PHP Developer Salary for Freshers

PHP Developer Salary for Freshers

PHP is the favored language for developing web applications among IT professionals in prominent firms. PHP is a simple to learn and comprehensive programming language. Go through the full blog to find out if there is a future for you. Know about the PHP web development scope and php developer salary in India for freshers.

PHP Developer Salary for Freshers

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for a career path or an experienced professional looking to switch careers, the IT industry provides a lucrative career path. PHP Developers and PHP Engineers are in high demand these days, as most businesses are moving to the web and becoming more mobile. Continue reading to see why you should pursue a career as a PHP developer and earn a profitable salary.

1. PHP as a Web Development Tool

Top firms like Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, and others use PHP as their primary language for website development. Your career as a professional PHP developer will have enormous possibilities and earn a good php programmers salary.

2. Simple to Understand

PHP’s syntax is based on Java and C, making it simple to learn. There are countless internet resources as well as a training center for learning PHP. Furthermore, online case studies and actual projects can effectively demonstrate the PHP language’s capability.

3. Free Software

PHP is a completely free Open Source Language. Additional open-source software used by PHP developers to build online applications includes SQL, Apache, and others.

4. Support for OOPS

Inheritance, polymorphism, and data encapsulation are supported by PHP, like in Java and C++. As a result, if you’re already familiar with these languages, learning and using PHP will be a breeze.

5. Employment Opportunities

PHP developers are in high demand as all big corporations move their operations online.

You can start your career as a PHP developer and get a good php programmer salaries even if you don’t have a computer science degree by taking training courses.

What does a PHP Developer do?

  • PHP is an open-source HTTP scripting language that may be used to build web applications that can assist a company’s online visibility. 
  • Using a range of web design languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a PHP developer can design dynamic websites that meet the needs of users. 
  • In addition to debugging code bugs, they also handle database and application security. 

Let’s look at the skills and qualifications required to work as a PHP developer

  • In most cases, a bachelor’s degree is adequate. 
  • Some firms may consider individuals who may not have a bachelor’s degree but have the necessary combination of experience, skills, and education for a selecting PHP position. 
  • You can even take a web programming course. Your credentials and work experience contribute to higher php developer salary for freshers.

Let us now see what are the salary of a PHP developer salary 

  • The normal php developer pay in India for freshers is 3.5 LPA. 
  • This figure might change depending on an assortment of things, such as work area, company, and status. 
  • Your pay will increase as you gain expertise as a PHP developer. If you work for one of the top corporations, you can expect to make significantly more than the average income. 

What are the factors influencing the salaries of PHP developer

We should investigate probably the most fundamental factors

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Employer
  • Skill 

Salary of PHP Developers in India: Location Dependent

  • Functioning as a PHP developer in New Delhi pays around Rs. 2.85 lakhs each year.
  • A PHP developer in Mumbai will be paid a similar sum. 
  • The typical PHP Developer compensation in Bangalore is a lot higher. Consistently, companies pay around Rs. 3.4 lakhs. 
  • A PHP Developer’s yearly compensation in Hyderabad has risen somewhat to around Rs. 2.2 lakhs. 
  • A PHP Developer in Pune makes roughly Rs. 2.4 lakhs each year, while a PHP Developer in Kolkata makes roughly Rs. 2 lakhs each year. 

PHP Developer Pay in India is Determined by Experience In India

We should take a gander at how a PHP engineer’s compensation in India changes with experience. 

  • An entry-level PHP Developer in India acquires a normal of Rs. 2 Lakhs every year.
  • The salary for a mid-level php developer in India is Rs. 2.64 LPA
  • An experienced PHP developer (5- 9 years) earns an average of Rs. 5.4 lakhs per year in India. 

Employer-Dependent php developer salary in India 

  • Your annual revenue as a php developer salary with PropROFS will be roughly Rs. 3.07 LPA. 
  • PHP developers are paid an average of Rs. 3.5 per year by Globussoft.

Based on Skillset PHP Developer Salary in India

Let’s have a discussion about it

  • Developers in the fields of
  • MySQL- 2.87 LPA
  • HTML5, – 2.45LPA
  • JavaScript- 2.8LPA
  • jQuery – 2.78 LPA
  • PHP Developer skills are necessary for PHP web developers to have extensive knowledge of software development in general. 
  • You’ll also be expected to demonstrate mastery of some of the job’s more technical aspects, which will necessitate a very particular skill set. 
  • According to the theory, some of these abilities can be mastered without college degrees.

Coming up next are the base expertise prerequisites for most PHP occupations


  • Realizing Java is helpful on the grounds that PHP and Java are often utilized together. 
  • PayScale indicates that representatives with Java capacities make generally 3LPA each year overall.


  • Knowing Angular can build a PHP engineer’s possible profit by 23%.


  • Laravel is a web system that ought to be recognizable to anybody working in PHP development. 
  • This is because of the way that Laravel is a PHP-based MVC system and  you can bring in a php developer salary for freshers compensation as a front end web designer.

Responsibilities of a PHP Developer

  • Analyzing the needs for the website and application.
  • Writing efficient PHP modules and writing backend code
  • Creating back-end portals using a database that is optimized.
  • Troubleshooting code and application difficulties.
  • Bringing data storage options together.
  • Responding to front-end developer requests for integration.
  • Testing web applications and finalizing back-end features
  • Application features are updated and changed to improve performance.

Future scope of PHP Developers and salaries

  • PHP developers are in great demand as they are offered good php programmers salaries firms across industries adopt a more digital-first approach. 
  • Organizations across all industries are establishing an online presence with a mobile-friendly website or application. 
  • From social networking platforms to e-commerce websites and mobile applications, a PHP developer is still required to offer a well-functioning online portal. 
  • It is used in the PHP programming language to assist developers in creating complicated, dependable, and fast web applications. 
  • You can create websites in the current year based on your business demands, hosting, experience, needs, and development timeline. 
  • Furthermore, PHP has a huge number of frameworks to select from, but you must choose one that meets your demands and is reliable.


  • In India, there is no set pay scale for PHP developers. 
  • The php programmer salaries is determined by his or her skills, experience, qualifications, and knowledge of current technologies. 
  • Salary is also determined by industry needs. A fresher PHP developer can expect to earn between 3 and 4 LPA. 
  • It will rise as you gain experience and certification. 
  • The larger enterprises may be able to give a better deal than the startups. 
  • As a result, a PHP developer’s wage in India is determined by criteria such as location, skillset, experience, and the industry in which they work.

PHP is as yet one of the most famous PC prearranging dialects, with numerous developers all around the world using it. You should continually refresh your capacities to be applicable in this consistently changing specialized and proficient world. There are online courses that can permit you to proceed with your courses while at the same time working. So tap to Freshers jobs for more php developer jobs. These figures are merely estimates. The genuine determinants of your payments are the capacities you have, the dominance you have accomplished over them, and how rapidly you progress and assist the association with growing by procuring a decent php developer salary.

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