How to Answer: “Why Do You Want this Job?”

How to Answer: “Why Do You Want this Job?”

“Why do you want this job?” This question might appear simple, but it holds significant weight in your interview. Your response can greatly influence the outcome. When addressing this question, it’s essential to take into account the company’s organizational objectives and how your skills and qualifications align with the position.

How to Answer: “Why Do You Want this Job?”

Adequate preparation for this interview inquiry will enable you to answer it confidently and convincingly, leaving a favorable impression on the interviewer. In this blog, we help you understand why employers ask the question, “Why should we give this job for you?” and how you answer it, along with some tips and examples.

Why do Interviewers ask, “Why Do You Want this Job?”

Interviewers raise this question to evaluate the alignment of your skills and qualifications with the job’s requirements while comparing your compatibility with the company’s goals and objectives. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your authentic interest in the position and your determination to excel if selected.

To provide a compelling response to this question, explore the specific elements of both the job and the company that align with your personal values and career aspirations. Furthermore, emphasize the skills and abilities you possess that position you as an ideal candidate for the role.

Things to keep in Mind while Answering

When preparing for the interview, it’s beneficial to structure your response in advance. Here are the steps to guide you in crafting an impressive answer to the question, “Why do you prefer this role”.

Research the Company: Visit the company’s official website to familiarize yourself with its values and objectives. Examine the job description to gain a clear understanding of the position’s specific requirements. Identify the skill set and personality traits the company is seeking to assess. Navigate the company’s website to grasp its values and objectives. Conduct an online search using the company’s name to gather information on its reputation and priorities. Consider employee reviews to gain insights into the company’s work culture. Discover any recent changes in the company’s products or services.

Analyze Your Suitability for the Job: Evaluate your compatibility with the role by considering the factors that initially drew you to it. Take time to prepare your response regarding your career aspirations, areas of interest, qualifications, skills, and personal attributes that can contribute positively to both the job and the company. Reflect on these factors that relate to you and answer the question, “Why should we give this job for you?” 

  • Think about where this role might lead you in five years.
  • Analyze how the position may impact both your professional and personal life.
  • Assess how your previous experiences align with the requirements of this role.
  • Identify recent achievements that you can discuss during the interview.
  • Determine if there are necessities of your soft skills for this job.
  • Find connections between the company’s values and your personal passions.

Showcase Your Career Goals and Interests: Elaborate on your career aspirations and interests, illustrating to the interviewer how the offered position aligns with your professional goals. Emphasize the value you bring to the role. If you’re a freshers jobs seeking candidate, discuss the relevant skills and qualifications that make you a suitable candidate for this position. When responding to the question “Why should we give this job for you,” use this opportunity to strategically promote yourself. Consider highlighting specific skills that correspond to those outlined in the job description. For instance, if the job description mentions “team player,” elaborate on how you have excellent teamwork skills and how you will collaborate with a team.

Reinforce Your Response throughout the Interview: The question “why do you want this job” can arise at various points during the interview, whether it’s asked early on or later in the conversation. If the interviewer brings up specific requirements of this job opportunity or details later in the interview, you can support your initial response. For instance, if the interviewer mentions that the job involves extensive travel, you can showcase your interest by saying, “That aligns with one of the reasons I applied for this position.” This demonstrates your consistency and commitment to your stated motivations.

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What to Include in Your “Why Do You Want this Job” Answer?

What to Include

Here are the key points to address when explaining why employers should give the job for you.

  • Motivation for the Position: Mention the factors that attracted you to this job. This job opportunity could be a chance for you to work with cutting-edge technology or the chance to apply your current skills on a larger scale. Be specific about what aspects of the job fascinated you.
  • Demonstrate Qualifications: Showcase your qualifications for the role by highlighting your strengths, skills, experiences, and accomplishments that align with the job’s requirements. Explain how your background can benefit the company.
  • Alignment with Career Goals: Describe how this job aligns with your career aspirations. For instance, if you’re transitioning from a small stockbroker trading role to a fundamental research position at a large mutual fund, explain how this move fits into your goal of becoming a respected funds manager.
  • Company Knowledge: Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and its mission. Reference specific details like having watched the company’s videos or being aware of its goals. This shows that you’ve conducted research and are eager to contribute to the company’s mission.
  • Commitment: Express your intention to commit to the company for the long term. Highlight your dedication to building a lasting career with the organization, which is often preferred by employers over frequent job changes.

These are some of the points to mention when the Interviewer raises the question, “why do you need this job?”

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What not to Include in Your “Why Do You Want this Job” Answer?

When answering the question “Why do you want this job?” During an interview, it’s important to focus on positive aspects and avoid including certain negative or inappropriate elements in your response. Here’s what not to include:

What not to Include

  • Irrelevant Personal Information: Avoid sharing unrelated personal information, such as details about your family or personal hobbies. Stick to discussing your professional qualifications and motivations.
  • Inadequate Research: Don’t admit to not knowing much about the company or the role. It’s essential to demonstrate that you’ve done your best in researching the company and are genuinely interested in the job role.
  • Salary and Benefits: While salary and benefits are important considerations, it’s best not to lead with them in your response. Focus on your interest in the job itself and the company’s mission and values.

Remember when the Interviewer raises a question “why do you need this job?”, It is an opportunity to demonstrate your genuine interest in the position and your alignment with the company’s goals. Keep your response focused on how you can contribute to the organization and how the role fits into your career goals.

“Why do you want this job?” Best Sample Answers

  • Describe your reasons: “I’m enthusiastic about this job prospect as it perfectly matches my educational background and my deep passion. The company’s renowned reputation for innovation and its dedication to promoting employee development drew my interest. I’m eager to bring my innovative ideas and enthusiasm to a dynamic team and gain insights from experienced industry professionals.”
  • Showcase your preparation and aims: “This position represents the perfect stepping stone for my career journey. It presents a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere where I can not only apply and enhance my skills but also create a significant influence. The company’s strong commitment to employee growth and its positive work environment makes it an exceptional setting for a newcomer like me to acquire knowledge, evolve, and make valuable contributions.”
  • Display alignment with company culture and goals: When you are asked “why do you need this job”, you can say “I’m drawn to this job because I deeply appreciate the company’s commitment to crafting products/services that have a positive impact on individuals. As a recent graduate driven by a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution, I’m enthusiastic about collaborating with experienced professionals networks to gain insights and share my innovative perspectives, all in support of the company’s mission and objectives.”
  • Show how it helps you grow: “I am eager to secure this position because it provides me with the opportunity to showcase my skills effectively. Furthermore, I am drawn to your company’s commitment to promoting employee growth by staying current with industry advancements, which aligns with my personal commitment to continuous self-improvement.”
  • Show that you admire their values: “I am enthusiastic about joining this company because I hold great admiration for its core values. The company’s commitment to facilitating a healthy work-life balance, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and providing numerous other job opportunities for career advancement, all within a supportive team culture, closely mirrors my own values and aspirations. I believe that working here will not only facilitate my professional growth but also contribute significantly to my personal development and self-esteem through the recognition and opportunities this role can provide.”

In conclusion, when you were asked the question, “Why do you want this job?” It’s essential to provide a well-structured and thoughtful response. Your answer should reflect your enthusiasm for the role and the company, demonstrate your alignment with the company’s values and goals, highlight your skills and qualifications, and connect the job to your long-term career aspirations. So, in this blog, we delved into how to answer the question “why should we give this job for you?”.

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