SSC MTS Preparation Tips

SSC MTS Preparation Tips

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts an exam called SSC MTS(Multitasking Staff). It is a national exam conducted to hire people for General Group-C Central Service non-ministerial and non-gazetted posts in different Government of India departments, ministries and offices. Candidates who plan to show up should start preparing by implementing the best SSC MTS preparation tips.

SSC MTS Preparation Tips

We have put together some of the best SSC MTS preparation tips and strategies to help you get ready for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams. This blog will have some of the best tips on how to pass the SSC MTS exam and land jobs with high freshers salary.

What You Need to Learn to be an SSC MTS

In order to be eligible for the SSC MTS, candidates must have at least the minimum qualifications.

  • The candidates must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent from a recognized board.

Who can be an SSC MTS based on their Nationality?

A candidate must be an Indian citizen, a resident of Nepal or Bhutan, a Tibetan refugee who moved to India before January 1, 1962, or a person with Indian roots.

If a candidate is from a country other than India like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan, Burma, etc., he or she must show a Certificate of Eligibility from the Indian government.

Preparation Strategies for the SSC MTS Exam

SSC MTS Exam Preparation Advice

In order to find candidates for various non-technical, ministerial and field-level jobs in various central government ministries and organisations, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) holds the Multi-Tasking Staff(MTS) exam. The following SSC MTS exam preparation advice will help you study for the SSC MTS exam. You can look for Top High-Paying Government Careers in India.

Get acquainted with the Exam Format and Syllabus:  Make sure you are familiar with the exam’s subject matter and format. On the SSC website or in the official MTS exam notification, you may obtain the syllabus and exam format.

Practice for last year’s Exams: You can get a sense of the kinds of questions that are asked on the MTS exam and the difficulty level of the questions by completing the prior year’s exams.

Create a Study Schedule: To be ready for the MTS exam, you need to have a well-thought-out study strategy. Divide your attention amongst the many subjects, giving the ones you are less strong at more time.

For the SSC MTS strategy, practice your mental maths skills because some questions may demand you to make quick calculations. For increased accuracy and speed, practice mental calculations.

Take Practice Exams: By taking practice exams, you can better understand your strengths and shortcomings and pinpoint your areas of improvement. Additionally, it will help you develop your time management abilities.

Keep Informed: As these subjects are covered in the MTS exam, keep your understanding of current events and general knowledge up to date. You can read newspapers, watch news channels and adhere to online sources. You can search for freshers jobs in Chennai for private and government jobs.

SSC MTS Subject-Specific Preparation Advice

Below are some SSC MTS preparation tips for each subject as well as advice on how to ace the SSC MTS exam. The SSC MTS General English section is one of the simpler sections for students to pass and earn points in. With proper planning and preparation, it is simple to attempt all the questions in this exam segment, which is worth 25 marks.

The SSC Multi Tasking Staff exam’s General English portion requires applicants to demonstrate their reading, writing and comprehension abilities. Some actions the candidates can take to improve their preparation are listed below. If you are a Graduate who recently passed out, you can look for the best thoughtful Ideas for What to do after Graduation

  • Read a range of English-language works, such as novels, magazines and newspapers. Both vocabulary and comprehension skills will benefit from this.
  • Regularly write in English to improve your skills. Write letters, essays and short tales to hone your writing abilities.
  • Learn English grammar conventions and put them into practice when writing.
  • To become familiar with the structure of the SSC MTS General English part with the right SSC MTS exam tips and to pinpoint areas that require improvement, take online practice exams.
  • Regular practice is essential, with an emphasis on your weak points.
  • Practice filling in the blanks, identifying sentence structure faults and other skills by working through comprehension sections and questions.

SSC MTS Preparation for Reasoning and General Intelligence

The SSC Multi-Tasking Staff exam includes a portion called General Intelligence and Reasoning that assesses a candidate’s capacity for logical thought and problem-solving.

Analogies: These enquiries examine a person’s capacity to connect various terms or ideas. Practice analyzing the connections between the words in various groups of words or sentences.

Series Completion: These enquiries assess your capacity to spot patterns and logical progressions. Complete a series of numbers, letters, or symbols to get practice.

Blood Relations: Blood relations are a test of a person’s capacity to comprehend the connections among various family members. Practice solving issues with various family configurations.

Coding-Decoding: They assess a candidate’s aptitude for encoding and decoding data in accordance with predefined guidelines for SSC MTS preparation. Practice encoding and decoding data using various coding schemes.

These enquiries test your capacity for comprehending and analyzing intricate connections between various elements. Work through logic difficulties and other issues with several layers of information to get practice.

SSC MTS General Awareness Preparation

One of the most important parts of the SSC Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) test is General Awareness. You should concentrate on learning about current affairs, local, national and international news, significant historical dates and events and general knowledge about science, geography and politics as you prepare for this section. Questions in this portion of the SSC MTS exam Preparation Guide for General Awareness will be drawn from a wide range of topics.

  • Considering that the questions will be focused on current events, be thorough with this part.
  • To stay updated on happenings, consistently read newspapers and periodicals.
  • To acquire a sense of the questions that will be asked on the exam, practice using sample papers, mock exams and question papers from past years.
  • Learn the fundamentals of geography and science.
  • Review current events on a regular basis.
  • It is a test to see how well the candidate understands the surroundings and the happenings in various fields, such as politics, sports, trades, etc.
  • In this part, just respond to the questions you are certain of answering.
  • To get points in this part, pay more attention to general science.
  • You will be tested on your understanding of current affairs, general awareness of your surroundings, everyday observational abilities and fundamental concepts in science in the General Awareness component of the SSC MTS preparation tips. You can go through the SSC CGL preparation tips to get into an government job.

SSC MTS Study Guide: Numerical Aptitude

The SSC MTS exam has a significant portion on numerical aptitude. Any candidate who has an understanding of numbers can easily pass this section. You should concentrate on the following areas when you study for the exam’s numerical aptitude section

  • Refresh your memory on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as other fundamental maths concepts.
  • Make sure you are familiar with concepts like HCF, LCM and conversions between decimals and fractions.
  • Practice answering tests on numerical value simplification and approximation.
  • Understand terms like discounts, markups and markdowns and simple and compound interest.
  • Understand the concepts and formulas relating to time, speed and distance and be able to use these concepts to solve issues.
  • In order to ensure the paper is completed, candidates are encouraged to undertake this portion last because it takes up the most time on the test.
  • You can improve your practice by studying sample questions and assessments, this will enable you to finish the issues faster for SSC MTS exam strategy.

Generally speaking SSC MTS Exam Tips

The appropriate kind of study programme or preparation plan is crucial for the SSC MTS since it aids in your ability to concentrate on the areas that require the most attention. It aids in the development of the abilities necessary for precise and effective question-answering. A well-organized preparation schedule will enable you to pinpoint your weak areas and concentrate more on those subjects. This makes getting good exam grades.

  • Each of us has both areas in which we are strong and weak. Create a study plan based on the findings of your self-evaluation.
  • Prioritize the subjects you find challenging and work to better them.
  • Start your study plan after making a note of the crucial information.
  • Learn and fully comprehend the SSC MTS Exam Syllabus.
  • While studying for the exam, use your time carefully and make the necessary revisions.
  • Test your speed by taking daily quizzes.
  • Try out mock tests, then rate your performance on them.


I hope you have understood the blog SSC MTS preparation tips. I hope have gone over almost all the most important ways to know how to prepare for SSC MTS mains. Candidates who want to study well for the SSC MTS exams or any other competitive exams can go through the preparation tips. Most people will do well on the SSC MTS exam if they keep a good attitude and stick to their schedule to get into freshers jobs.

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