CTET Preparation Tips

CTET Preparation Tips

The CBSE has initiated an exam to choose the best teachers by conducting a competitive exam called the Central Teachers Eligibility Test, or CTET (CNSE). This exam is administered across the country to determine if a candidate is qualified to work as a teacher in grades I to VIII eight. The Exam is conducted offline, and here in this blog we will see how the preparation for CTET exams will guide you.

CTET Preparation Tips

Who are eligible to take up the CTET exams?

The conducting authorities have determined specific eligibility criteria for those who wish to complete the CTET application form. As per the CTET eligibility criteria, there are no age criteria set. However, for candidates appearing for the paper, one must hold:

  • A Graduation degree with at least 50% marks or more, and
  • A Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.) degree.

CTET is more complicated than State level TET because it is administered centrally. However, you can set that as your goal and be ready for it by carefully examining the curriculum, reading a good book, and responding to questions if you want to work for the Central Government jobs.

Let us check out the preparation tips for CTET Exams

Know about the Exam pattern

  • Before taking up any competitive exams, every candidate must have a clear picture of the Exam Pattern, which is important preparation for CTET exam
  • The first initial step is to overlook the entire exam pattern of the CTET Exams. 
  • If you know the exam pattern before, you can easily prepare and see the type of questions that will mainly appear for the exams, thus helping you elevate your confidence during exams.

Be thorough about the Syllabus

Once you know about the exam pattern and the type of questions that will be asked, there is another CTET preparation strategy to get familiar with the exact Syllabus and get to know the paper scheme of the CTET Exam. As there are two papers, the candidates must know and cover the entire Syllabus of CTET. As stated above, the CTET exam has two papers. We shall see the overview of the subjects included in the CTET exams.

  • Child Development & Pedagogy, Language-1, Language-2, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Science are the subjects in Paper 1 and 2.

Make a Planned Structure TimeTable

  • This is the essential preparation strategy and tip for candidates who wish to perform well in the CTET exams. 
  • The Time Table planning is vital for any competitive exams. 
  • It must include the proper preparation strategy that provides study, revision, and relaxation time. 
  • You can set your priorities and your daily targets or tasks accordingly. 
  • You can also prepare a timetable which can be followed quickly and completed. 

Always focus on your Weaknesses

  • You can determine the areas you are weak and the areas for improvement. 
  • You can read and get all the fundamental ideas before working out in your more vulnerable areas as the CTET preparation tips
  • You need not spend more time on the basics of the areas you are familiar with. 
  • Instead, you can spend more time practising the weaker sections. 
  • Practice more and more previous year’s question papers which are supposed to be excellent CTET preparation tips for thriving and getting strong in the weaker sections. 
  • This will broaden your correct perspective and assists you in acquiring the proper time management and structure as CTET exam preparation tips.

CTET Preparation by Reading Important Books 

  • Always make a habit of studying or reading at least one textbook for each topic that is covered in the CTET Syllabus. 
  • The candidates can always learn from the NCERT books for lower classes. 
  • You can also refer to other books from famous publishers to prepare for the CTET Exams.

Preparation of Short Notes

  • Once you’ve made it a point to read essential books to cover the Syllabus, another part of CTET preparation advice is to take quick notes on various topics. 
  • These brief notes allow you to quickly review the full curriculum before the test. 
  • In your short notes, emphasise the crucial ideas that will be important during the revision process.

Revise, Revise and Revise

  • This might be one of the less-discussed words for preparing for CTET exams. 
  • The concepts and topics that applicants have studied must be reviewed on a daily or weekly basis. 
  • While practising, you can make a point to memorise the essential facts and equations. 
  • You can even understand the subjects’ core concepts and revise on those topics. 
  • Try to concentrate more on revising weaker concepts and sections so that you can do well in the exams.

Always Practice on Mock Papers

  • One essential preparation tip for CTET that every candidate can follow is the habit of practising the mock papers. 
  • Practising Mock papers will surely make you gain confidence, and you will know how to solve the problems. 
  • By solving the mock papers, you can work out the time management to feel easier while appearing for the main CTET Exams. 
  • You can regularly take the Mock papers to perform in the exam. 
  • You can even increase your preparation rate by analysing the section score.

Subject Wise preparation tips for CTET

This CTET Exam is further divided into subjects with different Syllabus, patterns, and difficulty levels. We will discuss the other preparation for CTET for each topic below.

CTET Preparation for Child Development and Pedagogy

  • In this Child development and pedagogy, there will be 15 questions asked in the examination. 
  • The questions will be based on the child development sections’ thinking capability, idealogy and principle. 
  • Five questions will be asked from the sections of children with unique abilities. 

CTET Preparation for Language I and II

In CTET Exams, there are two languages those are a language I and language II. The language I is for the applicant and language, and Language II is for formal communication. Below are the steps on how to prepare for these languages.

  • Language 1 is used for conveying knowledge in classrooms. Thus to check proficiency is a must.
  • A lot of practice for the language is required, whether it be oral or written.
  • You can even practise for the online test series to gain language confidence.
  • You must have proper time management planning to help you score well in the exams.
  • Questions will be asked from grammar and verbal communications, so you get tips for CTET exam preparation by referring to some of the books on grammar.
  • Requires a lot of practice and regularly reads the newspapers and novels.

CTET Preparation of Mathematics

As we know, Mathematics is a universal subject. It can be solved in any method to achieve the right solution. 

  • You can be perfect by practising the mathematics subject syllabus from classes I-VII. 
  • You can even study the Syllabus carefully provided by the CBSE. 
  • Revise the NCERT books for mathematics as per the prescription of CBSE.
  • Practise previous year’s question papers which is an essential tip for CTET Exams.
  • Work out on pedagogy. By doing so, you can acquire practical knowledge with practical methods to become a successful teacher.
  • You can attempt all the questions with no negative marking scheme.
  • Even if you are not aware of the questions, do not leave them as it is.

CTET preparation for Science

  • In CTET exams, there are 30 questions in the science sections, which are multiple choice questions. 
  • Almost 90% of the questions are from the NCERT. 
  • The candidates should prepare from the NCERT books and sample papers that will help them in preparation for CTET exam.

CTET preparation for Environmental Science and Social

  • To Prepare for this section, you must prepare the class I- VII syllabus.
  • The question that will be asked will be of primary type. 
  • You can read the newspapers, regularly watch the news channels, and attempt mock papers.
  • You can also practise a lot on the mock papers to clear up the CTET exams.


To wrap up, I hope this blog has provided you with the preparation for CTET Exams. Review the preparation tips to engage yourself every minute in preparing for the competitive exams. The Right preparation, hard work, dedication and time management can lead you to top up in the CTET Exams and achieve the top scores to become a successful teacher and a great guide tracker to the students. Begin your preparation right today from freshers jobs.

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