Axis Bank Salary for Freshers

Axis Bank Salary for Freshers

Axis Bank offers its clients products and services in the following categories such as current accounts, cash management, capital market services and many more on behalf of the Indian national govt and several state governments.

Axis Bank Salary for Freshers

Whether you’re an MBA graduate looking to be a part of Axis Bank’s growth journey, a graduate making their first entry into the banking industry, a technology enthusiast interested in everything digital, or a data scientist looking to solve problems through data, we hire from a variety of campuses to identify and develop talent at an early stage. Our opportunities for professional progress and our encouraging environment can help you grow with a great salary in axis bank.

Why do freshers prefer to join Axis bank?

  • A Place where you can exhibit your special talents and diversity of opinions.
  • Axis Bank is recruiting individuals for full-time employment across all of the bank’s businesses as part of a unique opening called Arise.
  • Whether you are a recent graduate or an undergrad, whether you have experience or not, we offer a place for everyone with a good axis bank salary for freshers.
  • Your dreams are welcome in our hearts and minds.

Axis Bank vacancies

  • The Axis Bank hires freshers with a focus to hire as many candidates into the job roles of Probationary officers, SO, Assistant Managers, BDE and many more.
  • To apply for these jobs in Axis you can fulfil the requirements of the Axis bank.
  • Candidates can always look for axis bank’s latest and recent job alerts.
  • Axis bank has numerous branches across India and its main office in Mumbai, with almost 72,000 active employees.
  • Axis bank releases lots of job openings and hires as many as plentiful candidates every year and the applicants can apply for almost 100+ job vacancies
  • As per reports this year axis bank has recruited 4000 candidates last year with high axis bank fresher salary.
  • The most recent graduates having good academic credentials can apply for jobs in Axis bank. 
  • Strong knowledge of tabulating, accounts, customer services, and business development may be an advantage for freshers applying for Axis bank.

Various Job openings in Axis Bank

  • Axis bank works for many domains and has numerous bank jobs roles. 
  • Both new graduates and professionals may apply for job openings at Axis Bank.
  •  To mention some of the roles in Axis Bank are Customer Service Officer, Business Development Executive, HR Manager, Product Analyst, Business Manager, Sales Manager, CSO, PO, and SO. 
  • These are the fresher roles available in Axis Bank offering good salaries.

Let us see the roles and responsibilities of a few of the freshers jobs roles working in Axis Bank

Customer Service Officer

  • A bank customer care officer gets a good salary in axis bank and his responsibilities include assisting consumers with opening bank accounts.
  • Customers are assisted with a variety of financial transactions by bank customer service representatives.
  • Bank customer service employees must respond to customer queries regarding various financial transactions.
  • Bank customer care professionals must manage any client disputes resulting from the bank’s mistake.
  • They need to respond to the client’s issue and take precautions to prevent a recurrence of the problem.
  • Customer service agents for banks are also responsible for explaining the details of the many products and services the bank provides to current and prospective customers.
  • Customer service agents for banks are required to promote the institution’s products and services.
  • Bank customer care professionals also discuss client issues and ask for feedback on the wide range of products they provide. In order to make any necessary improvements, they discuss the client feedback with the senior officials.
  • Bank customer service agents must create several transaction reports and submit them either weekly or monthly, depending on the requirements of the bank.

Business Development Executive

  • The Business Development Executive as a fresher gets a high axis bank salary for freshers and involves in Discovering sales opportunities for both Bank and outside items requiring acquiring new clients and making new contacts.
  • To strengthen existing ties, manage business relationships with present clients.
  • Meet the company’s monthly sales targets that have been established for you.
  • Maintain a record of each engagement activity using the CRM system.

Sales Manager

  • You may grow and achieve your sales objectives by successfully managing the sales staff.
  • To enhance the clientele and ensure the company’s presence, develop and implement a thorough business plan.
  • Own recruiting, establishment of objectives, coaching, and performance evaluation of sales representatives
  • Create and preserve enduring interactions with clients by cooperating to comprehend their requirements.
  • Inform the management team on sales, income, and expenses along with plausible projections.
  • You can recognise emerging markets and market trends by keeping up to date on new products, the state of the competition, and other factors.

Business Banking Relationship Manager

  • Develops a detailed understanding of customers’ needs based on analysing individual and corporate financial data gathered through relationship evaluations and in-person visits.
  • Prospect in the targeted area to draw in new business clients. 
  • Increase the number of RM Channel customers by collaborating with centres of influence.
  • To secure cross-selling of deposits, credit, and other bank products, create profiles of future and current business clients.
  • Identify sales prospects among current and potential business clients by working with other bank partners.
  • Discover opportunities for consumer products among business owners and seek advice from professionals to effectively capitalise on them.
  • Develops and maintains in-depth acquaintance with rivals’ and similar products’ products and services.
  • The Relationship manager gets an exceptionally good axis bank fresher salary.

Let us know what are the interview process in Axis bank

Axis bank conducts three rounds of Interviews such as the aptitude round, the HR round and the Technical Round. Let us discuss each round in detail

Aptitude Round

Axis bank conducts an Aptitude test for candidates to analyse their problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and mathematical abilities. The questions will be based on mathematics and science-related. The candidates can work on many banking exams and old question papers to feasibly solve the aptitude questions. This is mainly an MCQ type of round. Clearing this round can decide on your salary in axis bank.

Technical Round

The recruiting manager will ask you about the subject-related questions in Technical Round. The test will consist of mathematical and scientific problems.

HR round

In the HR round, the Axis Bank HR manager will ask you about your personal questions, your positives, negatives, passions and ambitions, and hobbies. Your preferred locations and so on.

The candidate can well prepare on the mathematical concepts mainly to get off the Axis bank recruitment process.

Axis Bank Training Program

  • Recent graduates can start their banking careers off on the right path with the assistance of the Axis Bank Young Bankers programme.
  • The programme chooses aspiring bankers and gives them the information and abilities they need to succeed in the field using the Learn-Earn-Grow technique.
  • Role-playing games, internships, and classroom training are incorporated into the curriculum to ensure that students understand banking comprehensively.
  • Successful programme graduates are given the opportunity to work with Axis Bank and a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services which offers them a good axis bank salary for freshers.
  • We provide a yearlong, full-time residential programme with a campus at Manipal Global Education in Bangalore.

Campus Programs

  • At the top management schools in the country, Axis Ahead identifies talent and nurtures it into leaders.
  • The bank gives pre-placement offers to hire students when their course is over based on how well they do during their internships in a variety of bank tasks.
  • The challenging and important chances provided to trainees and their readiness for leadership roles.
  • We also visit select business schools and specialised campuses like IITs, NITs, and ICFAI to find candidates for employment in industries like analytics, technology, payments, and finance.
  • Our programme, “WeLead,” has partnered with reputable management institutes across the country to recruit and train female leaders at the middle management level. 

We shall now discuss the Axis bank salaries for freshers

  • The Probationary Officer gets an axis bank fresher salary of about 2.08 LPA
  • The Customer Service Officer gets a salary of about 2.25 LPA
  • The Business Manager in Axis Bank is paid around 2.75 LPA
  • Around 2.1 LPA is the salary of the Business Banking Relationship Manager.
  • The Axis Bank Marketing manager gets a salary of 2.75 LPA
  • The Account manager in Axis Bank is getting a salary of  3.5 LPA
  • The Front office Executive in Axis bank gets and salary of  1.5LPA


Hope you now have a better knowledge of salary in axis bank. As an intern at Axis Bank, you will receive complete training and exposure to the various streams of the banking business. Working in the financial sector gives you pride and status, and you develop into a top-notch employee. Apply right away for openings at Axis Bank through Freshers Jobs

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