How to write a Work Experience Certificate

How to write a Work Experience Certificate

As a human resource (HR) professional, you are likely to give formal certificates like a certificate of work experience, to employees who work for your company. You may be asked to make an experience certificate for a current or former employee. You can make it easier to write an experience certificate if you know what it is and what it should say. In this blog, we talk about what a work experience certificate is and how to write one.

How to write a Work Experience Certificate

Experience certificates are basically proof that a person has had experience, as the name suggests. It also helps candidates get a better deal when negotiating a salary or other terms of employment. Companies sometimes give experience certificates to employees even if they don’t ask for them. But if the recruiter does not give an employee an experience certificate, it is up to the employee to ask for one and get it. So, writing a letter to your reporting manager, HR or the person in charge is one of the best ways to get an experience-certificated application. 

Let us know what is Experience Certificate

A work experience certificate is an official document that an employer gives to a current or former worker to prove how long they worked for the company. It confirms their job title and the number of years they have worked in that role. The main purpose of a job experience certificate is to back up what a candidate says about their experience on their resume. Employees often need this kind of certificate when they want to change jobs or other job opportunities or get a loan. It is a very important document for a worker to have in their work portfolio. You must know How To Write a Professional Email

Why and How important is an Experience Certificate?

It is important to know why this certificate is needed before talking about a work experience letter and what it needs to have. There are more reasons than just the fact that it will help you get a job in the future.

  • The right way to fill out this certificate is a way to prove that a person has worked for a company. If the person being interviewed doesn’t have a letter of experience from a previous job, they could be seen as a “fresher.”
  • For some jobs, you need to have worked before. This is especially true for jobs where you are in charge. Recruiters need proof that the candidate has done jobs like the one they are hiring for before.
  • The experience letter is also a way to figure out what kind of person someone is. When the letter is done right and has all the right information, it also has a short note about the person’s character and work ethic. After all, companies want workers who are honest and can get things done.
  • When applying for work, study or tourist visas to other countries, the certificate of experience is especially helpful. The applicant must show that he or she has worked or is working and will return to the country. This is why the certificate of work from before is useful.
  • This certificate helps prove that a person is who they say they are. If they have a work letter from a reputable company, they can apply for more jobs. 
  • It also gets easier to do things like negotiate a salary when hiring someone.
  • People who have gaps in their resumes for any reason need to show proof that they have worked before. They will be able to get better jobs faster and show how hard they can work. As freshers, you can look out for freshers jobs in Hyderabad for high-paying jobs.

Follow these steps as an HR professional and know how to make a experience certificate for a current or former employee:

Write on the LetterHead of the Company

Since the certificate of experience is an official document, you should only write it on the letterhead of the company. You can do this by typing the certificate into a word processing document and putting the printout on an official certificate with information about the company. If the company doesn’t have a letterhead, make sure the experience certificate has the company’s seal. Also, put your contact information in a professional heading so that other employers can get in touch with you to find out more about your experience.

Say Hello at the Beginning

How to get experience certificate? Start the certificate with a formal greeting like “Dear” or “Mr./Mrs.” and then write the full name of the person who will be reading it. Use a professional greeting like “To Whom It May Concern” if you don’t know the person’s name. This greeting is for everyone who reads the certificate.

Write the Full Name of the Worker

According to the official document from the company, you need to list the full legal name of the employee. This makes it less likely that someone will get confused and helps an employee look for a new freshers jobs. If there is a middle name in the employee’s name, don’t shorten it. 

Mention the Name of the Employee’s Parent

Include the name of the employee’s parent after the employee’s full name. Depending on the official document you have, if you can, name the parent. Also, don’t shorten the name of the parent. Even though it’s not required, you can put the parent’s name on a work experience certificate to make it seem more real.

Write the Employee’s title and the Name of the Company

On the next line of an experience certificate, the employee’s job title and the name of the company where they worked are written. If an employee got a promotion at work, explain why they got the promotion and what their previous titles were. This lets the worker know that he or she is doing a good job. To further continue your work you must know How To Get Promoted at Work.

Say when the Job starts and when it Ends

In the next line, write the employee’s start date and the last day they worked for the company. If you are writing a job experience certificate for a current employee, you should include the date they started working and use “present” instead of their last day. If the last day of work is still to come, you should write that date on the certificate.

Put the Certificate of Experience in a nice way

At the end of the experience certificate, you can wish the employee luck in their next job. On a certificate of experience, you don’t say why you quit your job. Make sure your closing statement is polite because it could affect your chances of getting hired by another company.

Include your Signature

At last, include a signature line with your name and job title. Sign the paper and stamp it with the company’s seal.

Write down the Date and Place where the Certificate was Issued

Put down the date that the certificate was given to the recruiter. You can write the date as DD/MM/YYYY or as the entire date. No matter which format you choose, you should always include the month and the year. It is important to say where the certificate of experience is being given.

When to Provide an Experience Certificate

You can give the candidate the experience certificate if one of the following is true:

An employee emails a request: Employees who leave an organization often ask for a certificate of experience. But if an employee needs a loan, they may ask for a certificate that shows how long they have worked for the company.

When an employee reaches a certain point at the company: Only give an experience certificate to employees who have worked for the company for a certain amount of time or reached a certain milestone, according to the company’s rules.

When an employee gives notice, they: If an employee quits and then asks for a certificate of experience, give it to them on their last day of work. This ensures that the employee gives notice and doesn’t owe any money. Thus you must know the Do’s & Don’ts of Serving Notice Period.


I hope you are clear from the blog on how to write an experience certificate. Employees always feel sad when they leave a company. Not only does one have to deal with their feelings, but one also has to take care of all the paperwork that needs to be done, from all the freshers salary to the all-important certificate of experience. At the next company where the person wants to work, they will need a letter or work experience certificate. The information here should have helped you understand what an experience letter or certificate looks like and what it says.

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