Paytm Salary for Freshers

Paytm Salary for Freshers

Paytm lets Merchants (Sellers, Shopkeepers, Stores, etc.) accept cash through UPI, Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, and Paytm wallet. Paytm want to bring a big part of India’s population into the formal economy, and everyone who works here is working toward that goal. More than 7 million sellers use Paytm to accept cash from customers in their stores, websites, or apps. Paytm’s success was built on the energy and focus of all our employees with a splendid paytm salary.

Paytm Salary for Freshers

At Paytm, your thoughts and ideas are just as important as any of our other companies. Do you want to create something innovative? Then, you will fit right in. You will work with some of the country’s most creative and innovative people. Paytm would be happy to connect with you and work with you.

Why do freshers prefer to start careers in Paytm?

  • Paytm Love to think differently, find better ways to do things, and develop new ideas to make everything we do more accessible.
  • People with the initiative set goals and plan how to reach them. Be brave, eliminate obstacles and let your interest direct you.
  • The employees do a great job putting together perfect plans to earn a high paytm fresher salary. Work together to get the job done.
  • There are no Egos that are trying to solve real problems.
  • The company wins together and learns from its mistakes.
  • The best ideas come out when we talk about them with people like us.
  • The employees never hesitate to share brilliant ideas and earn a high paytm salary for freshers.
  • Each candidate’s idea helps another item grow or includes it, and when millions of people start working on the same idea, it has a significant effect.

Paytm Job vacancies

Paytm is an innovative business giant with headquarters in Bangalore. Paytm has elevated to greater heights in many ways. Every year Paytm posts over 100 jobs alert and job openings in a wide range of fields for both new and experienced workers. Candidates can apply for jobs at Paytm for fresh graduates if they have the apt education. Paytm hires people from the Top Business Schools by campus Placements, pool campus, and off-campus every year.

Let us check out the different Job domain Services of Paytm.

Analytics, Edc Enterprise, Fastag, Lending, Offline Merchants – Qr, Risk Product & Analytics, Business, Edc Retail, Government / 3p, Lending Partnerships, Offline Merchants – Qr, Paytm Ads, Paytm Cloud And Commerce Services, Paytm Insider, Telco, Transit, Finance, Finance Operations & Support, Revenue Assurance, Ocl – Growth Marketing, Legal, Risk & Compliance, Operations & Support, Marketing, Customer Service (Cs), Sales, Technology, Infra Technology – Labs, Monitoring & Security and many more domains are available in Paytm which provides a high paytm job salary for its employees.

There is a good chance of getting a tremendous salary as a new employee, and you will have a lot of job opportunities to learn as a new employee because experts will guide you.

Job roles of Paytm

Business Analyst – Manager, Data Science – Manager, Risk Analytics – Manager, Government Third Party- Business Development – Manager, Client Servicing Executive, Corporate Sales Manager, Business Operations – Assistant Manager, Transit Sales – Junior Manager, SAP Support- Manager, Finance Executive, Growth Management – Manager, Enterprise Risk Management – Manager, Graphic Designer – Assistant Manager, Sales – Team Lead/Junior Manager, Ads Sales – Executive Manager, Big Data – Big Data Analyst, QA Engineer and many more job roles are offered for the freshers and the experienced.

Let us discuss a few of the responsibilities of freshers’ roles in Paytm.

Business Analyst- Manager

  • The Business Analyst earns a good paytm salary and Uses automated tools to get information from first-hand and second-hand sources.
  • Getting rid of insufficient data and fixing coding mistakes and other issues.
  • Creating and maintaining databases and data systems, as well as reorganizing data in a way that is easy to read.
  • Using relevant data to show trends, patterns, and predictions in reports for the management.
  • Putting together final analysis reports so that the people who matter can understand the steps of data analysis and make critical decisions based on facts and trends.
  • Helping the data warehouse figure out and change the reporting needs.
  • Set up powerful, automated dashboards to drive performance management.

Risk Analytics – Manager

  • The Risk Analytics Manager Know how to read and analyze data to gain insights and make plans.
  • SQL, Hive, and Python are programming languages used to get and process data.
  • Use simple to intermediate statistics to test a hypothesis and come to a conclusion about an analysis.
  • The ability to see data, report on it, and use standard tools like MS Excel, PPT, etc.

Big Data Analyst

  • The Big Data Analyst earns paytm fresher salary To get data from different places, process it, and then look at it to figure out what’s important.
  • Checking the quality of the data and ensuring it by cleaning it.
  • Specifying the preprocessing or feature engineering that needs to be done on a given dataset.
  • Define the ways to check that the features in the datasets are correct.
  • Using statistical tools to find, analyze, and understand patterns and trends in large, complicated data sets can help diagnose and predict.
  • Using relevant data, make reports and dashboards for management that show trends, patterns, and predictions.

Interview Process in Paytm

The company always runs an application process for Paytm careers to choose new candidates. There are four steps in the hiring process.

  • Written Test
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • HR Round

Written Round

There are three parts to the online round: the overall ability, the ability to use oral skills, and the ability to think about logical questions. This round might be the hardest for the candidate who applied. At first, you’ll get an interface for evaluating applicants, where they need to fill in all the essential information and get the paytm salary for freshers.

Technical Round

The questions will come from a technical point of view. To get through this round, applicants should be good at technical subjects like PC programming languages, data structures, and database board frameworks. The best way to write a calculation, how to set up a system, and other essential programming topics. A few questions could also be asked of candidates based on their resumes. Interviewers may even ask questions that are like riddles.

Technical Round 2

In this part of the interview, the interviewer asks about activities and projects done in college and, at first, jobs etc

HR Round

The HR manager will ask the applicant to introduce himself or herself. They might also ask about your hobbies, interests, positives, and negatives. Work area, HR will tell you everything you need to know about the organization’s rules and terms. The HR manager checks how well you understand and how confident you are.

Qualifications required

  • Candidates for Paytm jobs and paytm salary must have taken math as a subject in their B.E/B. Tech, B.Com/B.Sc, or any other graduation or post-graduation programme.
  • Also, there shouldn’t be more than two years gap between their academic years.
  • The applicant’s academic record should have a base score of 65%.
  • Paytm company wants to hire a hardworking, dynamic, passionate, driven, and energetic candidate.

Work Culture at Paytm

  • Paytm cares about its customers’ mental health as much as their physical health. Employees can work on their fitness goals in the office gym, and their mental health is cared for by regular counselling and yoga sessions.
  • Paytm is proud of the fact that its employees drive the company. Our team members work in a flexible environment where they and their team leaders can choose where to work.

Paytm Salary 

The Paytm Salaries are rough estimates. According to Glassdoor, the fresher salaries are, 

  • The paytm fresher salary of a Business Analyst manager is around 4 LPA
  • The salary of a Risk Analytics Manager is approximate 3.48LPA
  • The Paytm salary of a Big data Analyst is paid around 3.5 LPA
  • The salary of a Back End Engineering Manager is getting a salary of 3.75 LPA
  • The Business Development Associate is paid around 3.02 LPA 
  • The salary of an Account Executive is getting a salary of 3.15 LPA
  • The Business Analyst in Paytm is earning a salary of around 3.4 LPA
  • The Sales Junior manager is getting a salary of an in Paytm 3.5 LPA


To Wrap up, reading this article, I believe you have a better idea of the different perspectives you need before entering the Startup industry. Start your career with Paytm, which has the best paytm salary for freshers packages, value-added bonuses, and fresher job opportunities. You can look at and move forward to apply and join a tremendous b2b and b2c company.

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