DevOps Engineer Salary for Freshers

DevOps Engineer Salary for Freshers

DevOps is becoming more popular as a career path in the IT industry. The DevOps engineers are well-versed in a variety of tools and improvements for DevOps executions in the organization. These are profitable professions with a great DevOps engineer salary in India and demand for cloud-based DevOps engineers is growing rapidly. The majority of organizations are implementing DevOps to align with the business standard mindset, which creates DevOps career opportunities. 

DevOps Engineer Salary for Freshers

Demand for DevOps

DevOps jobs are in high demand because they have a great future scope, pay well, and provide incredible learning opportunities. From a technical standpoint, DevOps covers a wide range of topics and areas of work, including computerization, security, collaborative effort enhancement, and so on.

DevOps has a bright and hopeful future ahead of it. DevOp’s practical applications are steadily growing. Let’s take a look at the future of DevOps in various areas of the IT industry and where the largest opportunities exist. The salary of DevOps Engineers in India indicates their interest in DevOps.

Choosing a Career

  • DevOps engineers’ recruitment is gradually increasing. 
  • The career path for a DevOps Engineer is excellent at entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level positions as they are offered a high DevOps salary in India.
  • DevOps knowledge is quite helpful in achieving the advancement for large organizations.
  • DevOps assists in sending code as frequently as feasible, up to 30-35 times faster than other techniques. 
  • As the IT industry advances at a rapid pace, a career in DevOps is becoming the inevitable fate of the IT world.

This blog details the salary of DevOps engineers in India, salary factors, skills required, and a DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities.

Now let us get an idea of what is DevOps and Who is a DevOps Engineer

About DevOps

  • DevOps is a collection of social processes, reasoning methods, and tools that enable an organization to deliver applications and services faster than expected and improve and advance their products at a much faster rate than programming development organizations that are still using the traditional framework processes. 
  • This ability to work quickly allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage while providing improved customer service.

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

  • A DevOps engineer is an IT expert who, in collaboration with programming designers, system administrators (SysOps), and other creation IT employees, manages code deliveries and organizations. 
  • A DevOps engineer provides methods to balance the product development life cycle, from coding and organization to keeping up and developing the code.

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

  • DevOps Engineers collaborate closely with Software Developers, System Operators (SysOps), and other creation IT professionals to manage and govern code releases. 
  • They should be familiar with the IT foundations required to enable product code is committed or hybrid cloud environments.

Let us now discuss the DevOps engineer salary in India in the following sections

DevOps Engineer Salary in India

Although there is a lot of interest in DevOps, companies want workers to have certain skills. Furthermore, the larger the experience, the better the salary According to Payscale, the fresher DevOps Engineer’s salary in India is Rs 3.66 LPA per year, including bonuses and benefits.

DevOps Salary in India: Factors to Consider

The following are the four key factors that influence DevOps engineer salary in India:

  • Organisation-Your employer’s organization will directly impact the income you receive.
  • Experience – The more experience you have you will get more salaries. 
  • Place – In the coming years, the area is likely to play a smaller role in the pay you might expect. Nonetheless, location will continue to influence the pay for a DevOps Engineer.
  • Expertise – The more your range of abilities, the better you get salaries. The skills are well on their way to playing a crucial role in determining the DevOps engineer salary in India.

DevOps Engineer salaries in different companies 

It is a well-known fact that the more prestigious a brand or company is, the more money a person may expect to earn. Let’s take a look at different companies offering salaries. 

  • Tata Consultancy Services: 4 .2 LPA
  • Accenture Technology Services: 3.2 LPA
  • Cognizant: 4.5 LPA
  • IBM India Private Limited: 4 LPA.
  • Infosys: 3.5 LPA
  • Amdocs: 4.9 LPA

Freshers can see there is a high salary for DevOps engineers in India in almost all top IT companies. As you can see from the list above, the DevOps Engineer’s salary in India is higher than in other countries. As a result, it is clear that freshers can obtain this occupation job, which has a lot of potential from every angle of the organization and pays well.

DevOps Engineer salary based on Experience

Your salary package will be higher the more experience you have. As a result, if you are a newcomer to the business, you should set your expectations accordingly. As a result, let us split the DevOps engineer salary in India based on how long you’ve been a part of the DevOps team –

We should consider how a DevOps engineer’s pay in India changes as a result of their involvement.

  • Salary of an Entry-Level Engineer in India

In India, the entry-level DevOps pay is 3.66LPA

  • Salary of a Mid-Level DevOps Engineer in India

The mid-level DevOps pay in India is 11 LPA.

  • Salary for experienced DevOps Engineer in India

In India, the average experienced DevOps pay is 16 LPA.

DevOps Engineer salary based on the location

  • With confidence, the DevOps engineer salary in India for freshers can be deemed productive.
  • The starting salary for a DevOps engineer is roughly 3.66 LPA.
  • Bangalore has the best available employment and the highest annual DevOps Engineer salary for information trendsetters in India, followed by Chennai and Gurgoan.
  • A DevOps Engineer’s salary in Bangalore will be mostly high when compared to other places.

Let us now see how are the salaries in different locations

  • Bangalore: 4 LPA
  • Chennai: 3.75 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 2.9 LPA
  • Mumbai: 3.5 LPA
  • Delhi: 3.25 LPA
  • Pune: 3.75 LPA
  • Gurgoan: 3.8 LPA

Salary of a DevOps Engineer based on the skills 

DevOps salary in India is determined by his or her skills.

We should discuss how DevOps engineers’ pay in India increases as their skill set expands. As previously stated, you’ll need a diverse set of skills to land the highest-paying DevOps engineer positions in the fiercely competitive industry.  Freshers can get trained in the Technical skills and earn more salary.

  • Development Operations(DevOps) – 3.6 LPA
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS) – 3.4 LPA
  • Linux – 3.5LPA
  • Jenkins – 3.85 LPA
  • Python– 3.5 LPA

Let us now see what are the skills required to become an efficient DevOps Engineer

Consider a four-year certification program.

Many DevOps engineer jobs necessitate a four-year qualification in software engineering or a related profession, however, some recruiters will expect job experience.

Obtain a Certification

Certain firms may look for Certification in subjects such as Linux Systems and SQL server development to demonstrate skills. For example, an aspiring DevOps engineer might obtain certification in Linux systems, Excellent technical understanding of cloud foundation administrations such as Azure, AWS, and others.

Below are some of the skills required

  • Process virtualization, robotization, and DevOps techniques provide top-to-bottom information and working involvement.
  • Executive climate capability (Linux/Unix, Windows, Shell Scripting, Chef, Puppet, and so on.)
  • Ability to code and involvement in Software-Defined Data Centers.

Ability in the above-mentioned areas can improve your career as a DevOps Engineer and get a splendid DevOps salary in India.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

  • Executing various scenarios, testing, robotization devices, and IT framework.
  • Organizing group design, exercises, and participation in project management exercises for executives.
  • Managing partners and external interfaces.
  • Putting together the necessary equipment and laying the necessary foundation.
  • Defining and implementing DevOps development, testing, delivery, update, and support procedures.
  • Have the specialized capacity to audit, confirm, and approve the venture’s product code.
  • Investigating techniques and correcting issues in the code.
  • Whenever possible, empower and assemble computerized procedures.

Future scope for DevOps Engineer

The future of DevOps is extremely promising, and many more companies are expected to embrace this mindset. DevOps methods are evolving as new tools and innovations are introduced. Most of the areas like DevOps in the Security Field, AI/ML in the DevOps systems, and many other fields have a great scope for DevOps Engineers.


Hope you have got to know about the DevOps engineer salary in India. You should also be able to do many jobs and manage issues that arise from various responsibilities to justify your designation as a DevOps Engineer. To effectively appreciate the benefits of DevOps, it is recommended that you enroll in a reputable DevOps training course and get DevOps certified. As a DevOps Engineer, you must have the skills and experience to advance to a rewarding profession with decent pay. The need for DevOps Engineers in India is now the latest trend. Freshers right time now in this page you can find DevOps Engineer jobs.

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