Virtusa Salary For Freshers

Virtusa Salary For Freshers

Virtusa Corporation is a  provider of Global Transformation, Visual Design, and Information and technology (IT) outsourced services that assist our clients in accelerating their transition to the Digital Economy.  Virtusa has the resources and knowledge to help you achieve your goals on time and on budget. Freshers can always look for job openings at Virtusa and get a good competitive Virtusa freshers salary.

Virtusa Salary For Freshers

Fresher’s job roles in Virtusa Careers 

The domains of Virtusa fresher jobs are Business Consulting, Business Development, Customer Service, Production, Quality assurance, Corporate Services, Specialists, and Technical Support services.

Apply for freshers jobs in Virtusa

Virtusa is looking for aspirational, bold, self-motivated, and passionate candidates for their responsive roles. To maximize their potential and professional opportunities, the applicant must operate as part of a team. If you’re one of them, have a look at the job opportunities. Let’s talk about how to get employed at Virtusa, the benefits of working there, and the Virtusa salary for freshers.

At Virtusa, your passion will power the kind of innovation that changes businesses, markets, and individuals all across the world. Join Virtusa, a global leader in digital corporate strategy, operation characteristics, and IT products and solutions. Examine all of the ways you can contribute to getting a fresher job with an incredible Virtusa package for freshers.

Qualifications and criteria for fresher jobs

  • IT Candidates who want to start their career at Virtusa with a good Virtusa freshers’ salary must have completed either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. 
  • With a decent percentile, the professional degree should be B.E/B.Tech, M.E/M.Tech, or MCA (60 percent or above). 
  • You can apply to numerous positions at Virtusa Careers if you are a fresher who has recently completed your graduation. 
  • Learn the latest software training courses to add an advantage skill set to your resume and make your application stand out.

Process of applying in Virtusa

  • Candidates looking for opportunities at Virtusa may find it to be a fantastic chance for freshers, with a competitive salary package. Candidates interested in starting a career in the IT industry can apply at any time. 
  • Job information such as qualifying criteria, work categories, and career paths can be viewed. If any of those positions suit your qualifications, you can always apply and be recruited at Virtusa, which has a competitive pay structure.
  • If your application is suitable for the position you have applied for, the recruiter will shortlist it. For further details on jobs, browse to

The attractive salary packages in Vitusa for freshers

Virtusa offers a splendid salary for its freshers as well as the working employees. Here is a list of job roles and their Virtusa fresher package.

  • Intern-2 LPA
  • Trainee-2.12 LPA
  • Associate Trainee -2.4 LPA
  • Consultant- 2.5 LPA
  • Associate Consultant -3.5 LPA
  • Associate Engineer-5 LPA

These are the freshers jobs positions in which the freshers can apply and explore themselves in the relevant fields in which they are hired. The technical concepts to be updated for every fresher job role is discussed below.

Graduate Engineer

  • Virtusa is always looking for students from all over India. When Virtusa comes to your campus for placements, they hire candidates for entry-level roles. 
  • They primarily hire for Graduate Engineer Trainee positions, with new openings for freshers every often and in fact, offer a very good salary package for freshers.
  •  The trainee will be on a probation period and the company expects you to be compacted with programming languages, databases, OS, etc. Likewise, they also offer you very good training and Once you are trained you can expect a very good salary.

Associate Trainee

The Associate Trainee is the first designation you will be getting after completion of the training and expecting a good Virtusa freshers salary

  • Candidates will receive training on a variety of technologies, including Java, cloud, and others. 
  • After the training program is completed successfully, a position will be assigned based on expertise and competency. Communication must be good with co-workers. 
  • Analytical abilities are required for these fresher jobs in Virtusa. 
  • The fresher candidate’s expertise in these courses can definitely get exposure and boost up your talent in the present market and get a good salary.


  • AWS Boot, Hibernate J2Ee Java, Javascript, Linux Microservices Python Rest Services, Spring SQL, and Web are among the abilities required for the consultant fresher role and to get splendid Virtusa salary for freshers
  • Consultants must carefully integrate and build firms. It’s necessary to combine the latest design with tried-and-true methods. For transformation and corporate development, make use of complete tools.

The candidates can always approach the best training institutes for these courses. Training in Python and AWS courses will help you become an amazing consultant. 

Career Advantages for freshers at Virtusa

There is no better place to be if you are enthusiastic about what you do and want to significantly boost your career in Virtusa.

Be Creative

We thrive on collaboration, competition, and never-ending curiosity. We work together to get things done. And we’re searching for people that represent what it takes to be a Virtual and can move at the pace of progress, with bold, creative ideas and that special spark.

Change the course of history

As a member of the Virtusa team, you will have the opportunity to inspire the rest of the world by using the most innovative and successful technology brands in support of Global 2000 companies and industry-leading software organizations.

Join a diverse and inclusive team

As a Virtusa fresher, you’ll collaborate with people from many walks of life and sectors to solve critical issues for global companies. Your unique value, experience, and insights are all that are missing.

Grow professionally

The talents the freshers bring to the company will always make a difference and be noticed.

Skills needed for every fresher

  • The individual applying for these Virtuasa fresher level jobs and getting a good Virtusa package for freshers must have some soft skills as well as technical skills. 
  • We look for soft talents like problem-solving strategies, language skills, reasoning skills, rational thinking, and the ability to produce innovative ideas in our freshers, and we compensate them well in Virtusa.
  • The value of a specialized technical talent is comparable to the value of required skills. Because technology is continually changing, candidates should stay up to date on the newest technological breakthroughs and programming courses. C C++, Java, Python, SQL, and other key system languages are among those you should be familiar with. 
  • The best institute can provide you with these technical aspects and software and thus enhance your skills and chance to get a good fresher salary.

Virtusa achieves a successful combination between a pleasant and entertaining work atmosphere for freshers, a good Virtusa salary for freshers and a growth mindset, and a strong work ethic. It’s a hardworking organization with a culture that values collaboration, discussion, and keeping the employees in mind.

Employee benefits for freshers

  • Virtusa provides excellent health benefits to its employees, some of which can be used by family members of employees.
  • Virtusa has an excellent life insurance program and provides fully paid life insurance plans to its employees. 
  • Employees’ beneficiaries are paid approximately two years’ worth of compensation under the policy. Every team member has the option to purchase additional coverage.
  • Every Virtusa employee has access to top-of-the-line health insurance. Exams and procedures, as well as complete health plans, are all covered.

The organization “Virtusa” has a variety of prospects for IT and other domains with suitable facilities. Freshers and professionals who work with Virtusa benefits from excellent Virtusa freshers salary, as well as a rewarding career. Virtusa attracts plenty of tech goliaths and global clients opening up lots of new opportunities for Virtusians to break into any multinational industry. As a result of the research findings, we strongly advise you to log in to and apply for various tech positions at Virtusa.

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