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TANCET, also known as the Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test, is an entrance test used to fill P.G. seats at colleges throughout Tamil Nadu for all disciplines. The state-level entrance test for various P.G. programmes including MTech, MArch, MPlan, ME, MBA and MCA programmes is administered by Anna University. The TANCET Exam can be registered online on the official Anna University website, annauniv.edu, by applicants who wish to apply to various government and private colleges in Tamil Nadu.


Eligibility Criteria for TANCET

The eligibility requirements for the exam TANCET have been covered in this section. Each exam-taking student must have earned a bachelor’s degree (minimum 3-year programme) with an overall grade point average of at least 50%. To be eligible for the TANCET, a student from a reserved category must have received at least 45% of the possible points.

Candidates are ineligible to sit for the TANCET exam if they finish their coursework through the lateral entry method. There is a caveat, though, for M.Tech. and MCA programmes. Candidates who completed their B.E. or B.Tech. Through distance learning or in a weekend format, are not eligible to take the TANCET exam. According to the TANCET exam eligibility requirements, test-takers who have earned their degree without finishing the 10th or 12th grades are also ineligible to sit the exam.

Let us see the TANCET Preparation tips.

If candidates complete their coursework using the lateral entrance option, they are not qualified to take the TANCET exam. However, there is a disclaimer for the M.Tech. and MCA programmes. The TANCET exam is closed to applicants who obtained their B.E/B.Tech. Test takers who have received a degree without completing the 10th or 12th grades are likewise disqualified for the TANCET exam, per the conditions for eligibility.

TANCET Preparation Advice

Here are some important preparation tips and points to help students prepare well and pass the exam with a high grade.

Time management is essential for succeeding in any exam. The time for each section should be divided up properly by the students. Students should practise exam questions while considering the time allotment during exam preparation. This will assist students in managing their time in the exam room so they can answer all the questions. Give the hard questions extra time by completing the simpler ones first as TANCET preparation for MBA. Only if they control their time in the test room will the candidates be able to answer every question. Therefore, practice is necessary to answer all the questions within the allotted time. You can look for Career Opportunities for Graduates in B.Tech Computer Science.

Clear your Concepts: Conceptual clarity is essential to do well on any exam. To understand the fundamentals and concepts, students need to read reference books. To better comprehend topics and how to approach their solution, routinely practise formulas, numerical rules, theorems, laws, brief tricks, vocabulary, etc. If you review your fundamental ideas and comprehension, you should be able to complete the questions within the allotted time and receive a good grade.

Mark your areas of Strength and Weakness. It’s critical to consider your areas of strength and weakness during the preparation process. Solving previous year’s question papers and taking practice exams is a better technique to determine your areas of strength and weakness. Create a comprehensive study plan after choosing your areas of strength and weakness. Assign more time to your areas of weakness and less to your areas of strength. Practice more questions connected to this segment after strengthening your weak areas to improve your score in TANCET exam preparation.

Mock Tests: The only way to gauge your degree of preparation is to take a mock test. Students get a sense of the real exam from it. Make a solid plan to improve your performance and score in a particularly weak section by analysing your performance and results from practice exams. However, students should only use practice exams pertinent to their exam format and subject. Maintain your confidence after taking practice exams. To improve your exam score, practise more questions relevant to the test. You can search for freshers jobs in Chennai for private and government jobs.

Maintain Accuracy and Speed: Maintaining accuracy and speed is crucial for earning the most excellent grades on the exam. Regularly practise additional questions to increase your accuracy and speed for the TANCET exam. Pay attention to negative markings and only answer the questions you are sure about. Sometimes, answering more questions results in a worse ranking and score. To improve your calculation’s accuracy and speed, practise it. Shortcuts and techniques can be used to keep up speed.

Revision: To adequately cover each part, revision is essential. To get good marks, it is crucial to glance through formulas, questions, and theorems frequently. To improve your grade, review your short handwritten notes and reference materials. Students can only fully prepare all the sections with thorough revision.

Avoid studying things that are irrelevant to your exam. Tailor your preparation to it. Only focus on essential and pertinent topics when looking to succeed in the exam. Save time on questions that are relevant and typically are not asked in exams. Examine the curriculum and previous year’s papers carefully, then plan your study time. Students occasionally spend extra time practising difficult questions that are unnecessary for the exam, which wastes time. You must only use pertinent practice questions and test series to get good grades.

Be Confident: Students should retain their confidence when studying for TANCET exam tips. To prepare effectively and without worry, trust is essential. If you are confident, you can pursue it. Instead of emphasising quantity over quality, students should study. Your preparation and performance suffer when you lack confidence.

Follow the Expert’s Advice: During preparation, students must heed the advice of the professionals. The professionals can assist students in achieving better by guiding applicants in a better direction. During practice, students can participate in the counselling programme and seminars.

Follow the Best Resources: There are many available exam preparation sources, but students should pick and stick with the resource they feel is the best for them. Some students prefer online learning, while others prefer traditional classroom instruction. It depends on the student, and they can use both online and offline resources for preparation. The choice of quality resources is crucial for achieving high exam scores. If you are a Graduate who recently passed out, you can look for the best thoughtful Ideas for What to do after Graduation

Understanding the TANCET Syllabus

The most crucial element of TANCET preparation is this. The TANCET exam’s syllabus changes depending on the course since the portions change too. Candidates must review each topic included in each section of the TANCET syllabus. Candidates may discover that certain crucial subjects demand greater concentration. Candidates must therefore begin with these subjects as soon as feasible.

Review the Fundamentals

Given the little time left for TANCET, applicants must grasp the fundamental ideas, formulas, and practical approaches to solving/responding to issues frequently appearing on the question paper. A candidate should develop a list of all the important formulas and shortcuts. Additionally, this is beneficial for the revision process.

Prioritise Quality over Quantity

Candidates should concentrate on something other than the number of topics they cover when studying for the TANCET exam. The candidate’s main area of interest should be qualitative research. Students who study based on quantity are likely to forget part of the material they have already learned. The most excellent strategy is to gain knowledge from each study session. A candidate needs to think through a good study strategy that emphasises areas where they need to grow.

Create a Study Schedule

Candidates should create and follow a study schedule for the TANCET. Make a daily schedule and balance your time between work and play. The program should provide time for review, working through TANCET sample papers and question papers, taking practice tests, etc. While there is no need for coaching for TANCET preparation, passing mock exams for various MBA entrance exams would also serve the purpose of a section-by-section review of practice. You can go through the Preparation tips for CAT or MAT to know how the MBA entrance exams are conducted.

Purchase Top Study Aids

Before purchasing, candidates should remember that the finest books for TANCET exam preparation should cover all the topics listed in the syllabus. In addition, the book’s language should be straightforward.

Maintain Your Health

Aspirants for the TANCET shouldn’t minimise the value of being prepared while preparing. They should eat healthful meals and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Candidates can also practise yoga and meditation to reduce stress. The breaks candidates take after each study session should be used to re-energize themselves, which candidates should keep in mind. They should also limit their use of social media during the planning phase.


I hope you are clear from the blog about the TANCET exam Preparation Tips. We can assure you that students will do well on the exam if they follow the TANCET tips from freshers jobs. The best score is achieved by how hard the student works in his studies. When a student works hard, getting good grades comes easy. So, we wish all the students luck on their exams and future endeavors for higher freshers salary jobs.

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