Ericsson Salary for Freshers

Ericsson Salary for Freshers

Ericsson is the world leader in technology and services for communication. The company was started in 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, it has grown to do business in more than 180 countries worldwide. Ericsson’s primary business is making latest mobile and fixed network solutions, multimedia technology, and cloud services. This blog will detail the Ericsson salary and the different job roles.

Ericsson Salary for Freshers

Ericsson is very committed to innovation and sustainability, and its research and development work is meant to shape the future of technology. The company’s goal is to make a world where everyone and everything can talk to each other and work together efficiently.

As a global company with many different types of teams, Ericsson offers various job opportunities in fields like engineering, sales, marketing, R&D, and more, with a high freshers salary. Ericsson wants its employees to grow and improve their skills, so it gives them opportunities for ongoing training, mentorship, and career growth.

Why do freshers Choose Jobs at Ericsson?

Young people may want to work at Ericsson for several reasons, such as:

  • Ericsson offers many ways to grow and develop your career, such as ongoing training and mentorship programs. 
  • Freshers can build a strong base for their careers by working at Ericsson, where they can gain valuable experience and improve their skills.
  • Ericsson is a leader in communications technology and services. Freshers can work on the latest technology projects and new ideas that make a real difference in people’s lives by earning a high Ericsson salary for freshers. Those interested in technology and new ideas can find this a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Ericsson is a global company with offices in more than 180 countries. This allows new employees to learn about different cultures and positive work environments. This can be an excellent chance for people who want to build a career that takes them worldwide and gain international experience.
  • Ericsson cares a lot about diversity and inclusion at work and has firmly committed to a supportive and welcoming work environment. This can appeal to new employees who want to work where they feel valued by paying them a high Ericsson freshers salary and respect.

Job domains for freshers in the Ericsson company

Ericsson gives fresh graduates various job options based on their education, skills, and interests. Some of the job fields for new employees at Ericsson could be:

  • Software Development: New computer science or engineering graduates can work as software developers on Ericsson’s products and services.
  • Network Engineering: Fresh graduates with a degree in electrical or computer engineering can work as network engineers for Ericsson’s clients, designing and putting communication networks and services in place.
  • Research and Development: People new to research and development but with a strong background can work in Ericsson’s R&D department to create new products, services, and technologies.
  • Data Science and Analytics: Freshers with a degree in Data science, statistics, or analytics can work in data science and analytics roles that involve analyzing data to gain insights and help make business decisions.
  • Marketing and Sales: Freshers with a degree in marketing or business can work in marketing and sales roles to promote Ericsson’s products and services to potential customers.
  • Cybersecurity: New graduates with a degree in cybersecurity have a splendid Ericsson salary structure, or computer science can work in cybersecurity jobs at Ericsson to ensure its products and services are safe.

Job Roles for Freshers in Ericsson

Network Engineer, Software Developer, Research and Development Engineer, Data Scientist, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Cybersecurity Engineer, System Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, Business Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Finance Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer, UX/UI Designer, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Customer Support Manager, Solution Architect Product Manager. These are just some of the job roles available at Ericsson. The company offers various job opportunities across various functions, industries, and geographies, and individuals can find job roles that match their education, skills, and interests.

Let us discuss a few of the job roles and responsibilities in Ericsson.

R&D Engineer

  • The R & D Engineer earns a good Ericsson salary and Meets with the business management, marketing, and R&D teams to discuss new product ideas.
  • Doing research on the market and comparing similar products and how they work.
  • Working with the engineering and marketing departments to determine if a product will work.
  • Redesigning existing products to make them more useful or save money.
  • Putting together design projects and specs sheets.
  • Getting product designs in front of management and other important people.
  • Keeping an eye on how prototypes of products are made.
  • Testing how well prototypes work, how easy they are to use, and how long they will last.
  • Fixing problems with products.
  • Keeping an eye on how things are made.

Quality Assurance Engineer

  • The Quality Assurance Engineer gets a high Ericsson freshers salary and reviews the requirements, specifications, and technical design documents so you can give timely and helpful feedback.
  • Make detailed, complete, and well-structured test plans and test cases.
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities
  • You can design, build, and run automation scripts using open-source tools.
  • Find, write down, carefully document, and keep track of bugs.
  • When bugs are fixed, you should do thorough regression testing.
  • Create and use testing methods for new and old products to meet customer needs.
  • Talk to internal teams, like developers and product managers, to determine the system’s needs.
  • Monitor debugging process results.
  • Find out why software doesn’t meet standards and teach users how to fix it.
  • Track quality assurance metrics like the number of defects and how often they happen.
  • Keep up with new tools and methods for testing.

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Cloud Engineer

  • The Cloud Engineer in Ericsson has a good Ericsson package for freshers and design, build, and sets up cloud-based modular systems.
  • Follow best practices to build and maintain cloud solutions.
  • Ensure that data storage and process functions work well and align with the company’s security policies and best cloud security practices.
  • Find, analyze, and fix infrastructure weaknesses and problems with application deployment.
  • Review existing systems often and suggest ways to make them better.
  • Talk to clients, help them with cloud services, and make suggestions based on their needs.

The interview process in Ericsson

The interview process at Ericsson for freshers typically consists of different rounds of interview, including:

  • Online Application: You must first submit an online application, including your resume and cover letter.
  • Aptitude Test: If your application is shortlisted, you may be required to take an aptitude test, which will assess your logical reasoning, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Technical Interview: You will then be invited for a technical discussion, where you will be asked questions about your field of study. This will help the interviewer assess your knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • HR Interview: If you clear the technical interview, you will be invited for an HR interview to discuss the Ericsson salary. This is typically the final stage of the interview process, designed to assess your fit with the company culture and values.

How to apply for Ericsson jobs?

You can look out for Ericsson job openings and Ericsson salaries for freshers.

  • To begin, go to, which is Ericsson’s main website.
  • On the home screen, look in the Careers section.
  • You will be directed to the new Ericsson careers page.
  • Check the screen for any current openings.
  • On the screen, a page appears with job openings for freshers jobs.
  • Then you can choose a job based on your preferences, like Ericsson salary for freshers.
  • Additionally, you must click the “Apply Now” option.
  • You can fill in all the spaces and submit the form before the deadline.
  • Please print out the page and keep it for future reference.

Basic Skills Required for Ericsson jobs

  • To get a job as a fresher, one must always know a few basic skills, including soft and technical skills. The candidates must be proficient enough in almost all the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Cyber security, Java, Python, C++, etc.
  • Companies seek flexible, self-motivated, caring, adaptable, and creative people with good communication skills.
  • They know that working for Ericsson will give them an advantage and offers a higher salary than an Ericsson salary structure.

Ericsson Freshers Salary

  • The Ericsson fresher’s salary for Data Scientist is 5 LPA.
  • Ericsson’s salary for a Software Developer is 4.6 LPA.
  • The Ericsson fresher salary for a Technical Support Engineer is approximately 4.2 LPA.
  • The salary of a Quality Assurance Engineer at Ericsson is around 3.4 LPA.
  • The salary of a Business Analyst at Ericsson is about 4.2 LPA.
  • The Ericsson salary for a Sales Manager is 3.5 LPA.
  • The salary of a fresher Cloud Engineer in Ericsson is 6 LPA
  • The Ericsson fresher salary for a Human Resources Manager is 4 LPA.


I hope you are clear from the blog Ericsson Salary for freshers. And the roles and salaries for new hires. Ericsson offers jobs for recent graduates and experienced workers, a competitive salary and a chance to work in a rewarding field. Ericsson works with a lot of big IT companies and international clients. This gives the company a lot of opportunities to work with any multinational company to earn a high Ericsson salary.

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