Interview Question: How to Answer What Makes You Unique?

what makes you unique

Are you a good fit for the job you are going to interview for? The person in charge of hiring will ask several questions to show who would be the best fit for the job. Interviewers use different methods to determine if you are a great candidate with the right qualities and skills to do well in the job.

what makes you unique

The recruiter may ask you, “What makes you unique?” to determine if you have qualities in your background that are likely to help you do well on the job.

When you apply for a jobs alert, you and other candidates likely have the same skills and personality traits. But you also have experiences and skills that no one else has. If a recruiter asks, “What makes you unique?” you can use this as a chance to talk about the things that make you the best person for the job.

This blog gives ideas and examples to help determine what makes you unique.

Key takeaways

  • Instead of comparing yourself to others, choose the essential qualities for the role.
  • Review the job description say private or government jobs, to make sure your answer is prepared for what the employer wants to hear.
  • Always try to Include a mix of hard and soft skills for which you are often praised or rewarded.

Why do recruiters ask, “What makes you unique?” in interviews?

Recruiters often ask this question as freshers interview questions and answers to find out what skills or traits you have to determine whether you fit the job more than other applicants. In other words, if many professionals with almost identical skills have also applied for the job, why should they hire you instead?

The reason why employers ask this is to find out what you value most about yourself. The things you focus on in your answer may also be essential strengths that you always work to improve. The recruiter is looking for unique strengths or soft skills that you might not have put on your resume or application but will help you do well on the job.

Tips to help you get ready for this question

Instead of trying to figure out what makes you unique from all the other applicants, think about how hiring you would help the company. When you don’t know the other applicants, it can be hard to determine how your answer fits in with their questions. Knowing why your background makes you a good fit will show recruiters why your skills and qualifications make you well-prepared and why should we hire you for fresher?

To mention a few points or preparation tips you can do to help you figure out what makes you unique:

Think about what the recruiter might find helpful

Employers want to hire people who can help them reach their business goals through their ideas, skills, or abilities. You can take time to go through to read the job description carefully and look for information about the specific goals the employer wants the fresher to meet. Then, think about your strengths and how they match these needs.

Look at your past work experiences and what you have done before

Think about times when you were good at your job, or your boss praised or rewarded you. How did you get people to notice you? What qualities, skills, or abilities did you have that helped you be successful? Best way to introduce yourself in an interview. What you did is probably something that other employers would like to see in a fresher. You can know How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview.

Recognise your most notable personality characteristics

Think about the strengths that past recruiters have pointed out and the qualities that your friends and family have praised. 

Analyse your experiences

List any relevant work experience and awards you got at your previous jobs. Finding these moments of success can help you strengthen your answer and show what you have done at work. A recruiter is likely impressed by what you did well at your last job, which may be something they are looking for in a fresher and what makes you unique.

Be yourself

The question is just a way to learn more about who you are. When answering this question, use real-life examples and stories as much as you can to make your answer convincing and believable. For example, sharing feedback from your manager is more reliable than making vague claims like “I am dedicated and hardworking” without proof.

Check your posture

You should sit up straight during the interview and be sure of yourself. A good posture shows that you are honest and sure of yourself. Your posture and how you move around are examples of nonverbal communication that an interviewer might notice and use to judge you. This is a general thing to remember as you answer this question and others during the interview.

Know what the employer is looking for

An employer wants to see specific skills and traits in a fresher. You can learn about these qualities from the job description and your conversations with the recruiter for freshers interview questions and answers. Read how to research a company. Make sure your answer fits your personality and what the employer wants. Don’t make claims that cannot be proven or are not true, and make sure your answers are correct.

Use examples

You can always show that you are different from other candidates by giving examples from your professional life. Learn how to be confident in an Interview. Use this question to point out qualities that could help the business. Include qualities that may not be on your resume but will help your answer stand out. If you are talking about a specific skill or competency, try to use numbers to show how good you are at it or how it has helped past recruiters.

Keep it brief

Don’t forget that this is just one part of your interview. Instead of telling long stories, ensure your answer is short and to the point. Pick one or two remarkable examples and discuss how your skills can help the company.


I hope you are clear about the blog How to Answer “what makes you unique? Acquiring your dream freshers jobs is not an easy task. You will have to prepare well. You must make sure to get ready for these questions at the interview. With perfect preparation, you can quickly get through the questions, create an impression on the interviewer, and make them feel you are perfect for the job with your unique qualities.

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