SET Preparation Tips

SET Preparation Tips

The Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) is a national-level test that Symbiosis International (Deemed University) conducts for students who want to get into one of the prestigious Symbiosis institutes undergraduate programmes. Those who want to take the test must study for it well in advance. Read on to learn how to start SET exam preparation and tips, tricks, and strategies.

SET Preparation Tips

Eligibility criteria for SET Symbiosis test

The people who want to get into Symbiosis International University should be qualified. They need to go to SIU’s official website to see if they are eligible. After taking the Symbiosis Entrance Test, many people may apply each year to get into SIU  and get high-paying jobs alert.

Candidates should be ready to take part in symbiosis courses. It offers undergraduate courses like B.Tech, B.A.LL.B, BBA.LL.B, BBA, B.Sc Nursing, B.Sc economics, and so on.

The candidates can excel in the SET tests by following a few preparation tips. Let us discuss the simple ways to excel in the SET test.

Know the test pattern

  • Before candidates start studying for the SET test, and they should know how how to prepare for set exam.
  • It is essential information that candidates should know. 
  • Chapters like this that raise many questions should not be skipped over. Candidates need to make a table of test formats and put them in the correct order. 
  • For every candidate, one part of the subject is the hardest. They can start to study for teh hardest part before looking for the basics of the subjects.

Find out the weightage

  • How to crack set exam? Before studying for the test, knowing how much weightage of marks each paper has is essential. 
  • There are 60 questions on the SET question paper for the UG programme, and for the PG programme, there are 60 questions.
  • Subject-wise, each section has a different weightage of marks.

Learn about the Course Outline

  • Before studying for the SET, and candidates should look at the syllabus as preparation tips
  • The SET curriculum can be learnt from Symbiosis’s Official website, which will help candidates plan better.
  • It will help you figure out how to prepare for the test. 
  • The questions on the entrance test will be based on the topics on the SET syllabus.

Try a mock SET test

  • The practice test will help you get better as SET exam preparation tips.
  • The mock test is just like the actual test. 
  • The mock test lets the candidates find out where they are weak and work on those areas. 
  • Based on the SET test, the questions will be asked. 
  • Candidates can look at their grades to figure out what they can do. 
  • How to prepare for symbiosis entrance test? Mock tests are an excellent way to see how quickly you have been studying for the actual test, and they can be a deciding factor for the candidates.

Taking notes is the best thing to do

  • The best way for a candidate to improve at the SET and remember what they have studied is to write notes or make notes while learning.
  • The candidates can make points, write down all the points in a notepad, or write down the essential topics in a notepad.
  • This will be an excellent way to study, and all of the vital facts will be close at hand.
  • Make sure you write down the points clearly so that you can understand them during the test and avoid getting confused.

Focus on the most important concepts or sections

  • A candidate can be very good at one thing but not so good at something else.
  • Candidates should try not to get down because of it. Plan to work harder on the parts that are not as good to improve.
  • You can get help from your trainers or friends for help if you don’t understand something.
  • For better SET exam preparation, you can always work through old question papers to find your weaker areas and spend more time on them.
  • This method allows you to get through the more complex parts and feel more confident.

Test Strategies

  • Having plans can make it easier to get ready. Before studying, candidates should make a plan for the test. 
  • It will help them get through the whole curriculum and give each topic the same amount of time. 
  • The first thing candidates should remember is the timetable. 
  • This will remind them to spend a certain amount of time on each question.

Revise Regularly

  • How to prepare for set exam? Review is the most important step you can do to do well on a test.
  •  It helps you remember more and get your thoughts for the test. 
  • You train your mind to know the questions and answers when you review. Candidates can review the questions from last year to understand what will be on the test. 
  • Reviewing helps calm your fears about the test and gives you a brush-up at the last minute. 
  • It will help you get better at getting ready for the test.

Take breaks often

  • When studying for the SET test, candidates should never be in a hurry. 
  • This is one of the essential things that toppers did to prepare for the SET.
  • When candidates rush through the subjects, they never understand the more complicated ideas.
  • Some challenges, like crosswords and puzzles, are a good way for the candidates to relax. Using these ideas, you can take your thoughts back and quickly find solutions.
  • This is one of the best ways to prepare for the test since it does most of the hard work.
  • The candidates can take set exam preparation by making plans, taking breaks, and studying.

Tips for General Knowledge

One of the important sections of the SET  exams is  “General Awareness.” This section needs you to be able to think critically, so you need to be selective if you want to pass it. If you know the facts, it is easy to figure out what the correct answers are. Follow the preparation tips below as you get ready for the SET  exam.

  • Candidates need to make it a daily habit to read the newspaper.
  • As you read the newspaper, write down the essential points and review them often.
  • Try to prepare for SET for two hours on this part. You can watch news channels, discovery channels, documentaries, and more.
  • Read newspapers, journals, and magazines to keep up with what is happening in your country and worldwide.
  • You can brush up on your knowledge and exam your knowledge span by taking mock and practice exams online.
  • Look at the exam questions from previous years to get an idea of how the questions will be asked as how to crack set exam.

SET  Study Tips for Analytical Writing Sections

  • Use these tips to study for the first part of the SET, the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). You will have an hour to write two different essays.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time on each topic or memorise an outline, but we recommend that you at least skim through them to get a sense of what is covered and what patterns emerge as easy tips for the SET  exam.
  • It’s also a good idea to practise outlining a few essay topics before you write the essays for the exam.

Study Tips for Verbal Reasoning Section

  • One of the hardest things about the SET  is that you need to know many words as a part of SET exam preparation tips
  • Half of the Verbal Reasoning section tests how well you know some hard and advanced words.
  •  In this section, you will be asked to choose words or groups of words to complete sentences. 
  • Even if you did well on the vocabulary questions, you would need to study for the SET  because it has a more complex vocabulary and tests more vocabulary words. 
  • Use flashcards as preparation tips for SET.

SET  study Tips for Quantitative Reasoning Section

  • Know what math topics the SET  will test you on and which ones it won’t before you start reading books on calculus or advanced math. 
  • No higher-level math like calculus is tested, and most questions don’t require much more math knowledge than what you learned in high school. 
  • This means that college students who don’t study advanced math will find it difficult. 
  • Instead of testing you on complicated math ideas, the Quantitative Reasoning questions are meant to test your basic math skills, how well you understand basic math ideas, and how well you can reason quantitatively and use quantitative methods to solve problems.


To Wrap up, We have tried to cover almost all the essential tips for SET exam preparation. Candidates can use freshers jobs to help them study for the SET tests. The candidates can do better on the SET test by keeping a positive attitude and following the schedule they made. Candidates can pass with flying colours, get into  Symbiosis Institute and get into their dream course.

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