How to write an ATS Friendly Resume

resume format in word

Technology is transforming how we do everything, which involves how we apply for jobs. This is why you need a resume that can be read by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) if you want to stay competitive in the job market today. This blog explains how best you can write an ATS-friendly  resume format in word

resume format in word

ATS stands for “Applicant Tracking Systems“. This software helps recruiters save time and money by automating the process of keeping track of, evaluating, and choosing job applicants.

Most people don’t think about it, but when you send your resume, where do you think it goes? Usually, it goes straight into an ATS database.

Then, the ATS looks at your resume for specific keywords and determines your qualifications for the freshers jobs. Based on this information, the applicant tracking system (ATS) ranks candidates and makes a shortlist of the most qualified ones.

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Let us know What ATS is? 

Recruiters often use software called an “Applicant Tracking System” to gather, sort, and rank the resumes they receive in a curriculum vitae format. The Society for Human Resource Management says that when the first ATS resume scanner came out in the 1990s, it changed the business world immediately.

Big companies first used ATS to narrow down large pools of applicants. ATS technology is more popular than ever because it helps companies find the best job candidates and saves time during the hiring process.

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Why do you use an ATS System?

Because an actual recruiter never sees up to 75% of resumes sent in, many of these resumes need to be set up right or have the right keywords. You can learn how to make an ATS friendly resume that 

1) It is easy for the ATS to read and 

2) Gets the attention of hiring managers looking for good job candidates.

Here are preparation tips for improving your resume’s ATS friendliness.

Submit a resume in an ATS-friendly format

There are three main formats when submitting a resume to employers for consideration. The chronological resume, on the other hand, organises your work history from most current to oldest and is the one that is most compatible with ATS software. Use a chronological resume if your work history is consistent and you have yet to experience any significant gaps in employment or career shifts.

Label your sections properly

To categorise your qualifications, applicant tracking systems use standard resume titles and some resume templates for freshers, like “Technical Knowledge” and “Skills.”

Funny headers like “Why I’m Great” will make ATS software uncomfortable. Don’t use them, then.

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Include keywords related to your job

The applicant tracking system (ATS) software scans your resume for specific job-related resume keywords and cover letter keywords to assess whether your qualifications are pertinent to the position.

Many businesses still use outdated ATS software that looks for resume keywords, even though modern ATS software uses AI to determine whether your resume matches the job requirements.

Look for these words in the job description to put on your resume to improve your chances of being selected for an interview by following the resume format in word.

A software business trying to hire a new front-end developer, for example, would use the following keywords to define the technical and soft  abilities they are looking for in a candidate:

  • CSS
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • Collaborative in teams.
  • Innovative thinker

Use a resume template that ATS can read

Many people put up their resumes to make them stand out from the other applicants. But resumes with graphics, tables, or fonts used sparingly are problematic for ATS software to read by using resume templates for freshers. You should use a resume template that works with applicant tracking systems (ATS), so your resume can stay on top. Many websites that help people find jobs say that their resume templates work with ATS. But we tested a few different templates on the ATS software companies like Microsoft and Meta use.

Use a standard resume font

The most accessible resume fonts to read are those that are widely used. When in doubt, stick with conventional typefaces like Georgia, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.

Keep your resume in PDF or.docx format

However, if the job posting does not indicate the file type to save your resume, then PDF and.docx should both work. Some older ATS software has difficulties recognising resume PDF files.

Get an ATS resume scan for free

Your resume should easily pass ATS if you follow the previous instructions and write an ATS friendly resume. However, you can utilise an applicant tracking system checker to confirm whether there is room for improvement. An ATS checker examines your resume for errors that can result in its rejection.

Take a look at the job description

Examine the job description before submitting your application. Examine it attentively and take note of the specific responsibilities, skill sets, and traits they are looking for in a candidate. If necessary, reread the description several times and scan it for recurring themes.

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Create a keyword list

Make a list of keywords next. Consider the job description’s keywords as a starting point, then note which words or phrases were used most frequently. As you use them throughout your resume, arrange them in order of priority.

Use conventional headings

Data from resumes are frequently imported by applicant tracking systems into online profiles using curriculum vitae format. They look for specific headings and formatting patterns when translating content. Your resume will translate information correctly if it is kept basic. For example, as they are the most prevalent titles, headings like “Work History,” “Work Experience,” and “Experience” are simple to spot.

Keep your formatting simple

Complex information on a resume can be effectively organised using tables, columns, headers, and footers. However, communication within such intricate formatting can become dispersed or lost when an ATS translates this data. The ATS can overlook some of your most important information if it is presented similarly.

Create numerous resumes

Not all employers look for the exact keywords, even if you are applying to the same positions. Examine each job description to find its standard terms. Create a copy of your old resume, and where appropriate, update it with the keywords from the new job description. Making copies of your resume and little changes to it adds another process, but it can result in a more competitive application each time by writing a resume format in word.

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I hope you have understood the blog on How to write an Ats friendly resume. An ATS can read and understand an overview formatted in an ATS-friendly manner. Additionally, it contains words and phrases pertinent to the jobs alert. Your resume will have a far higher chance of getting into the hands of a before submitting your CV and resume for a job application, look for professionals who write CVs and resumes. Through its ATS resume keywords optimisation, ATS has decreased the requirements for resumes and filtered them to the company’s demands. Most multinational corporations and small local businesses use the ATS system to choose candidates. Henceforth, You need to learn how to make an ATS-friendly resume.

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