts.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Analyst

Working on these responsibilities can develop yourself within the organisation, get promoted to a higher level, and earn a high salary as a digital marketing fresher.

  • Assemble and assess consumer, marketing, and online activity information.
  • Test your campaigns, review data, and seek methods to improve performance.
  • Create and offer useful conclusions and suggestions based on your research.
  • Develop a digital campaign strategy based on analysis.
  • Create dashboards, data visualisations, and performance reports for marketing and websites.
  • Follow and analyse developments in marketing and digital media.
  • Be accessible and communicate with employees, top management, and clients.

Future scope for Digital Marketing Analysts

  • The only viable marketing approach in the current internet era is digital marketing, which is usually seen as the most ideal setting for marketing communications and related activities.
  • The future of marketing extends far beyond traditional marketing, and it now significantly utilises Digital Marketing trends.
  • Where traditional methods fall short, the reach of digital marketing enables some of the most successful marketing campaigns. 
  • But companies need to be given a chance to survive. 


We hope this blog post has provided you with more information on the job opportunities for freshers and rapid growth of digital marketing salary for freshers, as well as how profitable it can be for beginners. Digital marketing analysts have a long professional growth path at famous companies and are in high demand globally. Every recent graduate ought to consider a digital marketing career after the graduate program.

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