Kotlin Developer Salary for Freshers

Kotlin Developer Salary for Freshers

Kotlin is a modern, practical, cross-platform language widely used and liked by android developers. Kotlin is becoming more popular for making Android apps, and it will soon replace Java for creating Android apps. 

Kotlin Developer Salary for Freshers

Since Google said that Kotlin is now the preferred programming language for Android, many developers have switched to using Kotlin to make Android apps. Because of this, there are now jobs called Kotlin developers and Kotlin Android developers. This article aims to explain the responsibilities and duties of Kotlin developers, their kotlin developer salary, scope, skills required, and scope.

Kotlin for Beginners

Kotlin is an excellent language to learn because:

  • Fresher-friendly.
  • Simple to switch from other languages.
  • The language is new and fun to work with.
  • Gaining ground, getting more and more popular every day.
  • Part of a large group with a lot of help.

Why choose Kotlin developer careers?

Simple to set up

Now, Kotlin has a feature that makes setting up easy. Before, developers who wanted to use Kotlin in their Android projects had to use a plugin. But Android Studio 3.0 has a built-in “Support Kotlin Development” feature, which makes things much more manageable. You only need to check the box next to “Include Kotlin Support” when setting up your new project in Android Studio. Having these, you can earn a high kotlin developer salary in India.

Simple to Learn

JetBrains, the company that made Kotlin, wanted to make it easy to use. So, developers can understand most of the code even if they have never written a line of Kotlin before. With the help of IDE and compiler, it has become simpler to comprehend the fundamentals of the language because it is simple.

Kotlin is a better version of Java that comes with many new features for people who make Android apps. Kotlin is much easier and safer than Java when making classes and using different syntaxes.

Kotlin is much safer than Java

Kotlin is much safer than Java when it comes to safety. Kotlin is made so that common programming mistakes can’t happen by design, which means fewer system problems and application crashes.

When developers write Java code, they often make mistakes. But Kotlin forces developers to write robust code. These developers earn a high kotlin developer salary India. The null-safety feature is what keeps Android developers going. 

Great Support

Functional programming makes it easy and consistent for developers to finish tasks. Available programming is a part of Java 8. Kotlin, on the other hand, has excellent help for functional programming.

Users will find many resources, forums, sample projects, etc., so you won’t be alone in the market. Kotlin enhances its performance with the help of inlining, which Java can’t do.

Let us know what Kotlin is

Kotlin is a high-level language of programming that combines the features of object-oriented and usable programming. It was made by JetBrains, a software company with offices worldwide with a kotlin salary in India.

Like Java, Kotlin source code is first turned into bytecode and then run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of the environment or operating system it is running on. JVM is a virtual machine that lets the operating system run programmes written in Java or another programming language compatible with Java and whose code has been compiled into Java bytecode.

Who is a Kotlin Developer?

Kotlin Developer, also called Kotlin Android developer is a specialist who knows how to build apps for Android using the Kotlin programming language. Most of the time, those who are Android developers can use Kotlin to build apps for Android.

Future Scope of Kotlin Developers

Since more and more companies are switching from Java to Kotlin, we can assume that Kotlin will be the primary programming language in the future. Now that Google has made Kotlin an official language for Android mobile development, more and more people are using it. Google’s assets in Kotlin development make it clear that it will be used to do future Android projects. Kotlin lets developers make server, web apps, desktop applications, and native applications, as well as Android apps and earn a high kotlin developer salary.

Kotlin Developer’s Salary

The salary of a Kotlin developer can change based on their job and the industry they work in. Many factors affect Kotlin developer salaries.

Many factors influence Kotlin’s salary. Let us discuss the factors in detail and the different salary variations as per the reports from the Ambition box.

The factors are,

  • Experience
  • Location,
  • Organisation
  • Skillset
  • Job roles

Salary of a Kotlin Developer as per the Experince

Kotlin Developers make a lot of money based on how much experience they have. When you start working there, you’ll get a good kotlin developer salary in India. As time goes on, you’ll get more experience, which will help you earn more money. Let’s look at how Kotlin Developer s workers get paid.

  • The entry-level kotlin Developer salary is 4.5 LPA
  • The mid-level Kotlin Developer salary in India is around 9 LPA
  • The senior Kotlin Developer salary in India is the approximate 14 LPA

Salary of a Kotlin Developer as per the Location

Where Kotlin Developers work affects how much they get paid. There are a lot of IT companies in most cities with a high kotlin developer salary, so many companies hire Kotlin Developers in the top cities. Kotlin Developers can make a lot of money in the best cities.

  • Bangalore: 4.61 LPA
  • Chennai: 4 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 4 LPA
  • Pune: 4.5 LPA

Salary of Kotlin Developers as per the Organisation

Once the organisation flourishes, there will be more need for Kotlin Developers, so their Kotlin Developers’ salaries in India will go up. Find out how each company in India pays its Kotlin Developers.

  • Ufaber Edutech: 3.25 LPA
  • Hirist.com: 4 LPA
  • Innoventes Technologies: 3.54 LPA
  • Cyphertree Technologies Pvt Ltd: 4 LPA

To earn high Kotlin developer salaries, one must possess the required skills and work as a Proficient Kotlin Developer.

Skills Required 

  • Good knowledge in the field of Android app development.
  • Must know Java and Kotlin to write clear, readable code, and easy to maintain.
  • Hands-on experience with the structure, flow, design, implementation, and release of mobile apps.
  • Must know what agile development is and how CI/CD pipelines work.
  • Experience making complete Android mobile apps, from designing and building them to putting them on app stores.
  • Good knowledge of the app’s lifecycle, architecture principles, and design basics.
  • Solid problem-solving, analytical, technical, and communication skills to earn a high kotlin developer salary in India.
  • Outstanding troubleshooting skills and knowledge of how to test for quality.
  • Acquainted with RESTful APIs and XML to connect the app to backend service.
  • Know the latest trends, architectures, and technologies for mobile apps.
  • User interaction can be more accessible if you know how to manage states.
  • Agile and DevOps methods must be known to them.
  • Understanding of tools and systems for version control, such as GitHub
  • Excellent people skills and verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent at managing time and able to work on their own.
  • Professional who can think critically, analyse, and is interested in building great Android products.

Responsibilities of a Kotlin Developer

  • Using Kotlin to make Android apps that are modern, secure, and full of features from scratch.
  • Learn what is needed and turn designs and wireframes into code.
  • Find and fix bugs to make things work better.
  • Working with the design and testing teams to make high-performing apps
  • Use APIs and data sources to meet the needs.
  • Help ensure code is good, can be used again, and is continuously evaluated.
  • Find and use new technologies to make things better for developers.
  • Unit code testing ensures it works well, has no bugs and gives users the best experience.
  • Work with the team to plan, build, and release new features.
  • Put in place security measures that meet the overall security goals.
  • Kotlin is used to design, develop, build, and cast a full Android mobile app. 


Kotlin Developers are being hired at a much higher rate than ever before. Freshers have a wide range of jobs to choose from. The high kotlin developer salary is why India needs so many of them. The freshers having the apt abilities and knowledge have many choices. On this page, we talk about how much Kotlin Developers in India usually get paid for freshers jobs. As a Kotlin Developer, your salary depends primarily on how well you do your job and company. The listed salaries are just estimates.

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