Interview Question: What is your Dream Job?

Interview Question: What is your Dream Job?

When attending the interview, a hiring manager may determine what you want from a job and how well you might fit in with the company. A potential employer may ask, “What is your dream job?” to find out what drives you and your strengths. This question can help the recruiters learn more about your abilities, objectives, and desires. This blog will discuss why hiring managers ask this question and how to answer it and gives tips and sample answers to help you develop yourself for private and government jobs.

Interview Question: What is your Dream Job?

Why do Recruiters ask about your dream job?

Hiring managers may ask, “What is your dream job?” to learn about your skills and values. When you talk about your dream job, you can show what you’re passionate about, what you value, and what drives you. This can help the person interviewing you decide if you are a good fit for the company and the job. For instance, if your dream job you’re applying for, your answer can show the employer that your interests and values match those of the job. You can go through Interview Tips For Freshers.

Your answer may also show off your knowledge and skills, which a hiring manager can use to ensure you fulfil the requirements. For example, if you are interviewing for a first-year teaching job, you could say that you have experience tutoring and enjoy teaching as what is dream job.

How to choose your dream job

If you think about your dream job before the interview, you can give a good answer when the employer asks what’s your dream job?

Your answer could be a combination of your existing skills, values, and skills you want to improve. You should also consider the lifestyle and accomplishments you want and what job would help you get there.

What are the ways for you to answer what your dream job is?

Give details about the skills you want to use

You could start by discussing your strengths and skills and how they apply to the job. Even if you’ve already talked about this, you can still give more details when you’re asked about your dream job. The employer probably won’t think you have all the skills you need for your dream job right now, so this question also gives you a chance to talk about where you want to improve. You can look at the Best Skills To Include In Resume and discuss the same with your recruiter.

Generalize about a job

Instead of a particular job title, talk about that job’s general tasks and duties. For dream job examples, you could say that you’d love to have a job that assists individuals and impacts their lives. You could also say that you desire to use the most up-to-date technology because you spend a lot of your free time researching the latest trends and products in the industry.

Explain your values

Talking about your values can help a potential recruiter figure out what drives you and if your goals align with the company. When you answer this question, it helps most if you can connect it to why the business should hire you. You might say that it’s essential for employees to be responsible so that others can count on them or that you should always have a good attitude. If your answer shows that you share some of the same values as the interviewer, it could help you get further in the recruiting process.

Think about the job description and duties

Even though recruiters want to know what you’re interested in and what you want to do with your career, it’s essential to pay attention to the specific duties listed in the job description. For example, suppose you’re applying for a junior social media manager job. In that case, they might ask you what’s your dream job? You can talk about a dream job letting you work with a team and benefit from more experienced marketers. During an interview, one of the effective methods to tailor your answer to what the recruiter wants is to talk about qualities that are similar to the job.

Start preparing your response

Utilizing your notes, try to find an answer that shows how your ideal job fits the position or company. You can start by discussing your skills and how you intend to employ them in your career. You could also think about a mission you have and link that to a job. You can also talk about how the position could help you learn skills that might lead to your dream job.

Show how excited you are

When you answer this question, what’s your dream job? Try to sound like you’re excited. This interview question allows you to show how much you care about the job and what drives you personally. You can say this if the job you’re applying for is your dream job or a step toward it. You can make a strong, good impression by showing how much you want the job.

Explain why the company should hire you

Lastly, you can end your answer by telling the company what stimulates you about continuing to work at their company. By doing this, you may be able to show them that you are committed to helping them reach their organization’s goals because you would enjoy doing the particular job duties.

Change your answer to fit the job you want

Even though your answer should still show your general skills and values when the recruiter asks for dream job examples should also be about the job you are applying for. When you show that the skills and qualities you already have match the requirements of the job you want, you show why you would be an excellent fit for the position.

Before going for an interview, you can look for the jobs alert, and job description to discuss these things. If you are a part of a team, say that you like continuing to work with others to finish a project and list any successes you’ve had in this area. When planning for a leadership role, discuss how your ideal job would involve being a boss.

Tips for determining your dream job

It can take time and some thought to figure out what your dream job might be. A big part of figuring out your dream role is being conscious of your needs and goals at work. Here are some of the preparation tips to think about if you want to define your job goals better:

Know what you can do: Even if you’ve always worked in an office, thinking about other, less common ways to make a living can be helpful.

Follow what makes you happy: Working in a field you’re interested in can give you the drive to do even the tedious tasks you don’t like doing in other areas. When thinking about what’s your dream job, you should look at your hobbies and interests to see if you could turn them into a career.

Figure out what drives you: People often choose specific careers to improve their social status, have a secure job, feel like they belong, or make more money. You need to know what makes you want to go to work daily to sort through your options and choose the best one.

Talk to your coworkers and friends: If you can’t figure out what you want to do with your life, you can talk to someone who knows you well. When others criticise you, you can get to know your strengths and potential.


I hope you understand the blog on what is your dream job. Acquiring your dream freshers jobs is not an easy task. You will have to prepare well. You must make sure to get ready for these questions at the interview. With perfect preparation, you can quickly get through the questions, create an impression on the interviewer, and make them feel you are perfect for the job.

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