Unveiling the Journey of Wipro Recruitment Process

Wipro Recruitment Process

Wipro is one of India’s largest Information Technology (IT) Consulting firms. Many freshers dream of working for a prominent company like Wipro. So the Company offers a variety of job opportunities for fresh talents. Getting selected in the Interview Process is essential if a candidate wants to get a job at Wipro. We will delve into the Wipro Interview Process and give tips on how to ace it. Visit Freshers Jobs to explore career vacancies that align with your qualifications.

Wipro Recruitment Process

About the Company

Wipro Limited is a reputable global business process outsourcing and information technology (IT) consultancy organization. Wipro utilizes Hyper automation, analytics, cognitive computing, robots, cloud and other latest technologies to successfully provide service for their clients in adapting to the Digital landscape. Wipro has 200,000 employees dedicated to providing services for their clients across 6 continents, and the company is well-known worldwide for its comprehensive offering of services, excellent corporate citizenship, and a solid commitment to sustainability. Wipro is dedicated to developing new ideas and innovations to create a better future.


Getting a job opportunity in Wipro is a chance to understand one’s full potential, work and learn on cutting-edge technology with some experienced professionals and progress consistently. Wipro has an excellent and work-friendly workplace due to its extensive blend of constantly emerging innovations, growth potential, and relaxing work culture. Wipro allows their employees to learn, grow and navigate their path to success. They believe that the only way for a company to succeed is through its employees and their innovative ideas. Wipro is an appropriate choice for freshers with talent, ability and passion to work with cutting-edge technology.

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Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should come under the following Eligibility Criteria to appear for the Wipro Hiring Process.

Education Qualification B.E./B.Tech Graduates (excluding Fashion Technology, Textile Engineering, Agriculture, and Food Technology) and five-year integrated M.Tech Graduates are eligible to attend the Recruitment Process.
Backlogs All the backlogs must be cleared.
Educational Gap A maximum 3-year gap from 10 to graduation is acceptable.
Percentage Candidates should have scored more than 60% in 10th and 12th grade. They should have scored more than 60% or 6.0 CGPA per their University’s requirements.

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Recruitment Process

Wipro Recruitment Process

The Wipro Interview Process generally consists of 3 rounds.

  1. Online Assessment Round
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. HR Interview Round

Round 1: Online Assessment Round

This is the initial round in the Recruitment Process. It is divided into 3 segments. The first segment is the Aptitude segment.

Aptitude: This Aptitude test round is also divided into 3 subgroups.

  • Quantitative Aptitude: In this round, a candidate’s mathematical knowledge is assessed. Some commonly asked questions in this round are from topics like Time, Speed and distance, Number Series, Simple and Compound Interest, Probability, Permutation and combination, Ratios and Proportions, and Percentages. They will give 16 questions that have to be solved in 16 minutes. The difficulty level is Medium.
  • Logical Reasoning: This round is conducted to test the candidate’s critical and logical thinking ability. Coding, Decoding, Series, Analogy, Visual Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Data Arrangements, Logical Word Sequence, Statements and Inferences, and Inequalities are some of the topics covered in this round. They will give 14 questions that have to be solved in 14 minutes. The difficulty level is High.
  • Verbal Ability: In this round of the Wipro Interview Process, the candidate’s verbal communication is tested. Tenses and articles, prepositions and conjunctions, reading comprehension and ordering, and speed and voices are covered in this round. They will give 22 questions that have to be solved in 18 minutes. The difficulty level is Medium.

Essay Writing: This is a writing test; the topic can be based on anything. A candidate must write a 200 – 400 word essay on the given topic. This is also a computer-based exam. An excellent essay will have Excellent planning (structure of the essay), Proper phrasing (grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors), and good vocabulary. They will give 1 question that has to be solved in 20 minutes. The difficulty level is Medium.

Coding: This round of the Wipro Hiring Process is a coding assessment that can be taken in any programming language.

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python

The candidate should be proficient with the basic concepts of their chosen programming language. The Wipro questions in this round will be from Decision Making, Looping, Functions, Arrays, and Strings. They will give 2 questions that have to be solved in 60 minutes. The difficulty level is High.

Technical Interview Round

If a candidate gets selected in the Online assessment will be invited for a personal Technical Interview. A candidate’s technical knowledge relevant to the selected job role is tested in this round. The questions will be asked in a way that the candidate’s problem-solving and numerical skills are tested. Interviewers will analyze how the candidates approach and handle the problems, build their thoughts to success, and demonstrate personal abilities like communication apart from their technical knowledge. This technical Interview is the most crucial round in the Wipro Interview process. The candidate should be proficient with the computer basics like OOPS, DBMS, CN, OS, etc. It is essential to be proficient with any one of the modern programming languages like C++, Java, and Python. Sometimes, the interviewer might ask the candidate to write coding. The questions can be related to the candidate’s projects, too. The performance of the Candidate in previous rounds will determine the number of Technical Interview rounds.

Technical Interview Questions

  • Why is a macro in the C programming language faster than a function?
  • What distinguishes object-based programming languages from object-oriented programming languages?
  • What is your understanding of Java’s precedence order and associativity, and how do you use them?
  • In Java, how do you submit a request for garbage collection?
  • Describe Java’s Aggregation vs. Composition.
  • In Java, what distinguishes exceptions from errors?
  • What are the differences between strings and char arrays in Java?
  • Give a member function in the C++ programming language an explanation of the precondition and postcondition.
  • What is your knowledge of C++ stack unwinding?
  • Describe C++’s free() vs delete () functions.

HR Interview Round

The HR Interview round in the Wipro Hiring Process assesses the candidate’s personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, background, etc., to decide whether they are the appropriate choice for the company and the job role. The candidates selected in the Technical Interview will be asked to attend the HR Interview round. The questions can be based on the history of Wipro, like when it was founded, principles, structure of the organization, and goals. Candidates have to ensure that they have included all the required information and should be ready to answer any relevant questions.

HR Interview Questions

  • Can you tell me about yourself?
  • What are your expectations concerning this role?
  • Why are you willing to work for Wipro?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you fine with relocating to diverse regions of India?
  • Can you please tell me about your Internships & Projects?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Interview Process in Wipro easy?

The candidate’s preparation will determine the difficulty level of the Wipro Interview Process. The candidate should clearly understand the interview rounds, subgroups, questions, etc. The topics asked in the interview are Programming languages, computer basics, logical thinking, projects/products/software.

  1. What are the skills needed for securing a job at Wipro?

To get a job at Wipro, candidates should be proficient in diverse programming languages, automation tools, and systems, have knowledge of the Software Development Cycle, be able to debug and analyze data, and have good communication skills (Verbal and written).

  1. How to apply for Wipro jobs?
  • Applying for Wipro jobs for freshers on the Wipro official Career page is advisable.
  • It is also suggested to apply for Wipro jobs in job portals.
  1. How is the work culture at Wipro?

Wipro has a comprehensive infrastructure and excellent team management. Employees can work peacefully at Wipro without any interruption. Their atmosphere will be comfortable and work-friendly. It is an excellent place for candidates to work with a proper work-life balance.

  1. What is the Salary Package at Wipro in India? 

Wipro’s salary package in India is approximately 9.4 LPA. For further details about Wipro’s Salary, visit Wipro Salary for Freshers.

  1. What educational qualification is required for working at Wipro?

The company offers Wipro careers for freshers for candidates with a B.E./B.Tech degree (excluding Fashion Technology, Textile Engineering, Agriculture, and Food Technology) and five-year integrated M.Tech Degree.

  1. Why is Wipro an appropriate Choice?

Wipro is third among the top IT companies in India. This company values the candidate’s abilities and skills. It has excellent policies and possibilities and provides services across several fields and countries. Wipro offers various options based on a candidate’s skills and qualities. It has a comprehensive team management and infrastructure. Wipro is an excellent place where candidates can maintain their work-life balance.

How to Apply?

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Wipro is a company that offers career opportunities for fresh talents. Their primary goal is to hire candidates with appropriate skills and abilities. To get a job at Wipro, it is important to crack the Recruitment Process conducted for Wipro careers for freshers. In this blog, we explored the Recruitment Process of Wipro and Preparation tips for acing the Interview.

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