Oracle Salary for Freshers

Oracle Salary for Freshers

Oracle is a software and services company that specializes in system technology. The cloud, licenses, hardware, and services are Oracle’s key business segments. Oracle also offers cloud engineering services and database management software. Freshers can always start a career because the organization provides a great learning environment and a true sense of responsibility. Oracle jobs and Oracle salary for freshers are splendid and allow you to be yourself.

Oracle Salary for Freshers

Oracle supplies you with a lot of benefits as well as exposure to recent technology. You may join a fun and flexible workplace where you’ll be encouraged to do your best job.

Can you imagine yourself working for a forward-thinking company with a worldwide culture where you can expand your knowledge, apply your skills, and advance your career? You can be a part of the Oracle company.

Oracle is a great place to join

Oracle has a diverse group of employees who draw people inside and outside the company. Oracle jobs allow you to work from home and are flexible, allowing you to do things your way. There are numerous benefits and good Oracle fresher salary to improve your health and happiness while also assisting you in caring for the people you care about.

Oracle employs a systematic hiring procedure to find qualified people. Applicants with strong technical knowledge, aptitude, and communication skills can undoubtedly assist you in passing the interview process and landing a job with Oracle.

Candidates may be confused when determining the most significant reasons for joining Oracle and pursuing a successful career. Here are some of the reasons

  • Oracle shares its expertise and is always willing to help customers solve problems.
  • Employees are constantly given expert advice and knowledge.
  • Oracle fresher employment assists them by providing the most excellent technical instruction and coaching from experienced trainers.
  • Freshers at Oracle are always assisted with problem-solving issues and are kept track of to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • A newcomer will go further into valuable data and knowledge.
  • Oracle encourages employees to work in teams and groups, which allows for more interaction with coworkers and discussion of technology-related topics.
  • Oracle has consistently maintained its standards and reputation, which encourages newcomers to find a cause to join a reputable company.
  • Employers at Oracle are consistently encouraging and appreciative of their employees’ achievements.
  • Oracle is enthusiastic about assisting newcomers in learning project-based and other technicalities.
  • Oracle employees have access to the best benefits available, including advanced job roles, Oracle package for freshers, health insurance, fuel allowances, etc.

To apply for the jobs in Oracle

Candidates seeking positions at Oracle can be considered a fantastic opportunity for freshers and working professionals. It is possible to view job specifics such as eligibility criteria, job domains, and job descriptions. If these jobs fit your qualifications, you may always apply and get hired at Oracle, which has an excellent salary structure. The company recruiter will accept your profile if they find it apt for the position you have applied for. For more information on job opportunities, go to

Oracle academics required

Oracle appears to be a well-known, well-established organization and one of the most prominent multinational corporations that offer the best Oracle company salary for freshers, we’ve ever heard of. Oracle maintains several rules and procedures for employing freshers, such as qualifying standards. To attend the Oracle interview, the candidate must meet the following requirements. The candidates must B.E/B.Tech/ M.E/M.Tech/MCA, B.Sc, B.A, BCA, and B.Com are eligible to apply for jobs in Oracle. Candidates must have scored at least 60% in their 10th grade, HSC, graduation, and post-graduate exams.

Skills required

Every interviewer will demand the best from the candidates participating in the selection process. All soft skills, such as aptitude-based questions, logical thinking, reasoning, sophisticated problem-solving approaches, and English communication abilities, both written and vocal, must always be well prepared. These abilities are essential in determining your capacity to handle all of the company’s complex problems and engage with different organizations. These are some of the capabilities that the recruiter will look for in new hires at Oracle and offers a good Oracle salary for freshers.

Technical knowledge required in Oracle

Candidates must be well-versed in all programming languages and recent technologies. To acquire a position at Oracle, a candidate must be proficient in languages such as Java, Python, C C++, SQL, and others. Because the most recent technologies are so adaptable, every applicant should keep up to speed on them. Candidates who are highly strong and informed about new programming languages, coding, and other topics can rapidly clear the interview process.

As a Fresher, what can I learn from Oracle?

SQL knowledge is required for Oracle training for newcomers. To gain a better understanding of problem-solving approaches. Oracle training equips you with a thorough knowledge of Oracle ideas and the ability to solve complicated SQL problems. Online transactions, warehousing, and data processing are common uses for Oracle RDBMS. The candidates get an Oracle fresher salary during the training period.

Oracle provides a range of apps and some business tools for development and operating systems. Oracle is object-oriented, incredibly versatile, and cost-effective for managing information and applications. Oracle is the database that is utilized to run SQL queries. Oracle is a firm that creates and sells software. Oracle is in charge of both local and wide networks at all times.

Oracle’s Entry-Level Job Selection Process

Oracle is the most well-known firm in the field of computer technology. As a result, being recruited at a business like Oracle is difficult for newcomers. The candidates must know about all the rounds of the recruitment process. As a result, the rounds conducted in the Oracle hiring freshers procedure are listed below.

Process for Recruiting Oracle:

  • Oracle hires freshers as Associate engineers in three to four rounds.
  • Online tests, Technical Round 1 and 2, Human Resource Round.

Benefits for oracle fresher

Oracle provides you with various medical policies, including accident, significant sickness, and life insurance. To contribute roughly 12% of your monthly salary to the Provident Fund, which will be collected from your pay by the company. There are many schemes on pension where employees can avail themselves. Get access to a variety of child care options and a variety of facilities such as a gym. You may always unwind by playing games like pool tables, table tennis, and other indoor activities, among other things. Oracle salary for freshers always provides a stipend for housing and relocation.

Work Environment in Oracle

Oracle’s Working Environment Oracle offers a great working environment to all its employees. The personnel appears to be friendly and interact with one another. Oracle personnel are trustworthy and always act responsibly while making decisions. Employees are always willing to stand up for what is right. Customer service is a significant concern at Oracle. The organization attempts to comprehend the needs of its customers. Individual efforts are emphasized and appreciated. Oracle personnel are continually striving for tremendous success as they are offered the best Oracle fresher salary. They consistently meet or exceed expectations and consistently demonstrate that they are the finest. Working together and in groups allows them to achieve their full potential.

They collaborate and communicate to share ideas, thoughts, and structured feedback. The knowledge that is exchanged is beneficial to each other. Some information is guarded and kept private.

Oracle’s employees adjust to all of the company’s laws, regulations, and other policies. The firm upholds some moral ideals and ethics, and it acts accordingly.

Job roles and salaries

Associate Engineer

Oracle will hire a recent graduate with no prior experience as an associate engineer.

In most businesses, you will work as an associate engineer for a year or fewer, that is the training or probationary term.

During the program, the associate engineer will be mentored by a senior engineer and will study project and service ideas.

The Oracle salary for freshers Associate Engineer’s is roughly 4 lakhs.


You will be promoted to engineer once the course is completed. The engineer will be working individually and in teams. Engineer experience of at least 2 to 3 years is required. The promotion timeframe may differ if you are recruited directly to the engineer job profile based on your work experience. The engineer gets a salary of 5 lakhs per year.

The annual salary for an Oracle fresher ranges from 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs. However, the pay scale is determined by the applicant’s position, credentials, and experience.

 The average Oracle Application Developer salary is 5 lakhs per year for applicants with less than one year of experience to six years of experience. 

 The average remuneration for freshers at Oracle ranges from 2.78 lakhs to 3.08 lakhs per year for Project Interns.

The Oracle Fresher salary of an Automation Engineer range from 4 lakhs.

Product Development Engineer salaries at Oracle range from 5.4 lakhs to 6.9 lakhs.

This is a preliminary estimate based on the salary of the employees. However, due to the candidate’s years of experience, they may be given a good Oracle salary for freshers.


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