Thoughtworks Salary for Freshers

Thoughtworks Salary for Freshers

Thoughtworks is a top international consulting firm that uses strategy, design, and Software engineering to help companies and organisations transform how technology works worldwide to become modern digital businesses. Thoughtworks is well-known in the business world for the reliability of its innovation, the way the system works, and its good name. 

Thoughtworks Salary for Freshers

Thoughtworks is an excellent choice for rising tech workers or freshers looking for a new featured IT profession with an excellent Thoughtworks salary for freshers. The organisation provides opportunities for freshers to work in a collaborative and inventive atmosphere. For different positions in Thoughtworks, the salary for freshers varies. As a result, this blog briefly describes the salary for freshers and how to get onboarded, eligibility requirements, different talents, and critical tasks and duties.

Thoughtworks jobs for freshers

Thoughtworks Fresher Engineers Skill Development Program is the first step to getting a job as an entry-level engineer there. Being part of Thoughtworks’s first professional programme is a great success.

The Thoughtworks Skill development Training programme is a great chance for engineers just getting started, like you. The most important aspect for freshers during and after the preparation or training period is the offering of a good Thoughtworks salary for freshers.

Thoughtworks is a well-known IT company with many offices all over the U.S. Could you say that you wish to improve in your field, generate innovative thinking, and expand? If you wish to build a culture of progress and respect, then Thoughtworks is the best company to work for.

Job openings at Thoughtworks.

Thoughtworks is mostly based in Chicago, but it also has offices all over the world, including many in India’s biggest cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

There are many chances for new graduates and people with experience to start their careers at well-known companies like Thoughtworks. The Thoughtworks will hire many people through campus recruitment, campus pool recruitment, and off-campus recruitment. Compared to other IT giants like Honeywell, Mindtree, etc., Thoughtworks hires many people in every way possible by offering them a high Thoughtworks fresher salary

Suppose you need to be made aware of the services and the domains of the Thoughtworks company. Here are the administrations of Thoughtworks. The honey well organisation involves Customer Experience, Product and Design, Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Transformation and Operations, Enterprise Modernization, Platforms and Cloud, and many more jobs consolidated in Thoughtworks.

As one of the most well-known companies, there are a lot of job opportunities for new graduates. Thoughtworks has many job opportunities in software, engineering, integrated supply chain and procurement, sales, marketing, sales force, business management, general management, human resources, customer experience, finance, and information technology.

There is no reason for freshers to worry. As you can see, Thoughtworks talks about many different fields by offering them a high Thoughtworks salary. Any of these fields are open to fresh graduates, depending on their qualifications and skills.

This is the right moment to discuss the different technical and non-technical job roles for freshers at Thoughtworks, the skills needed, the Thoughtworks package, and the interview process.

Graduate Application Engineer, Software Developer, System Engineer, Software Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Tech Support Engineer, Data Analyst, Quality Engineer, Control system Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, PHP Developer, Sales Engineer, RPA Developer, Business Analyst, HR Manager, UI/UX Designer, Cloud Engineer, and many more jobs are open at Thoughtworks for both new graduates and experienced workers.

Let us see a few of the job roles and responsibilities in ThoughtWorks.  

RPA Developer

  • The RPA Developer gets a high Thoughtworks salary for freshers and Finds and designs business processes that can be automated.
  • Setting up, testing, and keeping an eye on automated workflows to ensure that business processes work as well and are error-free as possible.
  • Monitoring and maintaining automation after it has been put in place, as well as fixing any problems that might arise, to ensure the business runs smoothly.
  • Keeping track of what went wrong and what went right so that processes can be improved in the future.
  • Using Quality Assurance (QA) processes to ensure automation is good and stop any bugs from happening.

UI UX Designers

  • UI UX Designers Help from product managers and engineers can be used to gather and evaluate user requirements.
  • You can show design ideas with storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps.
  • Graphic user interface elements are things like menus, tabs, and widgets.
  • Make buttons for moving around the page and search fields.
  • Make mockups and prototypes of the site’s user interface that show how it looks and works.
  • Make unique graphic designs, and they earn a splendid Thoughtworks fresher salary.
  • Rough draughts should be made and shown to key stakeholders and internal teams.
  • Find and fix any UX problems.
  • Change the layout based on what users say. Follow the rules for font, colour, and image style.

Cloud Engineer

  • Cloud Engineer Designs, build and set up cloud-based modular systems.
  • Follow best practices to build and maintain cloud solutions.
  • Ensure that data storage and process functions work well and align with the company’s security policies and best cloud security practices.
  • Find, analyse, and fix infrastructure weaknesses and problems with application deployment.
  • Review existing systems often and suggest ways to make them better.
  • Talk to clients, and help them with cloud services.

The above script was about the roles and responsibilities of new hires at Thoughtworks. By enrolling on Software courses, you can improve your career and learn about the latest technologies. This will help you get hired by top companies that will pay you a great Thoughtworks salary. Now, let’s look at the qualifications you need to meet to get an interview for a job at Thoughtworks.

Academic Criteria 

The candidates have a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, BBM, BCA, and Bachelor of Science in Computer and IT-related streams. Thoughtworks lets people with a Master of Science, an MBA, an MCA, or a Master of Engineering apply for the right jobs.

Candidates must keep in mind a few cut-off criteria, such as the fact that there are no openings for people with backlogs and that there must be at least one year between each academic year.

At Thoughtworks, you need to have certain skills.

Skills Required

  • Must be able to talk to people.
  • It is important to know about PHP, Java, .Net, C++, and other programming languages.
  • These skills are needed, and skilled people get a better starting salary package.
  • Companies look for people who are flexible, self-motivated, caring, adaptable, creative and have good communication skills.
  • They know that working for Thoughtworks will give them an advantage and offers a higher salary as a Thoughtworks fresher salary.

How to apply for Thoughtworks jobs

Thoughtworks puts its application form online so that people can use it to apply for these jobs. Here’s what to do. Below

This is how you can look through the jobs at Thoughtworks to find the one that interests you the most.

  • To do this, go to, find the jobs alert section, and type in keywords, the work ID, and the place. Then, when you are ready, click the search button.
  • Keep looking through the list until you find a place that interests you, then click “Apply.

Interview Rounds in Thoughtworks

Multiple rounds are conducted in the selection process for hiring at ThoughtWorks. Most importantly, applicants must pass a written test, like an aptitude test, which is an online test. Then, people must pass a Technical Interview based on their knowledge of technical subjects. The candidates who have cleared will be sent to HR interviews.

Thoughtworks salary for freshers

  • The Thoughtworks salary for a freshers Graduate Application engineer is 3.5 LPA.
  • Thoughtworks’s salary for DevOps Engineer is 3.89 LPA.
  • The Thoughtworks fresher salary for a PHP Developer is approximately 3.75 LPA.
  • The salary of an RPA developer in Thoughtworks is around 4 LPA.
  • The salary of a UI/UX Designer in Thoughtworks is about 4.75 LPA
  • The Thoughtworks salary for a System Engineer is 3.32 LPA.
  • The salary of a Software Engineer in Thoughtworks is 4 LPA
  • The Thoughtworks fresher salary for a Tech Support Engineer is 3.64 LPA.


I hope you have got an idea of Thoughtworks salaries for freshers. Thoughtworks salary blog has given you a better understanding of the numerous qualities you need to possess before working in the IT sector. Start your career with Thoughtworks, which provides the best freshers jobs opportunities and salary for freshers bundles and value-added benefits. Candidates can advance by submitting an application and joining a fantastic IT company with a high Thoughtworks salary.

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