Atos Syntel Salary for Freshers

Atos Syntel, formerly Syntel, is a global provider of digital transformation, IT and knowledge process outsourcing services. The company’s segments are banking and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, manufacturing and retail, logistics, and telecommunications. Join a digital services firm that will challenge you intellectually, stimulate your creativity, and help you advance your career with a good Atos Syntel fresher salary.

Why freshers apply for Atos Syntel

  • Atos has made a considerable commitment to ensuring our employees keep up with technology and preserve their employability as technology progresses rapidly and our clients require more specialized skillsets.
  • At Atos, our most valuable asset is our employees.
  • The Atos careers for freshers emphasize providing candidates with as many technical certifications and personal development and learning opportunities.
  • Atos has a number of global training academies for the company’s core employee communities.
  • These comprehensive options are available and allow employees to improve their present performance or develop new abilities in preparation for future difficulties, all while earning internal or externally recognized certifications and a high Atos Syntel package for freshers.

Atos Recruitment

  • Atos Syntel receives a high number of job applications and hires both newcomers and experienced professionals.
  • Atos Syntel recruits employees for a range of jobs, and there are a few qualifications that candidates must achieve in order to be considered for a career with the company.
  • Aspirants with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a master’s degree in technology, a master’s degree in computer applications, or a master’s degree in business administration will be considered for employment, and the Atos Syntel salary for freshers with these credentials is remarkable.
  • At Atos Syntel, freshers with engineering degrees, master’s degrees, management roles, and other professions are compensated extraordinarily well.
  • The eligibility standards apply to Atos Syntel positions as well.
  • Aspirants must have a 60 percent cumulative grade point average from 10th grade through their most recent graduating degree.

To apply for Atos Syntel 

  • Applying for positions at Atos Syntel could be an excellent chance for both undergraduates and working professionals.
  • Interested people can apply at any time on to start a career in the IT industry.
  • It is possible to view job information such as qualification criteria, job domains, and job descriptions.
  • If you are certified with software courses or system languages you can apply for a variety of different employment roles at Atos Syntel, which pays a competitive Atos Syntel fresher salary.

Atos fresher’s job roles and their salaries

The Atos Syntel Freshers Package varies depending on whether the applicant is a fresher or an experienced professional, as well as the number of years of work experience, location. Yet, we have estimated the pay for freshers, as indicated in the list below.

  • Consultant: 1.8 LPA
  • Associate: 2.3 LPA
  • Quality Assurance Specialist: 2.5 LPA
  • Business Analyst: 3.5 LPA
  • System Analyst: 3 LPA
  • Process Associate: 2.7 LPA

Lets us scroll below to see what skills or courses are required to accomplish these freshers’ roles and indeed advance your careers and earn a profitable Atos Syntel salary for freshers.


  • Fresher Associate Consultants should be familiar with Java, OracleSQL, PL/SQL, and XML.
  • A university degree is often necessary for a fresher employment associate consultant role, primarily in business or other management-related areas.
  • An associate consultant must be skilled in communication, time management, and coordination in order to be successful in their career and earn a high salary.
  • Working with major corporations allows IT consultants to delve into a variety of client businesses.
  • The candidate must be technically proficient in Information Systems, Computer Coding, and Analytical Thinking, all of which will help to advance the individual’s career.

Quality assurance specialist

  • If you work in quality assurance, you’re well aware of how quickly developing technologies are altering the nature of your job.
  • Emerging technologies have the potential to completely transform the way quality assurance is carried out.
  • Today’s quality assurance specialists must focus on strengthening their current abilities while also learning new competencies tailored to the challenges ahead in order to stay competitive in the sector that offers a high Atos Syntel package for freshers.
  • Above everything, in order to properly robot-proof their professions, quality assurance people must embrace the human element in order to execute the tasks that are demanded of them.

Business Analyst

  • From an abstract standpoint, business analyst abilities are a combination of hard and soft skills.
  • This is to emphasize that these abilities are more closely linked to one’s intelligence than to one’s raw IQ (which is, of course, a role in determining one’s professional success).
  • Unlike purely technical talents, business analyst skills are learned via experience with a natural ability to read people and understand circumstances.
  • Business analytics has such a broad and bleak professional scope and good Atos Syntel fresher salary.

System analyst

  • Computer systems analysts must have some soft skills in addition to the technical knowledge required for the work to be effective.
  • Identifying problems and evaluating various solutions to determine which is the best involve problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Unix, DOS, and Linux are all familiar to the new System Analyst. Knowing how to use this software can help you advance your career and earn a fantastic Atos Syntel pay.

Process Associate

  • Process Associate Resumes should display key soft skills such as attention to detail, communication abilities, and interpersonal skills in order to be considered for this position.
  • Other required talents include the ability to gather and track data, a thorough comprehension of computer database languages such as SQL, and exceptional problem-solving abilities.
  • These abilities help you to develop within the company and get a splendid Atos Syntel package for freshers.
  • The level of education required for this position varies depending on the workplace, although most employers prefer a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or management information systems.

Atos fresher’s first internal program

  • At Atos, we believe in the power of our people.
  • We launched the Internal First program, which aims to fill as many of our available positions as possible with current Atos employees.
  • Each year, we aim to fill at least 80% of our positions with internal candidates.
  • We’ve built a thriving internal talent marketplace that puts our people at the core.
  • We make our openings visible to all employees, train managers to recruit based on competency rather than hard skills, and hire active recruiters who are dedicated to filling open roles with Atos people.
  • We advertise open positions on our internal social collaboration platforms, organize job cafés, host internal career fairs, encourage employees if they are interested in changing jobs and much more.

Benefits for freshers in Atos

  • We value and reward talents, expertise, and performance at Atos.
  • Because Atos has offices in 71 countries, our remuneration and perks vary by location while still adhering to local laws and customs.
  • A bonus or performance-related pay (depending on your work), lunch vouchers, car allowance, pension schemes, insurance, and a variety of other flexible perks may be available in addition to your base Atos Syntel fresher salary. 
  • Depending on the country in which you work, you can opt-in or out of certain advantages.
  • In addition, many of our employees choose flexible or part-time work schedules to ensure that they have the optimal work/life balance.

Work culture in Atos

  • We want every one of our employees at Atos to feel valued, appreciated, and free to be themselves at work.
  • We’ve developed a number of programs around the world to help our Atos culture of inclusion, and we work hard to ensure that all of our workers have an equal opportunity to participate and feel at home. Overall, you will have a positive experience with Atos.
  • In comparison to other companies, the work culture is excellent. Work will be supported by management, as well as learning new technology.

Identifying your skills and deciding which opportunities are right for you is the greatest technique. Join to find out about current openings and Atos Syntel’s new hire salaries. Many job searchers strive to obtain the positions they desire and to live productive, professional lives. Atos Syntel! You have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in a great company. The greatest Atos Syntel fresher salary and the benefits tempt every candidate to use this company’s application.

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