Navigating the Cognizant Recruitment Process to secure a High-paying Job

Cognizant Recruitment Process

Cognizant is a global-level multinational technology organization of Business Consulting, Information Technology (IT) & Outsourcing services in the United States (US). It is highly demanded by freshers who anticipate starting their careers. Getting placed in Cognizant is a dream for many freshers nowadays.

Cognizant Recruitment Process

Cognizant has also offered various job opportunities for freshers with talents in diverse fields. To get placed in Cognizant, it is important to ace the Cognizant Recruitment Process. This blog will examine the Recruitment Process at Cognizant and its other details. Explore Freshers Jobs to find exciting job openings.

About the Company

As discussed earlier, Cognizant is a multinational technology organization in the United States (US) focusing on Corporate Consulting, Information Technology, and Outsourcing. The headquarters of Cognizant are located in Teaneck, New Jersey. Cognizant is listed in one of the Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000, S&P 500, and NASDAQ-100. It is also known as one of the most successful and fastest-developing organizations.


Cognizant focuses on providing businesses with reimaging processes, transforming customer experiences, and modernizing technology to stay on top of the constantly evolving landscape. Cognizant is committed to improving the way the world works through technology by centering on providing the required tools and flexibility needed to develop individuals or by reshaping and altering the organizations the world relies on. The company also offers Information security, Information technology, ITO, BPO, and Consulting services. Cognizant’s business is categorized into 3 areas: Digital Operations, Digital Business, and Digital Systems & technology.

Cognizant is a great place for an individual to learn and create a career journey compared to all the MNCs offering jobs for freshers in India. This company will help the candidates be exposed to various latest technologies and allow them to work with worldwide customers, equipping them to enhance their talents, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial spirit. In the upcoming topics, let’s detail the Eligibility Criteria and the Cognizant Recruitment Process.

Eligibility Criteria

Percentage (10th & 12th) The candidate should have scored more than 60% in 10th and 12th.
Percentage (Graduation) The candidate should have scored more than 60 % in Graduation.
Educational Gap Educational gaps after the 10th or between the semesters of Graduation are not accepted. However, a maximum of one year of educational gap after the 12th is accepted.
Educational Qualification Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech, MCA.
Backlogs There should be no pending backlogs during the selection process at Cognizant.

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Recruitment Process

Cognizant is an ideal choice to work with in several aspects, like work culture, atmosphere, development, opportunities, etc. The work atmosphere in Cognizant is in a way that encourages their employees to grow and enhance their skills individually and in perspective to the progress of the company. Cognizant recruits both fresh and experienced candidates for various jobs and departments.

Currently, the Cognizant Recruitment Process is conducted for 4 various positions such as:

  • Cognizant GENC
  • Cognizant GENC ELEVATE
  • Cognizant GENC PRO
  • Cognizant GENC NEXT

Cognizant GENC

Those with little to no programming experience work for Cognizant in this division. These are the Cognizant Careers Available to New Hires. They must be capable learners who tackle difficult problems and develop creative solutions. While not required, programming experience is welcomed. The candidates will receive competent instruction in the chosen technical areas.


Candidates must possess entry-level abilities and a basic understanding of programming to be hired by Cognizant. After additional training, they may be assigned to business units. The GENC package includes programming knowledge in addition to a skill-based boost.

Cognizant GENC PRO

Entry-level employees with experience in enterprise platforms, products, or particular technologies, such as Cybersecurity, Salesforce, PEGA, SAP, and ServiceNow, among others, will be eligible for a unique skill package through Cognizant Openings in the GENC PRO category. Once they join Cognizant, they may hasten the execution of these business applications. The bundle includes a skill premium on top of the GENC base package.

Cognizant GENC NEXT

Cognizant employs highly qualified entry-level professionals in GENC NEXT who can handle complicated technological challenges and articulate every solution. These individuals have mature coding skills and a comprehensive stack. After a three-month internship, they receive a stipend, and then Cognizant hires them at a different pay tier.

Interview Rounds

Cognizant Interview Process

There are 3 rounds in the Cognizant Interview Process. They are:

  1. Aptitude/Skill-based Assessment Test.
  2. Technical Interview.
  3. HR Interview.

Aptitude/Skill-based Assessment Test

This online test is conducted on an online platform like AMCAT. Candidates who applied for the GENC profile should attend this Aptitude test, which has three sections.

  • Quantitative Ability: In this section, the questions will be based on topics like Fundamental Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics.
  • Logical Reasoning: In this section, they will ask questions based on Data Sufficiency, Coding deductive logic, Objective Reasoning, Coding Pattern Recognition, Data Arrangements, and Number Series Pattern Recognition.
  • English Comprehension: The questions in this round of the Cognizant Interview Process will be based on Grammar (Error Identification, Sentence Improvement, and Construction), Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonym, Contextual Vocabulary), and Comprehension Reading.

The candidates applying for the GENC NEXT, GENC PRO, and GENC ELEVATE profiles should attend the Skill-based Assessment Interview with the following sections.

  • MCQ: Conceptual & Code Analysis.
  • Coding Challenge: Coding Questions.

The questions asked in these sections will usually be based on the below-mentioned topics:

  • Data Structures, Algorithms, and Programming Constructs.
  • Database/ SQL.
  • Web UI.

Candidates will be selected for the GENC NEXT, GENC PRO, and GENC ELEVATE profiles based on their performance in this round and the other interviews. Candidates should have fundamental programming skills to be selected for the GENC ELEVATE assessment. After achieving the required cut-off in this round, the candidates will be called for the next round.

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Technical Interview

This Technical Interview is a face-to-face round that is very important in the entire Cognizant Interview Process for freshers. The candidates must be well-prepared in the basic concepts of Computer Science, such as OOPS, CN, DBMS, and OS. Additionally, candidates need to be outstanding in their communication skills.

Candidates should be familiar with at least one Programming language and have basic knowledge of C++, Java, or Python. There is a high chance that the candidates will be asked to write code in the middle of the interview. Problem-solving skills will also be assessed in the round.

Candidates with insights into the latest technological developments are preferable. Familiarity with the comprehensive technology trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, etc. Questions based on the candidate’s projects will be asked. Questions from the candidate’s resume will be asked. Candidates who cleared the Technical Interview will be invited to the HR Round.

Technical Interview Question

These are a few questions asked in the Technical round of the Cognizant Hiring Process.

  • Write the code to determine a string’s length without using the string functions.
  • Without using a pointer, how will the address of a variable be printed?
  • What do you know about proactive, retroactive, and simultaneous updates in database management systems?
  • Enumerate the distinctions between DBMS Generalization and Specialization.
  • What does SQL’s fill factor mean? What is the value set by default?
  • How does index hunting improve query performance, and what does it entail?
  • Write down the actions needed to add, modify, and remove a view in SQL.
  • Which CPU scheduling algorithms, Shortest Job First (SJF) and Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF), are similar to and different from one another?
  • What aspects of a deadlock avoidance system determine whether or not a detection algorithm is needed?
  • In what ways does dynamic loading aid in more efficient use of memory space?

HR Interview

This is a vital part of the Cognizant Interview Rounds. Many candidates are rejected during this round. Candidates should be confident and pleasant while appearing for this round. In this round, the Interview panel will ask the candidates many questions about their personality, family background, educational qualification, hobbies, interests, internships, etc. Candidates should be well-prepared to answer the questions about their internships and projects mentioned in their resumes. The interview panel can also ask questions based on the company’s history, core values, products or services provided, organizational structure, etc. Candidates are advised to be confident, answer genuinely, and maintain proper body language throughout the HR round.

HR Interview Questions

These are some questions asked in the HR Interview of the Cognizant Interview Process.

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Would you be fine moving to another area of India?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Which aspects of this work align with your skills and abilities?
  • What is your final year project about? What new concepts did you offer for this project?
  • What salary range do you expect?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is there a high demand for Cognizant?

Cognizant is one of the fastest-developing companies. With an excellent work atmosphere, culture, employee benefits, and development, It is an ideal option for freshers to start their careers.

  1. How to apply for jobs in Cognizant?

Candidates can apply for Cognizant jobs for freshers through their official careers page or job portals.

  1. What is the Salary range at Cognizant for freshers?

The salary range at Cognizant for freshers is 3.3 to 4.5 lakhs per annum. For further details about the salary, visit Cognizant Salary for Freshers.

  1. What questions are asked in the Interview Process at Cognizant?

The questions asked in the Interview Process will based on the basic concepts of the Operating Systems (OS), Database Management Systems (RDMS, various keys), Computer Networks (OSI Model & its 7 layers of functions, IP address, Protocols, router, etc), and Cloud Computing. A candidate’s programming skills will be tested. Candidates should be well-prepared in the basic concepts of Java, HTML, C, and C++. In the case of the HR round, the interviewer might ask questions related to the candidate’s Salary expectation, family background, educational qualification, hobbies, goals, etc.

  1. How is Career Development in Cognizant?

Cognizant takes pride in their employees’ accomplishments and promotes their personal and professional growth by:

  • Programs for role advancement that are clearly described.
  • Career Planning.
  • Opportunities for job advancement through the pursuit of additional education or industry certifications.
  • Opportunities to apply for available positions at Cognizant.
  1. How many rounds are there in the Interview Process at Cognizant?

There are 3 rounds in the Cognizant Interview Process. They are:

  1. Aptitude/Skill-based Assessment Test.
  2. Technical Interview.
  3. HR Interview.
  1. How is the work culture at Cognizant?

Cognizant has the excellent work atmosphere to maintain work-life balance and a work culture that encourages employees to enhance and grow their skills individually and in perspective to the company’s progress.

  1. Is the Interview Process at Cognizant difficult?

The difficulty level of the Interview Process at Cognizant is based on the candidate’s effort in preparing for it. If a candidate prepares well for the Interview, it will be easy for them. Knowledge of basic concepts of programming languages, the latest technologies, and the candidate’s projects is needed to ace the interview. The interviewers will assess the candidates’ ability to approach problems, the way they build their thought process, and personal skills like communication, apart from technical skills.

How to Apply?

You can apply for the Cognizant Jobs on the Cognizant Official Careers page.

So, Cognizant is highly demanded among freshers due to its excellent work atmosphere, culture, employee benefits, exciting job offers, etc. In this blog, we examined the Cognizant Recruitment Process and its topics. With proper preparation tips and confidence, candidates can easily crack the Interview.

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