Exploring the Best Freshers Job Opportunities for Commerce Graduates

Job Opportunities for Commerce Graduates

Graduating with a degree in Commerce opens the door to various commerce stream career options. As a fresh graduate, it’s essential to find a role that aligns with your skills and interests and sets the foundation for future growth. In this blog, you can see about the Commerce career options.

Job Opportunities for Commerce Graduates

Junior Accountant

A junior accountant works as an entry-level employee in an accounting department or firm. They may be in charge of processing payroll, processing invoices, processing expense reports, and creating financial statements and reports in addition to upholding the company’s financial stability. To demonstrate strong technical accounting skills, other tasks like posting journal entries, updating financial statements, book-keeping track of accounts receivable and payable, doing reconciliations, and managing bank accounts should also be performed with proficiency in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). To assist with studying Junior Accountant, Alison provides a free certification.

  • Job openings: There are around 17,000 fresher job opportunities for Junior Accountants.
  • Salary: Depending on the degree and skill set, an entry-level position as a Junior Accountant should pay between Rs. 3.0 LPA and Rs. 4.0 LPA.

Digital Marketing 

As a recent graduate in Commerce, finding employment in digital marketing can be difficult, but it is possible with the right plan. The following actions will help you increase your chances of getting a job in digital marketing. Start with learning the necessary skills for Digital Marketing, such as proficiency with social media, email marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, and analytics software. Google offers free certification to help with learning digital marketing and skill acquisition.

  • Job openings: Over 9 lakh Freshers Jobs would be produced in the digital marketing sector over the next five years, according to a study by Goldman Sachs.
  • Salary: Depending on the degree and skill set, an entry-level position as a digital marketer should pay between Rs. 3.0 LPA and Rs. 4.0 LPA.

Bank Teller

The front-line staff members in the banking industry are bank tellers. In addition to performing standard financial activities for account holders and the general public, they offer essential banking services. These services include processing deposits and withdrawals, cashing checks, exchanging money, receiving loan payments, and supplying account-related data. Strong Communication Skills should be a priority. Competent in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook; familiar with NuPoint Teller software; adept in data entry. Excellent typing abilities, including words per minute.

  • Job openings: There are around 9,435 job opportunities for entry-level Bank tellers.
  • Salary: An entry-level bank teller job should pay between Rs. 2.0 LPA and Rs. 4.5 LPA, depending on the degree and skill set.

Marketing Assistant

As an entry-level Commerce professional, this role is the easiest to get in the Marketing Career. Graduates working as marketing assistants will frequently collaborate closely with colleagues in different teams, including manufacturing, distribution, sales, advertising, and market research. They frequently use statistics to assess how well marketing efforts are working. Having excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, should come first. Strong time-management, project-management, and organizing abilities. A carefull for detail and the capacity to function under duress. Strong technical ability, particularly with Microsoft Office programs.

  • Job openings: For Marketing Assistant, there are around 25,025 job opportunities widely opened in Job portals. To know more about such job opportunities, do follow Free Alert Job.
  • Salary: Salary survey websites suggest that starting salaries for marketing assistants are around Rs 2.0 LPA to Rs 3.5 LPA. Your salary is likely to increase with experience as many of the skills involved in marketing are learned on the job.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

A Customer Service Representative, also known as CSR, This role is a great starting point for commerce graduates looking to develop strong customer relations skills. It provides a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and business operations. The skills required for this role are strong communication skills, both written and verbal, to deal with daily interaction with different types of customers to maintain empathy towards customers. This Customer Service Representative role is available in various Fields.

Customer Service Representative

  • Job openings: According to Job portals, there are around 14,575 as an entry-level Customer Service Representative
  • Salary: In India, an entry-level customer service representative may expect to make about Rs 3.0 lakhs annually.

Supply Chain Coordinator

A Supply Chain Coordinator role is perfect for commerce graduates interested in logistics and operations management. This position offers a practical understanding of supply chain processes and efficiency. Should be proficient in SAP, Oracle SCM, Inventory Management, Forecasting, Logistics Coordination, Procurement, Excel, Data Analysis, ERP Systems, Negotiation, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, etc. You can also apply and go for internships to gain real-time experience. To know more follow Fresher Jobs In Hyderabad.

  • Job openings: According to the Naukri job portal, there are approximately 10,127 entry-level openings for Supply chain Coordinators.
  • Salary: An entry-level customer service representative may expect to make about Rs 2.5 lakhs annually.

Research Analyst

A career as a research analyst presents a viable entrance point into the field of data-driven decision-making for recent graduates in Commerce. Those with strong analytical abilities and a desire to comprehend market dynamics are especially well-suited for this role. Among the abilities are, It is frequently necessary to have experience with data visualization programs like Tableau or Power BIis and statistical programs like SAS, R, or SPSS. Being proficient with Excel is also essential for data analysis and modification. Research analysts are in greater demand as companies depend increasingly on data to guide their strategy. Applying for internships is another way to obtain practical experience.

  • Job openings: According to job portals like Lindedin and Naukri, the average number of entry-level job opportunities for a Research analyst is 10,000.
  • Salary: As per research, the average salary for an entry level Research Analyst is 5.9 LPA in India.

Financial Analyst Trainee

Financial analysis is among the fastest-growing industries, along with corporate banking, as a graduate of Commerce. Along with having specific technical skills, such as Excel and financial modelling like DCF, you also need to understand accounting principles. After acquiring these abilities, you can also apply for jobs as an intern, credit analyst assistant, junior financial analyst, investment analyst assistance, financial planning assistant, accounts assistant, or assistant. Additionally, you may utilize LinkedIn to connect with more people in your industry and become a member of regional finance groups or trade associations like the CFA Institute. Participate in industry seminars and networking events.

  • Job openings: This year, there are over 29,000 new positions available for financial analysts.
  • Salary: The expected salary of an entry-level Financial Analyst Trainee in India is around Rs 2.1 Lakhs per year.

Commerce stream jobs have a wide array of opportunities at their fingertips. The prime key to building a successful career is to recognize your strengths and interests, and match them with the right job role. Whether you’re drawn to the structured world of accounting or the vibrant field of marketing, the commerce sector offers diverse career paths that can lead to both personal satisfaction and financial stability.

As you navigate your career, embracing continuous learning and adaptability is important. Industry trends, acquiring new skills, and developing a solid network can significantly enhance your career prospects. Commerce graduates have the versatility to excel in various sectors, making them invaluable to any organization. Embrace your journey, explore the vast opportunities, and carve out a career path that is rewarding and aligns with your passions and aspirations.

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